My Doomsday Territory

Chapter 697

Chapter 697

Not only the three Emperors, but also the empire’s national level experts.

They did not care about the Nether Sea Crystal and could slowly collect the ‘passage fee’ from the Nether Sea.

Once the treasure of the Sea Emperor appeared, no one could sit still.

The three Emperors had actually predicted that the abnormality of the Nether Sea this time might cause the treasure of the Sea Emperor to appear.

Only then did they arrive.

However, the three Emperors were also worried that after the ‘Immortal’ Ocean Emperor died, would he set up a trap?

They did not dare to directly go deep into the Nether Sea. They only sent out their pirate generals and other related pirates.

It was only when the small world of the Ocean Emperor opened that they rushed over as fast as they could.


They had also lost the initiative.

Tang Yu retracted his gaze and restrained his aura. Several people disappeared from where they were.

After an unknown period of time.

In the distance, a red pillar of light suddenly shot into the sky.

With a loud roar, “Who, who killed the mirror!”

Countless pirates and imperial experts of the kingdom trembled.

When the Mirror General died, he saw many people, including the spies of the Emperor of the Red Sea.

But those mysterious people? They didn’t know them at all!

They were no match for the experts of some hidden families in the Empire!

Lorraine, Kong, and the others were still well-known in the sea. Tang Yu himself was just a clone accompanying them. He had never fought before, and he was just a sand puppet with extraordinary combat strength.

It was the first time Nancy, Elaine, Hong Yue, and the others had stepped into the Endless Sea.

“But, it might be someone from the North Sea God Group.”

A pirate reporting to the Crimson Emperor was trembling under the momentum of the Crimson Emperor.

His brain worked quickly, and he racked his brains to come up with a suitable answer.

At the north end of the Endless Sea, it was the area where the gods were active.

Those false gods, the Three Emperors, and the Sea Empire were not on good terms.

With the abilities of the Northern Sea God Race, they naturally knew of the appearance of the Nether Sea and the treasure of the Sea Emperor.

Similarly, they had the strength to kill the Mirror General and were not afraid of the revenge of the Crimson Sea Emperor.

The more the pirate thought about it, the more he felt that he had discovered the truth. His face could not help but reveal a smile of surviving under the Crimson Emperor’s hands.

The next moment,

The body of this Unity Realm pirate exploded, pieces of flesh splashing onto the ground, making a sound. Waves of red energy wrapped around the scattered parts of his body.

In less than two breaths of time.

The Unity Realm pirates were annihilated and disappeared.

The Crimson Emperor, who was shrouded in crimson energy and whose appearance could not be seen clearly, snorted coldly.

When did a powerhouse who could kill a pirate general appear in the Endless Sea?

Could it be them?

The Crimson Emperor suspected that someone was targeting him.

It was either the Great Empires or the Dragon Emperor and the DarkStar Queen.

He pondered.

He did not have many interactions with the Empire, and he was in a state where he did not interfere with the waters of the well.

The time difference between the DarkStar Queen and him becoming famous was not much, and he could not produce so many hidden experts.

Only the Dragon Emperor!

The most ancient Emperor of the Sea!

It was said that before the Sea Emperor unified the pirates, the Dragon Emperor had already existed.

“No one knows what that old undying is hiding under him… Listen up, be careful of the Dragon Emperor’s people. If necessary, you can join forces with the DarkStar Queen at any time.”

Behind him,

All the top pirates replied in unison.

The next two days,

Tang Yu and the others did not bump into the Three Emperors.

The hidden locations of the treasures in the small world were also much fewer.

It took them two whole days to find a white light shield.

Lorraine and the others also rushed to the small world.

They didn’t meet up. They were still separated into two groups, but they only found a white light shield.

“I’m afraid most of the ninety-nine hidden treasures have been discovered. However, there should be no real inheritance of the Ocean Emperor.”


“Eh? There’s a battle.”

Tang Yu flew out with a whoosh, but he did not hold too much hope.

In the past two days, whenever they sensed battle fluctuations, they would always be the first to arrive, but most of it was because both factions had erupted into battle for various reasons.

Fighting and killing for no reason was not right!

Thus, they could only helplessly stop the battle.

The two sides of the battle were physically converted.

It was just that the storage rings were not very valuable, and could barely be considered as the fee for the conversion.

As the distance approached,

The battle fluctuations coming from the front became more and more intense, and the mountains were blown up one by one, the clouds dissipated, and the earth cracked.

It was a chaotic battle between the five forces!

And in the central region of their war zone, there was a blue light shield!

Two of the five forces were pirates generals, and the other three were not weak.

When they arrived, they also saw experts from several other directions shooting over from the horizon.


The blue light barrier shattered, revealing a transparent ball of light that floated inside. Inside the ball of light was a treasure.

It was completely silver in color and looked like a chain.

It was hard to tell what type of treasure it was, but it emitted wisps of fluctuations that caused the surrounding experts to widen their eyes.

It was an incomplete divine artifact!

No matter how incomplete it was, it was still a divine artifact!

The five forces closest to it all attacked to snatch the silver chain.

A Divine Domain Realm expert was about to grab the silver chain, but all sorts of spells blasted him into pieces. A moment later, his face paled as he condensed his figure outside.

The silver chain was wrapped in a ball of light. It was not affected by the shock wave, nor could it be used to brand it with spiritual energy at a distance.

He could only grab it with his hands.

But no one could get close.

Hu —

Crimson waves surged over from the distance. The Crimson Emperor stepped on the tip of the waves as if he was overlooking all living beings.

A Divine Domain pirate under his command flew over and reached out to grab the silver chain.

The two pirate generals were intimidated and did not dare to stop him.

At this time,

The water surged and turned into a long whip that sent the Divine Domain pirates under the Crimson Emperor flying.

“The old man also wants this treasure.”

Tang Yu glanced at it.

He saw a group of experts with seafood… Cough, the characteristics of the Sea Race appear.

He recognized the peak Divine Domain expert in the lead.

He was the most famous expert under the Dragon Monarch, Prime Minister Turtle.

There were also several peak Divine Domain experts whose combat strength was not inferior to Prime Minister Turtle.

Each of them was much weaker than the Crimson Emperor.

However, with so many experts gathered together, the Crimson Emperor could not ignore them.

Moreover, he did not know that the Dragon Monarch was nearby.

For a time, a dozen or so factions gathered near the silver chains.

At the very least, they were all close to the rank of the general.

No matter how weak they were, if they knew that it was impossible to seize the treasure, they would have already left far away, afraid that they would be affected.

Tang Yu and the others stood out from the crowd.

They did not get too close either.

There was a continuous rumble.

Within a radius of ten kilometers of the treasure, it was almost turned into a vacuum.

The forces of the Crimson Emperor and the Dragon Emperor were most likely to seize the treasure. They were targeting each other, and some other top experts were also waiting for an opportunity to make a move.

“Lord, what should we do?” Elaine asked.

The Turtle Chancellor, the Dragon Monarch, and the other experts who had reached the peak of the Divine Domain and were invincible had yet to completely erupt.

Their treasures had yet to be used.

As such, the power released from the explosion tore apart the bodies of several Divine Domain experts.

“It seems like we don’t have much of a chance. I can block one or two peak Divine Domain experts, but… oh, it is almost impossible to break through the blockade and get that chain.” Nancy shook her head.

Tang Yu was also clear about this.

If they were to burn their origin energy and put everything on the line, the chances of them obtaining the silver chain would be about the same as the Crimson Emperor Dragon Emperor’s team.

The Crimson Emperor and Dragon Emperor occupied an advantageous position and were closest to the incomplete holy artifact.

As for them, their advantage was that they were currently not noticed.

However, as long as they moved, they would definitely attract the attention of all forces. It was to the extent that if they were to seize that damaged divine artifact, they would definitely be surrounded and attacked by the Dragon Monarch and Crimson Emperor.

He was confident that he could escape.

Even if Crimson Emperor’s battle prowess was unmatched, he still had a Return Scroll.


Tang Yu’s focus was not on the chaotic battles, but…

On the trembling Earth Lock in his arms.

Ever since the blue light shield shattered and the silver chain appeared, it had a suction effect on the Earth Lock.

He had some guesses.

Suppressing his thoughts of fighting over it, he focused his gaze on the silver chain. Countless streams of data flashed past his eyes.

Ten seconds,

Twenty seconds,

Tang Yu had used up fifty percent of his Origin Energy.

Heaven Lock: an incomplete sealing type holy artifact. It has the function of binding, suppressing, sealing… one of the parts of the Heaven and Earth Lock.

I knew that the Heaven and Earth Lock was only a part of a treasure, but I didn’t expect that the other part was actually an incomplete holy artifact. In other words, the Heaven and Earth Lock…

He was even more determined to obtain the Heaven Lock.

“Let’s get closer first. How about this, how about this, how about this…”

Tang Yu, Nancy, and the others joined the battle, and just like the other forces, they fought as they moved closer to the treasure.

They clashed with the combat strength of veteran Divine Realm experts, causing all the forces to raise their eyebrows.


These experts did not care too much and continued to think of ways to fight for treasures.

When Tang Yu and the others were twenty to thirty kilometers away, they could no longer approach.

His spatial power wrapped around the Earth Lock. Then, the spatial power condensed into a straight line and approached the silver chain bit by bit.

The entry-level spatial law allowed the spatial power he controlled to not leak at all.

It passed through the middle and slowly approached.

Ten kilometers.

Fifteen kilometers.

As the spatial threads continued to extend, fine beads of sweat appeared on Tang Yu’s forehead. Then, the energy around him evaporated and dissipated.

Beside him,

Elaine had always been on guard against the Crimson Emperor.

A Celestial Domain-Grade was qualified to touch the laws when the domain expanded to its limit.

A General had already expanded the domain to its limit, and it also had the support of a vast source and various other combat powers. It was one of the powerhouses.

There was a possibility that an equal expert like Turtle Deputy would start to touch upon the surface of the domain, but it shouldn’t be deep.

Crimson Emperor,

It was hard to say what kind of strength Crimson Emperor was known to be invincible in the sea.

Until now, no one had been able to see what kind of strength Crimson Emperor was good at.

But spatial laws are very rare. Even if other laws enter the door, it will be difficult to find them without careful observation.

Only when Elaine focused on sensing the spatial threads did she faintly notice some abnormalities.


The spatial threads extended out for twenty kilometers and collided with the ball of light outside the silver chains.

The ball of light was like a treasure that had not been sealed, isolating all power.

But when the spatial threads touched,

One end was the Heaven Lock, and the other was the Earth Lock.

Under the effect of the spatial power, it was almost equivalent to facing each other, close at hand.

The two treasures were attracted to each other, combining together.

Threads of fluctuations spread out.

Crimson Emperor widened his eyes. The treasure disappeared !

How could a large chain suddenly disappear!

“Who is it? Who is it!”

As if smoke was rising from the top of his head, the red waves beneath his feet surged, rumbling towards everyone around him.

“What’s going on ? !”

“Crimson Emperor is crazy! Run!”

“Wait, why is the treasure gone? Could it have been stolen by Prime Minister Turtle ?”

Crimson Emperor looked at Prime Minister Turtle, and a red spear appeared in his hand.

In an instant, Crimson Emperor’s aura became incomparably sharp, and a huge shadow appeared behind him, completely covering his aura.

This was a damaged holy artifact!

It meant that the Crimson Emperor had made a move!

“No, it wasn’t this old turtle. The one who seized the treasure was another expert!”

The Turtle Minister looked around.

The experts in the surroundings also glanced at each other.

It seemed that anyone could be the Divine Domain who had obtained the incomplete divine artifact.

It also seemed that no one had a chance.

Even the Crimson Emperor was unable to get close just now.

The Crimson Emperor did not believe this excuse. He thrust out his spear.

The space was penetrated.

In an instant, it appeared in front of the Turtle Prime Minister.

The Turtle Prime Minister’s expression changed drastically. The turtle shell on his back shone, and an illusory turtle shell shield blocked in front of him.

The shield lasted for less than an instant before it broke apart.

The Scarlet Blood Spear pierced through Prime Minister Turtle’s huge body, and a stream of blood spilled out. It landed on the barren land that had been razed to the ground, and a sprout suddenly grew out.

Prime Minister Turtle retreated a few kilometers, and the other peak Divine Domain experts formed a formation to protect him.

“Crimson Emperor, you broke through again. What a terrifying young man.”

Prime Minister Turtle’s face was much paler than before. The wounds that had been penetrated were also extremely slow to heal, and they only recovered after several seconds.

Tang Yu and the others were not in the same direction as Prime Minister Turtle. They were not affected.

He looked at the Crimson Emperor, the red spear, and continued to analyze the Crimson Emperor’s combat strength.

One move had caused Prime Minister Gui to lose 10% of his Origin.

It was a certain law in the metal element. Tang Yu could not tell what it was. It was different from the metal element law he comprehended. Yes, he had also touched the surface of the metal element law.

The atmosphere became more and more oppressive. When the other experts saw the treasure disappear, Crimson Emperor became angry again and left one after another.

Tang Yu and the others mixed in and were inconspicuous.

They were expressionless and had a hard time holding back. They wanted to laugh but couldn’t. They could only let out strange laughter in the group chat of the contract.

Elaine accurately intercepted a few pictures.

It was the image of the Crimson Emperor when he made his move, so Lorraine and the others had to be more careful.

Tang Yu and the others quietly came and left, only taking one treasure.

Leaving behind the furious Crimson Emperor and Prime Minister Turtle.

What a pleasant surprise!

In the next few days,

He heard that the Scarlet Pirates and the Royal Court pirates had a few big and small battles.

In the beginning, the Royal Court pirates had suffered a lot of losses. It was only when the Dragon Emperor appeared and suppressed the Scarlet Pirates that the Crimson Emperor fought and lost for a while that the storm gradually subsided.

In the past few days,

Tang Yu could no longer find the treasure ground.

Other than the inheritance of the Emperor of the Sea at the back, he guessed that all the other treasures had been emptied.

He began to study the new holy artifact, Heaven and Earth Lock.

This was a sacred artifact of sealing and suppression.

The original Earth Lock could only be sealed, and its strength was limited. It was the limit to imprisoning a few veteran Divine Domain experts.


Tang Yu tested it out. Elaine, Nancy, and the other followers all used their full strength to attack the sealed space formed by the Heaven and Earth Lock, but they could not shake it at all.

Not only that, the Heaven and Earth Lock also had the ability to suppress, restrain, weaken, and so on.

He needed to touch the surface of the spatial law before he could activate this holy artifact.

Coincidentally, his spatial law was already at the beginner level, and he could unleash fifty to sixty percent of the Heaven and Earth Lock’s power.

Once he clashed with other experts at the third Emperor level, he would be even more confident.