My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2518 - 2518 Where Is My Hubby?

Chapter 2518 - 2518 Where Is My Hubby?

2518 Where Is My Hubby?
The little fellow’s short-circuited brain reconnected again.

Ah, she seemed to have heard these two names, Caiqi and Caixiu, yesterday. However, she wasn’t in high spirits and didn’t care to bother with them when they introduced themselves back then.

“You two are the Eastern Palace’s palace maids, right?”

“Yes.” Caixiu let out a sigh of relief and then hastily spoke with deference, “Palace Lady Jing assigned this servant and Caiqi to be the crown prince consort’s personal senior palace maids. We will be attending to the crown prince consort’s daily necessities. If Your Highness feels that the two of us are not enough, or that you require some other personnel, you can tell Palace Lady Jing directly. At that time…”

“Oh, no need.” Qiao Mu waved her petite wrist.


She wasn’t too particular about things. She even thought two palace maids waiting upon her was too much, let alone requesting for more people.

“Understood.” Caixiu let out another sigh of relief. She was actually quite scared that this young crown prince consort didn’t like them and was going to tell them to get out of here.

In any case, there were plenty of palace maids inside the imperial palace. Even if the crown prince consort didn’t like the ones inside the palace, it was easy with her status to summon a new group from the outside anytime. There were numerous small clans and patrician families who were trying their utmost to send their daughters into the imperial palace.

Caixiu had a steady temperament and was taciturn. She was very afraid that her master wouldn’t like her, but from the looks of it, she had passed this first test.

Caiqi had a more lively temperament and quickly said with a smile, “Crown Prince Consort, allow us to assist you in washing up.”

Qiao Mu blinked. “Where is my hubby?”

Caiqi respectfully bowed her head and said, “You are talking about His Highness the Crown Prince, correct? His Highness went to the study early in the morning. Several old officials have come to call on His Highness.”

“Oh.” Qiao Mu nodded her petite head. She lifted the soft covers and hopped off the bed.

The two of them quickly came forward and assisted the young crown prince consort in washing up and dressing.

However, the young crown prince consort didn’t really require their help. She did everything herself. The two of them heaved another inward sigh of relief.

They feared that their master would be fussy and difficult to serve, but from the looks of it, even though the young crown prince consort was a bit chilly and reticent, she treated them extremely kindly. She did not put on any airs as their master.

“Crown Prince Consort, what kind of hairstyle do you like?”

“Make it simple and relaxed.” The young crown prince consort sat in front of the vanity. It was as if the luster of pearls was shining on her snow-white complexion. Her skin was delicate and fair, truly of peerless beauty.

The two palace maids gasped secretly. No wonder His Highness was so fond of this crown prince consort. She was truly too beautiful.

It was probably very difficult to find another girl in the Upper Three Provinces who could rival the crown prince consort’s appearance.
Her technique was skillful, and she didn’t follow the general trend for this hairstyle. She made her own small adjustments.

Because the young crown prince consort was too young, coiling all her hair onto her head would make her look rather mature.

Caiqi instead styled the two locks of black hair at her temples into small braids that rested on Qiao Mu’s shoulders. This made the young celestial maiden in the mirror look a bit more lively and cheery.

As the last step, she secured the heavenly phoenix violet jade hairpin that the young crown prince consort had chosen. She then fastened a pair of light purple hair ornaments on both sides. With this, a vivacious little beauty appeared in the mirror.

Caiqi was very quick in styling the young crown prince consort’s hair, and the latter was also very satisfied with this simple yet tasteful hairdo.