My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 19 - General Knowledge of the Cultivation Realm

Chapter 19: General Knowledge of the Cultivation Realm

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Lonemoon brought Shen Ying along as they flew directly towards that lone island. The Sword Qi became denser as they got closer; the Sword Qi had enveloped the island within a radius of 1.5 kilometers. He could only stop in midair to look at the island ahead that was engulfed in the powerful Sword Qi. The Spirit Qi in the air was growing denser as if being drawn by something. They were combining with the Sword Qi and moving towards the island, seemingly compressing to become something solid.

“Why are you not moving?” Shen Ying stretched out her hand to poke the person in front of her.

“Do you want to die!” He looked back and rolled his eyes. “Do you not see the sky full of Sword Qi? It would be a miracle to not get slashed into pieces!”

“Sword Qi?” Shen Ying tilted her head. What’s that?

“During a Sword Cultivator’s epiphany, he will release all the Sword Qi within him to realize the Dao. The Sword Qi at this time will not be within his primordial spirit’s control and will attack anyone who comes near.”

“… Oh.”

“Why do you shake your head while saying ‘oh’. If you didn’t understand just tell me.”

“I didn’t understand.”

“Damn it!” It was as he had thought. Lonemoon’s mouth twitched as he scrutinized her. “Didn’t you say you have already been in this world for almost four months? How can you not know anything? What have you been doing all these months?”

Shen Ying thought about it for a moment before listing what she had done out loud, “Eating sweet potato, rabbit meat, and… your pig’s feed!”

“I am asking about what you understand? Not asking for your recipes!” Of course you spent these few months eating away, and what pig’s feed? I am going to flip out. “Forget it! You only need to know that in this current situation, unless the Sword Qi is contained, we can only stop here.”

“Oh.” Could have just said that earlier!

“This kind of situation cannot last for long. Roughly 15 minutes is the longest.” At the end of his words, the dense Sword Qi and Spirit Qi in the surroundings became reduced and were sucked into Yi Qing’s body in a moment’s time. A scar in the shape of a golden sword slowly surfaced between his brows.

“Alright, his Sword Intent is complete.” Lonemoon heaved a sigh of relief. But just as he was about to fly over, a loud rumbling sound was heard accompanied by a white flash of lightning descending from the sky and striking right at the people below.

The previously sunny sky abruptly turned dark. As a storm began to rage, glaring crackles of lightning could be seen among the clouds as if something was brewing. The mountain peaks of Blackheaven Sect behind them lit up and formed an array, turning into a huge invisible shield that enveloped the entire sect within it.

“Protective mountain array!” Lonemoon was taken aback as the sky above had become completely dark. “This is… a Nascent Soul Lightning Tribulation. He has even achieved Nascent Soul Formation stage!” Holy shit, that was really quick! One session of epiphany and he had jumped from Golden Core stage to Nascent Soul Formation stage which was tantamount to pole-vaulting. “He is indeed the future’s most powerful Sword Immortal.”

“Sword Immortal?” Shen Ying was dazed for a while. One moment there was Sword Qi, and then in another moment there was a Sword Immortal. What exactly were these?

“Stop acting!” Lonemoon rolled his eyes at her. “Didn’t you take him as your disciple because of this?”


“Cheh, do you dare say that you have never read the book Immortal Fate?”

“Never read it.”

“How is that possible? If you didn’t read the same book as I did, how did you transmigrate here?”

“I played an online game overnight, and when I woke up I was here.”


After a minute.

“Holy shit!” He abruptly took a step back, almost falling off the sword. Balancing himself precariously, he pointed at her and said, “You… you… you really didn’t transmigrate through the book? Then… then why did you take Yi Qing as your disciple!”

“Oh… because I was too lazy to dig a hole.”

“…” What the hell?

Shen Ying tilted her head in ponderment, and then added, “He can cook!”

“…” Why did this reason not sound surprising at all?

“You really have no understanding of this world at all?!”

“What do I need to understand?”

“…” How did she survive until now with that stupid face of hers?!

Lonemoon’s mouth twitched and his complexion changed several times like a palette for blending colors. It took him a while before he took a deep breath and then took out a fan Dharma artifact which turned into a gigantic fan, and he got her to sit on it.

“We can’t return to the Blackheaven Sect right now. Let me teach you some general knowledge about this world, otherwise you wouldn’t even know how you died.” He cleared his throat and began, “Simply put, we are in a world called the Azure World. It consists of three large and small worlds, namely the Upper Azure World, Middle Azure World, and the Lower Azure World. The Upper Azure World has the densest Spirit Qi of all, followed by the Middle and the Lower Azure World having the least. That’s why most of the people in the Lower Azure World are mortals with few being cultivators. The highest form of cultivation is reaching the Nascent Soul stage. Rumor has it that the entire Lower Azure World has fewer than ten Nascent Soul cultivators.”

Lonemoon gestured the number ten, and continued, “We are currently in the Middle Azure World, and over here there are less than 20 Soul Formation cultivators. The Middle Azure World has the Six Schools Three Sects, and the Blackheaven Sect is the leader of the Six Schools Three Sects and has three Soul Formation cultivators. Of course, I am one of them, and there are eight more within the rest of the Two Sects Six Schools.”

“Oh, what about the last one?”

“The last one would be the Upper Azure World which I have never been to. It’s rumored that the people there aren’t friendly.” Lonemoon furrowed his brows. “As compared to our Middle Azure World, that world has top notch cultivators from aristocratic families, not sects. The Spirit Qi is the densest there, and it is said that Nascent Soul cultivators are everywhere and Golden Core cultivators are worse off than dogs in that place.”

“Oh…” Shen Ying nodded. “What’s Spirit Qi?”

“…” Lonemoon felt a stuffiness in his chest, a mouthful of blood threatening to rush out of his mouth. He took a deep breath before it was kept under control.Keep your cool, she’s still a newbie, albeit the rarely seen type. “Spirit Qi is something that cultivators require for cultivation. Just like how humans need to eat to survive, cultivators must breathe the Spirit Qi of the earth and heavens to improve their cultivation. All kinds of Dharma spells depend on how the Spirit Qi is manipulated.”


“Cultivators have different cultivation methods, consisting of Dharmic cultivation, sword cultivation, body cultivation and so on… Besides those, there are also the methods that focus on life skills such as core cultivation for making cores, equipment cultivation for forging ironware, talisman cultivation for the making of talismans and such.. Yi Qing and I are both Sword Cultivators. Cultivation advancements consists of a few large realms. The beginner stage is called the Spirit Training phase. It is then split into Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul and Soul Formation. Within a large realm, there are ten levels of small realms. The first to third levels are the early-stages, fourth to eighth are the mid-stages, eighth and above are the late-stages, and the tenth level is considered to have reached perfection.”

“What about… above Soul Formation?”

“Going above that level would be to advance to Immortal Ascension.” He spread his hands open and said, “I heard that only those people in the Upper Azure World can advance to Immortal Ascension, but I am also unsure of how the process is like. Perhaps when I have perfected my Soul Formation, I will go to the Upper Azure World to take a look.”

“Oh…” So this world really does have immortals. Interesting.

“These are some of the general knowledge in this world. How did you survive here for so long without knowing them?” Lonemoon expressed disdain for her ignorance once again. “What else would you like to know? On account of us being from the same hometown, let me help you a little.”

“I have only one question.”


“The novel that you read, what exactly was it about?”