My Cherry Will Explode in the Apocalypse

Chapter 80

Chapter 80 – Sudden Drop in Temperature

Translator: Jostena


Wang Xurong and others were escorted back to the temporary residence and packed up. Wang Xurong felt that he had been subjected to a great deal of humiliation and anger. He was swearing all the way. It’s just that a strong dragon can’t defeat a local snake. Even if he has the powerful thunder ability, he can’t block the guns of thousands of soldiers in the south base.

“Elder brother, what should we do with Chang Qing?” While packing, a man came to Wang Xurong’s ear and asked.

Wang Xurong suddenly looked tight and looked at the door warily. He found that the soldiers who escorted them back were all in the door in good order and could not hear their conversation, so he relaxed a little bit.

He stared at the speaker and said, “Who is Chang Qing? When we came to the south base this time, there was no one named Chang Qing. You can remember it for me. “

The man was stunned, and then returned to his senses, nodded softly, closed his mouth, and went on packing.

When he left the southern base by car, Wang Xurong looked back and said, “I will come back sooner or later!”

Damn the southern base, it’s just fighting with him! If there is a chance in the future, he will surely return here and let those who insulted him today pay the price!

The group of wastes in the garrisons in Wancheng base suddenly became stronger and stronger after the team in the south base left. They felt pressure when they joined forces with Lu Jia. He was the first to doubt that it might have something to do with the southern base. After knowing that there was a new medicine in the southern base, he began to think about it and wanted to buy some medicine. But he heard that the effect of the ability drug was very good. It can not only increase the effect of the ability but also help the ability to advance. It’s really a rare good thing.

It’s a pity he had a bad relationship with the people in the south base before. When they came to the base to learn the soilless cultivation technology, he opened his mouth wide and offended people. He was worried that the people in the south base would not be willing to sell the medicine to him.

He happens to have a subordinate named Chang Qing, who awakened an invisibility ability, which can hide his body and move quietly. Then he made up his mind to let the other party become invisible, mix in with the team and enter the southern base. If the southern base is not willing to sell him the drugs, he will try to make Chang Qing wait for the opportunity to steal the drugs.

Sure enough, the leaders of the southern base kept him off with various reasons, but they were unwilling to sell the drugs to him in the end. He asked Chang Qing to steal the drugs quietly. He had better find the formula or something and see if they could do the same when they returned to Wancheng and earn more strength. So he also gave Chang Qing a hand grenade. If he could find the formula, he would blow up the research center of the southern base, so that the Wancheng base could take advantage of the situation and be sought after by the major bases.

People are not as powerful as the heavens. He didn’t expect that the south base is quite hidden. All kinds of high-tech electronic equipment and weapons are emerging in an endless stream. It made it surprising that his perfect plan fell short!

However, in Wang Xurong’s eyes, there is a trace of greed besides anger and resentment. In these days of living in the south base, he has to admit that the living environment of the south base is hundreds of times better than that of their Wancheng base. There are solar power generation devices here. There are not only lights but also air conditioners in the base, as well as new medicines and a large number of weapons and equipment. It seems that the living environment of the south base is much better than that of their base.

After he goes back, they should find a way, and then send someone to the south base undercover, waiting for the opportunity to move.

Just as Wang Xurong was whimsical, he suddenly heard a loud noise outside the car and the car stopped abruptly.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Xurong’s head hit the roof of the car. He grimaced with pain.

“Big brother! The road ahead has collapsed! “

“The road has collapsed? How could a good road collapse? ” Wang Xurong said as he opened the door and got off to check.

Only on the flat ground, I don’t know why there is a deep pit that blocks their way forward.

“Bad fucking luck! Is there any other way around?”

“Elder brother, it seems that there is still a path to go around.” Someone took out a map and looked it over carefully.

“Then take the path!” Wang Xurong frowned.

The motorcade changed its course and turned to the path.

What they didn’t know, however, was that the path had already been planted with dense mines, waiting for them to pass.

After the explosion, a group of people jumped out of the woods and carefully went to the path to check. After confirming that all the targets had died, they cremated the bodies on the spot, buried all the wreckage of the car, and left without leaving a trace.


In the conference room of the headquarters building of the south base, Zhan Yun told Jiang Xuzhou that they were about to leave the base and go to the northwest.

Jiang Xuzhou frowned, “You aren't going after the level 4 zombie, right?"

Zhan Yun was stunned. Unexpectedly, Jiang Xuzhou also knew about it. “Is there really a level 4 zombie?”

“That’s right.” Jiang Xuzhou sighed, “This time, people from the northwest base are eager to buy ability drugs and antidotes because of the sudden appearance of the fourth level zombie. They’ve lost a lot of people in the hands of the level 4 zombie. But just a few hours ago, we just received a call for help from the northwest base. It’s said that the level 4 zombie is calling the surrounding zombies. There may be a large-scale zombie tide, which is very bad.”

“It’s really dangerous there. Are you sure you want to go?” Jiang Xuzhou looked at them with deep eyes, which contained a touch of sadness that could not be concealed.

“Of course.” Zhan Yun replied positively because this trip to the northwest is imperative for them.

“Well, I’ll send out an elite team to set out with you. If you need anything, just tell me and I will get it for you.” Jiang Xuzhou decided to give his full support to their actions.

“Thank you, but no need.” Zhan Yun gives Su Ruizhe a look, smiles, and says, “Commander Jiang, this time I hope you can let us act on our own.”

Jiang Xuzhou was shocked when he heard the words, then sighed, “Yes, you all have extraordinary strength, and they have lagged behind. Well, I’ll prepare a box of antidotes and ability drugs for you, as well as materials that may be used on the road. Be prepared.”

Jiang’s words have already been spoken, Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe have no reason to refuse any more, so they simply smile and thank him.

“One more thing I need to tell you, commander Jiang.”

Zhan Yun told Jiang Xuzhou about the changes in the weather in recent days and the news that they had guessed that winter was coming and asked him to quickly prepare the materials for the winter.

“Is winter as exaggerated as you say?” Jiang Xuzhou is skeptical. They are in the south. The lowest temperature in winter is about zero. He can’t imagine what it is like to be 30 below zero.

“Isn’t the heat of the day already telling you something?” Zhan Yun asked.

After a long pause, Jiang Xuzhou said, “Ok, I see. I’ll let them prepare the charcoal for fire and quilts they need for the winter.”

He felt that it was impossible for Zhan Yun to joke about this kind of thing. If they prepare in advance, there will always be no harm. Some things are more credible than others.


At the end of the conversation with Jiang Xuzhou, the group returned home, ready to keep their energy up, and set out the next day.

It’s just that they didn’t expect the temperature to change so fast.

At noon the next day, it was supposed to be the hottest time of the day, but it was cool and breezy, and the sun seemed to soften up. The human body felt cool and comfortable instead of hot.

People who haven’t been exposed to the sun for several months have slowly walked out of the shelter, bathed in the warm sunshine, and enjoyed the cool feeling of the breeze.

The survivors laughed as if to celebrate the passing of the heat, but Zhan Yun and Su Ruizhe were serious. They knew that the temperature change was very unusual.

Su Ruizhe took out the thermometer from the space and found that today’s temperature is only 28 degrees Celsius, which is 13 degrees lower than yesterday’s 41 degrees at noon.

“Let’s go at once!” Now in this situation, they can’t wait for the night. The temperature drops too fast. If they continue to delay, they will really go on the road under the snow.


In fact, they don’t have anything to clean up. The useful things are basically collected in the space by Su Ruizhe. They only dismantle the solar power generator that the base gave them, which is convenient for use on the road.

What they use is a flat panel solar photovoltaic power generation device, let alone in winter, even on rainy days, it can still be used. Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that uses the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor interface to directly convert light energy into electrical energy. No matter in winter or summer, cloudy or rainy days, as long as there is natural light, it can maintain the operation of photovoltaic generators, but the power generation in winter is not as high as in summer.

Zhan Yun went to Gao Jian and told him that they were going to leave immediately. They asked him to help them to tell commander Jiang.

Gao Jian is worthy of being a speed power. He ran back and forth in less than five minutes. When he came back, he carried two small backpacks.

Zhan Yun opens the backpack and sees that there are 50 antidotes and 50 ability drugs in each backpack.

“Commander Jiang has asked people to find some jackets, warm sleeping bags, and some electric water containers. They will send them to the door for you. When you leave the base, remember to take them. Commander Jiang also said that time is of the essence. He has no time to prepare too much for you. Pay attention to safety on the road. “

“Well, thank Commander Jiang for us.”


The author has something to say:

Photovoltaic power generation principle reference from Baidu~

[A Small Wooden Theater]

Commander Jiang: Anything can happen outside~

Zhan Yun: It means…

Su Ruizhe: Get rid of him! (neck swiping)

[Little Theater on the street]

Jiang Xiansen: They are from other bases, and we are soldiers. We can’t do cruel things!

Zhan Xiaoyun: Right! So let’s return them! But the easiest thing in the world is an accident!

Su Xiaozhe: Shall I bury some potatoes, watermelons, and corn?

Zheng Jiahe: What are you talking about? But leave me a watermelon!

Su Xiaozhe: You must have a share, otherwise who has so much energy to throw watermelon.

Dongdong: Brother, I also want to play smashing watermelon!

Su Xiaozhe: Dongdong, it’s so dangerous to smash watermelon. Let Hulk do it! We just need to be a melon eater

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