My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 1006 - Extra Eight (2)

1006. Extra Eight (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Feng li frowned, the expression on the face changed a bit.

The dragon king smiled, saying complacently, “What? So that little crow has also shielded your bloodline sensation?”

Feng Li fiercely stared at him. Given Cang Qian’s ability, he couldn’t shield it at all. The only possibility is that Long Jingtian helped him! About someone else helping one shield his bloodline sensation, the premise is one should trust the one who did it for him, or it wouldn’t work.

Cang Qian would trust that freak so unexpectedly???

In the eyes of the dragon king spread a sneer, since Feng Li couldn’t sense Cang Qian’s position, then his Jingtian would be safe for now.

Hu Qianjiao looked at the two of them and said, “My kings, you both have come from a long way. Would you like to stay here and have a cup of water? Let me entertain you.”

Two of them looked at Hu Qianjiao, then directly left.

“How rude!” Hu Qianjiao looked at the back of them and snarled.

A little snow-white fox came out, jumped into the arms of Hu Qianjiao, and muttered in her ear, “Mom.”

Hu Qianjiao held the fox and smiled, “Did you see those two people just now? Stay away from them.”

The little fox looked at Hu Qianjiao, perplexed, “Why?”

“Those two are not good things. They want to become a whore, but still want to build a chastity archway for themselves. Hum! Just some hypocrites!” Hu Qianjiao curled his mouth.

“What does ‘they want to become a whore while still want to build a chastity archway for themselves?” asked the little fox, scratching his chin with his claws.

Hu Qianjiao, “…”

Eyes closed, Boss Long was trying to heal the wound, while Cang Qian sat aside, holding his chin, staring at him.

Cang Qian cocked his head and said to himself: In fact, Boss Long is not so annoying. Just need a spanking sometimes.

Boss Long opened his eyes and said, “What? Why are you staring at me like that?”

Cang Qian rolled his eyes and said, “I’m hungry.”

“Then let’s go out to eat some food. I’ll take you to a restaurant.” Said Boss Long.

Cang Qian popped out his eyes, “Now? Seriously? Both the dragon and phoenix races should be looking for us. And you were injured. Are we their match?” In the end, Cang Qian even grew more suspiciousness in his eyes.

Boss Long stared at Cang Qian and said, “Don’t worry. Even if I get hurt, I’ll squeeze you to death with a finger.”

Cang Qian, “…” You as*hole!

“We can get disfigured before we go.” Boss Long said casually.

Cang Qian nodded and said, “Will that work?”

“Of course.” Said Boss Long faintly. That year when he got exiled, a lot of people eyed him. Fortunately he had learned superb shapeshifting skills, so he had escaped from those people again and again.

“Have you heard about it? Someone has already entered the Bloody Moon ahead.”

“Of course. No one hasn’t heard of it. Both the dragon race and phoenix race have been prepared for it for so many years. Finally, they got nothing.”

“I heard that it was Long Jingtian who went in the secret realm. But, didn’t they say only the noblest bloodline of both their races could open it? Why Long Jingtian opened it?”

“There is something you don’t know. A few months ago, a black phoenix from the lower world has ascended. It’s said that’s a mutated Destroying Phoenix. Now he is staying with that Long Jingtian.”

“Someone from the lower world? The lower world could conceive a Destroying Phoenix actually?”

“Although this phoenix is from the lower world, it is said he is Feng Li’s son.”

“No way! How is that possible?”

“As you know, the phoenix race cares about their face most. As the phoenix king, Feng Li felt humiliated since he gave birth to a black phoenix, so he abandoned him in the lower world.”

“Long heard that the dragon king doesn’t know how to teach his sons. Like his son Long Jingtian, he makes trouble everywhere, who so many people hate. But seen from now, the phoenix king Feng Li is no better.”

While pricking his ears to hear the gossip on the next table, Cang Qian was gulping his pig’s feet.

Cang Qian licked his finger, thinking in the heart, in every world, people like gossiping.

“You really have a good appetite.” Boss Long watched Cang Qian and said so.

Holding that half-finished pig’s feet, Cang Qian picked his teeth and then said, “But it is delicious. Would you like some?”

Boss Long, “…”

“Lord Feng Li, have you found the whereabouts of Long Jingtian?” Asked Feng Qiang.

Feng Li frowned, “Yeah, but he ran away.”

“What a shame.” Feng Qiang said with regret. The Dragon Phoenix fruit had only been absorbed for half a month. Using some special way, they could extract it. Although it might lose part of its efficacy, it was still very useful.

“Long Jingtian is seriously wounded. Now is the best time to take action.” Feng Li said coldly.

Feng Qiang froze there for a moment and then said, “It’s true he is wounded. But My Lord, did you do that?”

Feng Li sneered, “The dragon king did it in person. It has nothing to do with me.” Long Jingtian is also not someone to be trifled with. If it hadn’t been that the dragon king hurt him first, he really didn’t have a chance.

Feng Qiang said in disbelief, The dragon king did it? How come?”

“Why ask so many questions? Tell those people below to find the whereabouts of Long Jingtian no matter what!” Feng Li gave the order coldly.