My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 19 Both Of You Are Cheater

At this time, Qin Chao, who is escorting Liu Chuan, arrive. Hua Niang eyes lit up and immediately walk over.

“Excuse me, did Mister have met a woman wearing a white dress just now? She called herself Bai Jiaojiao?”

Qin Chao looks up and sees Hua Niang appearance, immediately draw a deep breath. Holy Cr*p, Kongkong? But after a careful look, the woman in front of her just looks similar to Kongkong, there are subtle differences between them.

“Sorry, I didn’t pay attention.” Qin Chao has fully focused on Liu Chuan, how could he noticed that Bai Jiaojiao. He shakes his head, looking at Hua Niang in the eyes, then continue to escort Liu Chuan.

“Mister, if you meet Bai Jiaojiao, you must be careful!” Seeing Qin Chao leave, Hua Niang starts to feel anxious, but she refrains from telling him directly, after all, she can’t really tell him that she and Bai Jiaojiao both are snake demon, thus she can only warn him.

Qin Chao frown then takes a look back at Hua Niang. This beauty called him mister and warned him to be careful, make him feel really strange. But recently, he encountered many strange things, he doesn’t have time to think about this.

Then, holding Liu Chuan, he walks toward the security room.

Along the way, they meet with the beauty Su Fei. Her look became somewhat complicated when she sees them.

“Qin Chao, I have already informed Yu Qian’s parents. From now on you are the school’s security director, when the parents come, you must maintain order.”

“Me?” Security director?” Qin Chao point at his nose, somewhat stunned.

“If you don’t want it, I can change to someone else.” Su Fei said while arching her eyebrows while her mind thinks if this man just pretends to be silly or really dumb. Suddenly promoting this strange man to be security director, is it the right thing or not?

“Of course, of course, I want it!” Such a good thing like this how can Qin Chao refuses it, he especially wants to see electric baton Wang expression later, this suddenly makes him feel guilty pleasure.

“Good, after you come to my office, I’ll let Qin Ling take you to do the procedure.” After that, Su Fei turns to leave. Qin Chao stares at the back of that beauty, cannot help but daze. Making himself as the security director, is this Su Fei has lost her mind?


“Why, why you remove me from my post?!” Outside the security room, electric baton Wang appearance has turned even uglier, sharply questioning Qin Ling.

Qin Ling unfazed, with her arm crossed, said, “This is Director Su own words, if you have any comments you can ask her yourself. Also, looking at you making a fool of yourself in front of many students, just keeping you as a security guard, Director Su is already giving you a lot of faces.”

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” Electric baton Wang roars, “this must be you, stinking b*tch, who make this thing up, I’m going to find Director Su now, I’m going to ask for her explanation!”

“You, you!” Qin Ling is shocked that she was being cursed at, the secretary usually enjoys a superior position, she never been cursed before.

“Humph!” After looking at Qin Ling appearance, electric baton Wang suddenly sneered, then turned his fat body to go to the administration building. When he turned his face, he happens to see Qin Chao, who was walking toward them.

“Qin Ling, what happens?” Qin Chao comes over from the corner, so he did not see the two people quarreled, he only sees Qin Ling red eyes, then asked.

“He, he curses me!” Qin Ling points at electric baton Wang while tears are glistening from the corner of her eyes.

“Electric baton Wang.” Qin Chao turns his face, looking at electric baton Wang, and said, “do you still think you are the security director, bullying peoples at your heart’s content? Quickly roll, you are guilty of insulting school’s staff, this month’s bonus will be deducted.

“You! You! You!” Electric baton Wang continue to say “you” while his body can not help but trembles, “Fine fine, you two cheaters ganged up on me! You two wait here, I’m going to report this to Director Su! Be ready to pack up your things and get the hell out!”

Then his meatball-like body quickly turn and run fast toward the administrative building.

“This guy has gone too far.” Qin Chao frown, “he’s long overdue to be taken down a notch by Director Su.”

“You must be happy, just working for two days already promoted to become a director.” Qin Ling rolls her eyes toward Qin Chao, taking out a piece of tissue, then start to clean up the tears on her eyes. Luckily she knows how to apply makeup, so her face is not stained by the tears.

“I’m okay; it’s you who were being wronged. Besides being cursed at, you were also accused of having an affair, isn’t that too excessive!”

“Hehe, Qin Ling is so beautiful and pure, how could you have an affair.” Qin Chao teases, but after looking at Liu Chuan’s pale face, his smile fade, and sighed.

“If I could save Yu Qian before, this security director position, I wouldn’t want it.”

Then, he continues to escort Liu Chuan to enter the security room. Qin Ling saw Qin Chao’s back, suddenly become a little daze. This guy is weird. Other people are fiercely fighting for this position, but he seems to be indifferent about it. Could it be this guy has the morality of a saint?

Actually, Qin Ling thought highly of Qin Chao, in normal time, if he was told that he is now a security director, he will surely be ecstatic, and celebrating it by watching JAV for two hours nonstop. But the way he got this position is by trading it with Yu Qian’s life, thus making his heart heavy.

Especially after looking at Liu Chuan’s despair, how could he be happy.

The security room are deserted, and the other security guards are helping the police maintain order in the school. Qin Chao pours a cup of hot water for Liu Chuan, but he does not know how to console him.

When Qin Chao is feeling a headache, suddenly comes a noisy sound from the outside.

“What happened, let us in to take a look!”

“This is a school or a prison! Why don’t you let us in! ”

“We want to go inside!”

Qin Chao quickly goes out of the security room, realizing that the noise is coming from the crowd of farmers cramming and shouting at the school gate, but currently is being held back by the security guard.

“What’s going on?”

“Qin ge!” One of the younger security guards look back and see Qin Chao, shout, “these people claim to be Yu Qian’s family, they insist on coming in.”

“Hey big guy, it’s me, we were met before!” One middle-aged farmer, wearing blue jacket immediately shout out, “I’m Liu Chuan’s father!”

“Let them in!” Qin Chao waves his hand, he’s now a security director, have the authority to command the security guards.

The security guards heard the order from their director, no longer blocks. This more than a dozen farmers immediately rushed in, several of them appears angry. Liu Chuan’s father began to appease them, “Everybody calm down, calm down, this man is a friend of dog’s leftover, let me ask him how Qianqian died!”

Liu Chuan’s father seems to be held in high regard by this group of farmers, hearing him speak; they immediately calm down. Instead, they angrily look at Qin Chao.

“Hello, I’m the school’s security director, my name is Qin Chao.” Immediately after saying that, a sixty something years old farmer suddenly rushed out of the crowd, threw a fist, and hit Qin Chao directly under his chin.

“Ah!” In order to avoid meeting with electric baton Wang, Su Fei comes ever to the front gate, seeing Qin Chao being hit, she immediately exclaimed loudly, come over, and shout at those farmers, “You guys! Why are you hitting people?!”

“Why can’t I?” That old man’s appearance, his eyes are red, with heavy breathing, he said, “I put my daughter to study here, you were supposed to take care of her, now you’re telling me my daughter is dead. This Security director, f*ck him, how could he become a security director if he were unable to protect my daughter!”

After that old man said that, two streams of tears fall from his eyes.

“That’s right! How could you be a security director! How could your school hire someone incompetent like this!” The group of farmers starts to shout, these security guards have some fears, but they still standing there, to guard them, lest they have any aggressive moves.

“You hit is right.” Qin Chao wipes the blood from the corner of his mouth, feeling that this veteran is worthy to be a war hero, at sixty years old age, still had such strength.

“This matter is our school’s responsibility, but I believe Yu Qian’s death definitely has a reason, the police will investigate it clearly, so everyone, please calm down.”

“Comrades, what you’re saying is not quite right.” Liu Chuan’s father suddenly let out a chuckle, “On the phone beforehand, the school’s director already told us. The police already confirmed that Yu Qian’s death is because of suicide, said that many students are there to witness it. We come here to make things clear. Why a good girl, come to this school, able to think about suicide, let alone did it?”

“Correct, gives us an explanation, provides us with an answer!” This bunch of farmers shouting together, attracting the attention of many students.

Qin Chao stood there, thinking, this Yu Qian’s suicide…that’s right, just before she jumped off the building, her manner…This matter must be related to Fang Hua. Fang Hua, this beast…

“Dad, you guys can’t blame this on Qin ge!” This time, Liu Chuan suddenly runs out of the security room, and shout, “Qin ge is a good man…”

“F*ck me, you little bastard!” Liu Chuan’s father, seeing his son arrives, his eyes become red, and make a kick, directly kicking Liu Chuan to the ground.

“I already f*cking told you, to take a good care of Qianqian! I’m going to kill you this little bastard, accompany her in the afterlife!”

Then, Liu Chuan’s father grabs a shovel from one of the farmer’s hand, preparing to hit Liu Chuan’s leg.

“Thump!” The air emits a loud noise, and everyone froze there. Liu Chuan is scared silly, lying on the ground, eyes glaze over. The tall figure of Qin Chao standing in front of him, using both of his hands, has bear the brunt of this hit. The shovel head has flown out from its handle with a whistling sound.

Qin Chao’s hand is dripping with blood, but he didn’t mind, with the same heavy breathing sound as Yu Qian’s father earlier, he said.

“Please calm down, this matter can not be blamed at Liu Chuan, because as early as two days ago he and Yu Qian had a breakup. After that, Yu Qian is having a relationship with a student named Fang Hua. I think the police has not yet investigated this, perhaps this matter is related to Fang Hua.”

“Dude, really sorry.” Liu Chuan’s father were shaken a little by Qin Chao grand manner, put down the wooden shovel, and said.

“The one that hit you with a fist earlier is Yu Qian’s father, Yu Xinghua, already over sixty years old. His wife had been in poor health, after hearing the news about Yu Qian’s suicide, she suffers a stroke, had just been sent to the hospital by us.”