My Ex Next Door

19 Chapter 19: Two mushroom

When Ken sat back straight, he tried to hold his smile, the two were fighting under the table and he could hear everything.

He looked at Mila and give her a faint smile.

"So Mila, you know about me?" he whispered, the girl nodded while her eyes sparkle like a diamond.

"Yes, everything. I know everything that's been happening in this island especially in this family" she proudly said.

Ken nodded, "Is there a way I can take you out tomorrow for a coffee?" he whispered again while Novie put the plates in the sink.

The girl leaned closer to him, "Is it a date?" Mila asked.

Ken crinkled his nose and shook his head. "No, I just need information" the girl's face turned sour.

"I usually say no but I will make an exemption since you're handsome and you're my best friend boyfriend, so yes. But I want a free lunch not coffee" Ken chuckled after hearing it. He nodded and looked at Novie, "Ok, but can you keep this a secret to Novie? And I am not her boyfriend yet" Ken replied.

The girl smirked at him, "to me, you are. So, I will help you get her" Then Mila stood up and winked at him.


After Novie washed the dishes, she found Ken sitting in the living room opposite to her father. Her eyebrow rose after seeing her parents with Ken and Mila playing cards.

(What is happening? When did this happen?) she asked herself. She didn't hear them talking since her mind is floating somewhere in the universe.

She dried her hands and sat next to Mila. She peeped her card and saw that she's losing.

"Go home Mila, You don't stand a chance" she shook her head. The girl pouted and throws one of the cards.

The door suddenly opened and Brent entered while shouting.

"Ma!, have you seen the neighbor?" when he reached the living room, Novie wanted to laugh after seeing her brother's lips parted with shock.

"Oh! I am sorry. I didn't know we have the guest here" he apologizes and put his backpack on the floor.

Meanwhile, after Mila heard Brent's voice, she suddenly jumps from her chair and ran to the kitchen, when she hears Brent's apologizing, she fixes her dress and walk back to the living room with confidence.

"That's fine Brent. I am part of the family now. No need to treat me as a guest" she smiled and looked at him but the man had his blank expression.

"Oh! The other mushroom is here" after saying those words the man sat next to Ken.

Novie who's been watching them wanted to laugh, (Karma) she blurted inside, when she turned to Mila, the girl's face is red as a tomato.

She suddenly bursts and everyone looked at her, "What?" she asked innocently.

No one responded to her, instead, they shifted their eyes to her brother. When she saw him taking the photo album full of her childhood photo's out of his bag, her heart skips a beat.

Her eyes widened when Brent handed to it Ken, the man opened it slowly and she felt her spirit slowly fading out of her body.

Before Ken opened the first page, she rushed and sit next to him, her hand lay on his hand, stopping him from opening it.

Everyone became quiet, they are all looking at Novie and Ken staring at each other while holding each other's hand.

"I... this... ahem..." Novie was speechless. She didn't think of her action, all she wanted was to stop Ken from opening it, she was lost of words and all she could think was Mila.

"Mila" She turned to her friend who was smiling from ear to ear while staring at her hand.

"Yes," the girl answered absently. Novie glared at her and Mila's senses came back.

"Oh yes. You wouldn't want to see that Ken. It's full of embarrassing photos" Mila brushes her hair.

Novie sighed silently. She looked at her mother who had her eyes fixed to her hand; she followed it and saw that she hasn't removed it from holding Ken's. She quickly took her hand.

"I was not trying to hold—his... ahem... Mila?" she stuttered and looked at Mila once again, asking for help.

The girl smiled and turned to her parents. "Auntie, Uncle, we both know Novie, she can be careless so before she turns mute why don't I take her away from here together with our childhood photos," she said and took the photo album from Ken.

Novie got up and walks towards the stairs, Mila followed her but before leaving she could hear she whisper to Ken, "I have more in my house?"

She rolled her eyes; she doesn't mind if Ken will see her photos but not in front of her parents.

Before they reach half of the stairs, the doorbell rang.

Brent yelled, "Who's that?"

"It's Malvin. Can I speak to Novie" Novie's face went pale, she immediately looked at Ken and saw his eyes narrowed

She gave an awkward smile and walks to the door. As she opens it a huge bouquet of tulips greeted her.

Her eyes went round, she turned back only to see the darkness shadowing Ken's eyes.

She gulped and turned back to Malvin.

"What are you doing here?" she asked while glaring at him.

The man smiled at her, "I came here to bring this flower and ask if you have time next week? My sister Rachel is coming, and she's planning to have her engagement party here. Maybe you can be my date"

The man said straight while looking at her eyes. Then she remembered that he's Rachel's brother.

She shut her eyes for a moment, "Thank you for the flowers but I have---"

"She's coming" Novie widened her eyes and turned her back to see her mother smiling,

"Ma!" she discreetly glared at her, but the woman ignored her.

"What wrong with that? It's not like you'll have someone to accompany you" her mother blurted, they received an invitation for Rachel's engagement party and Brent and Novie can bring a plus one.

"Ken will bring her," Brent said and turned to Ken, "It's fine right?" he asked Ken.

The man nodded and turned to Novie, "It will be my pleasure" then he smiled.