My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 11 Speeding On Scooter

Qin Chao endured this constant badger from Chen Yingyang until lunch break.

“Brother Qin Chao, let’s have lunch together, I know a quiet and secluded place, come on.” Chen Yingyang leaned over, he took the initiative and pulled Qin Chao’s arm.

“Hold on, hold on….” Qin Chao had a headache, “I can find a place to eat by myself, you let me go.”

He then get rid of Chen Yingyang’s arm, walk out of the door, and quickly run away. Others security guard could not help but burst into laughter until Chen Yingyang give them a dirty look.

“What’s so funny! He doesn’t go with me; you’ll all go with me!”

“What the….” the security guards all shut up immediately.
“Ah, finally free!” After escaping from security room, Qin Chao stretched himself and said with pleasure.

Right at this time, there’s a commotion coming from across the field. Qin Chao looked toward where the sound was coming from; he saw the busy playground people seems to be running away from something.

“Out of the way! Out of the way!” a female voice was heard shouting, attracting Qin Chao’s attention. He saw from the separated crowd, suddenly rushed out a scooter, there’s a crooked little girl on the front seat.

There’s also a little girl in the backseat. The back seat girl apparently afraid, her lovely little face went pale. She had a panic look, looking uncertainly from the shoulder of the front seat girl, shouting gibberish.

Being clutched desperately on her shoulder, the center of gravity of the front seat girl become even more unstable. Her mouth is screaming, “Wenwen, relax, relax!” Meanwhile, the scooter’s handlebar become shakier.

It’s like driving a tank, the students one by one move out of the way, jump away to their side.

“How could you ride like this!”

“Wanna die aren’t you, look out!”

“F*ck me, beauty, why ride like crazy!”

Various types of scolding sound, lingering on faintly. But Hu Lili, the one that ride the scooter (front seat girl) almost cried, finally bought a new motorcycle, she tried to ride it in high spirits, never thought that when she attempted to ride it with her friend, it failed badly, almost killing people

The most tragic one is her friend, Fang Wen (back seat girl), she only here because of Hu Lili’s insistence on them to test ride together, it is estimated that she will lose her live here.

The school automatic gate is off this time, soon the two of them are going to hit it. Suddenly out of nowhere, a man dressed in dark blue uniform appeared in front of the two of them.

“Ah! Get out of the way, get out of the way!” Hu Lili’s heart is really good, fearing this man will get hit, she quickly shouted. Who knew, that person took one breath, give a loud shout, move out his arm like lightning, and hold down the scooter’s handlebar.

A Squeaking sound was heard, the scooter’s tire drew a black mark on the ground, but finally, it stops moving.

This Hu Lili is scared and closed her eyes tightly, her head looks down, and Fang Wen also kept holding her waist. The scooter suddenly stop, making the two of them simultaneously shocked, they thought they really hit people.

“I I, I didn’t mean it….this injustice, you must blame it on this bad scooter, when you died, you must not come for me ok…Amitabha, God bless, Allah is great….”

“Haha….” Suddenly they heard a peal of laughter, surprising this two little girl, they quickly open their eyes and found out that Qin Chao has single-handedly stopped their speeding scooter just using one hand, the other hand he used it to patted his thigh happily.

“Oh, that didn’t kill you…good really good.” Hu Lili is patting her firm chest, taking a long breath and start to relax.

“What, do you really want to kill me!” Qin Chao gave her a stern look, “you, almost got hit by a car a few days ago, now you want to take revenge on society is it! ”

“Next time even if you kill me I won’t take a ride with you!” Fang Wen pinch Hu Lili soft flesh from behind, angrily said, “this is a plot to murder people!”

“Ah Ah, big miss Fang, I was wrong!” Hu Lili quickly begs for mercy, “next time I no longer dare.”

“Hmph!” Fang Wen scare is not small; her face is really pale. “Apologies to a friend is alright, but to someone else what’s the use, can you apologize to the cop!”

“Yes, Yes!” Qin Chao repeatedly endorsed, “today Hu Lili has gone rampage, reckless ride on the campus ground, bad deeds, will be count as a serious demerit. As to whether there’ll be expulsion or not, little girl, that depends on your performance! ”

“Okay, okay!” Hu Lili immediately put on a very aggrieved look, saying, “the two of you colluding really fast. Okay, I’ll take you both to eat KFC today, consider this as a compensation.”

“Alright, agreed.” In their city, eating KFC can be more expensive than hotel’s food. So for Hu Lili to offer this, she will surely expend a lot of money.

“Excellent.” Fang Wen expressed great satisfaction, “the queen said she was pleased with this. Qin Chao, what do you think?”

“Since the two beauty already said so, then KFC it is!” Other people’s treat, Qin Chao naturally happy to save some money. He was just about to accompany them to go out when electric baton Wang like a ghost, suddenly show up.

“Qin Chao!” Electric baton Wang stood at the entrance of the school, pinching his waist, his appearance is like an extremely big evil landlord, loudly roared, “on office hours, you sexually harass the female student in school blatantly! I think you don’t want to do this job anymore because you broke the school rules and regulations again and again! This will cost you 50 yuan wage cut! Beware, next time you violates the rule again will be immediately dismissed!”

“Who molested girls in the school!” Qin Chao staring eyes, is like raging bull, staring at electric baton Wang. Electric baton Wang were scared after looking at his furious look, but relying on his position, he said.

“You have a look; this is that female student!” Then, the electric baton Wang turned to look at Hu Lili, glaring his eye, almost using a threatening tone asking, “you said that this fellow molested you! If you dare talk nonsense, I’ll cancel your degree certificate!”

“You had no reason to cancel my degree certificate!” Hu Lili becomes somewhat angry. This electric baton Wang’s reputation has always been bad, fortunately, she already on her junior year, so she knew all his tricks. This threat to cancel student degree certificate was one of his old trick, usually effective against freshman student, but it didn’t work for Hu Lili.

“I didn’t cheat exam, I didn’t fights, why you would cancel my degree certificate!”

With that, this girl fish out her phone from her pocket and start to take photos of electric baton Wang.

“You…you…you, what are you doing!” Electric baton Wang didn’t think that his trick would fail, seeing her took his photographs, he become shocked.

“You threaten me, I must expose you on the internet!”

“You….you…” Electric baton Wang didn’t think he would be met with a barbaric student, for a while he doesn’t know what to do. Qin Chao on the side happily watches, thinking, a barbaric person must be dealt with another barbaric person, hah!

“Nobody was molested, nobody was molested ……” this electric baton Wang keep looking at Hu Lili’s cell phone eagerly, his eyeballs almost slip out. Qin Chao knows that electric baton Wang is thinking about that picture; he must have known the power of the internet. If what happen here spread out on the net then the reputation of Guangyuan school’s security guard will spread, later on, his bad reputation will soon become public.

“Forget it.” Qin Chao knows that if things go on, there will be no good ending for everybody. He took Hu Lili’s cell phone, pressed it a few times, “Director Wang is joking on us, this photos is now deleted.”

“Em, that’s right, I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously, okay ……” Since Qin Chao gave him a way out, electric baton Wang is not stupid not to take it. But he did not appreciate Qin Chao good intention, he felt Qin Chao deliberately embarrass him. So he looked hard at Qin Chao for a couple of seconds, then turned away.

“You really deleted it?” Hu Lili grabbed her cell phone, open the photo gallery, suddenly shocked to find that electric baton Wang’s face, with a fat head and big ears, is still there.

“Are you kidding me, such a good stuff, how could I delete it.” Qin Chao smiles, “come on, you said you’re going to pay my lunch. Quickly, quickly… before lunch break is over.”

“Then let’s go using my scooter.”

“We would rather walk ……” Qin Chao and Fang Wen both quickly rejected the offer; they know what would happen if they let Hu Lili ride her scooter again.

Therefore, these three people started to walk toward the nearest KFC, along the way, two beauty, walking with a handsome man wearing a uniform, with an armband, immediately attracted a lot of attention, the people who look more than once are many.

So many people in the KFC, they mostly come for free wifi and warm place. These people only bought a glass of juice, and then they will occupy a place for a long time. So the three of them waited for more than half an hour, their stomachs are growling, finally found a place to sit.

Qin Chao found out that this two little girl ate a lot. Both asked for a hamburger, and then Mexico chicken rolls, chicken wings, French fries, and a large table.

“E, this, you both can eat all of it?” Qin Chao himself only order a couple of hamburgers, staring at a big table full of food.

“Of course, we’ll eat slowly, just like eating snacks, anyway, there are no classes this afternoon.” After that, Hu Lili took out her laptop from her bag, cleared the table a bit, and put it on the table.

Fang Wen also took out a very nice looking little notebook, but because there is no more space on the table, she can only put it on her thigh.

“Unbelievable, not you too.” Qin Chao gawks, “you guys really think this is an internet cafe.”

“It’s cozy here.” Hu Lili winked, then took out a french fries, dipped it on the tomato ketchup, then put it into her cherry mouth. Qin Chao suddenly thought something evil, but seeing this little girl, with her white teeth slowly chew the fries bit by bit, cold sweat poured off of his whole body. He cough twice, then make a wave with his hand, said.

“I’m going to the toilet. Also, don’t eat this KFC too much, these are junk food, easy to gain weight after eating, not good for your health.”

“Go to hell!” The two girls rolled their eyes at him, “people were eating, don’t speak disgusting thing like that.”

“Quickly look at this!” Hu Lili after just chewing a fries, suddenly pound the table and pointing at her laptop screen, said.

“What!” Qin Chao and Fang Wen were shocked.