Mr. Xiao’s Unconditional Love

Chapter 658 - Waiting for You

Chapter 658: Waiting for You

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Little Commander Lu Xiaowu was afraid of her brother after all. She also knew that she had done something wrong.

“The plane is yours, the tank is mine!” Lu Xiaowu still had an arrogant look on her face as she carried tank away.

That was more like it.

Lu Xiaogun did not argue with his sister. If he could give in to her, he would give in. The only thing he could not give in to was that he was her brother!

“That Hua Rui, how many years has she delayed our Ye family? Now that she knows that she’s back, she won’t be able to continue living abroad! Ye Cheng, don’t pay attention to her. Boost your morale! Do you understand?!”

She cannot continue living? Did they not know that little Hua Rui was now the director of a foreign company? It was said that her annual salary was at least 400,000 yuan!

Ye Cheng sat on the sofa and did not speak.

“Ye Cheng! Originally, your aunt and I didn’t have any prejudice against her, so we could accept it. Back then, when you two were married, we had nothing to say. We could have added Hua Rui to the Ye family as soon as possible and make her the granddaughter-in-law of the Ye family obediently. But she insisted on going abroad to fight for her reputation. Two years wasn’t enough, and she wanted you to wait for four years! Isn’t she useless now? She must have asked you on a date, right? She’s been struggling outside for a few years, but she hasn’t been able to make anything out of it. She also wants to make up with you. There’s no such thing!”

His eldest aunt and youngest aunt bombarded Ye Cheng repeatedly.

Although Ye Cheng had a bellyful of resentment towards Hua Rui, when he heard his eldest aunt and youngest aunt talk about her like this, his face darkened to the extreme!

He just could not bear to hear Hua Rui being said anything bad by others!

Even though she had tortured him for four years!

He lowered his head and held his phone in his hand. A message from Hua Rui appeared on the screen of his phone. [626 Wen Yuan Road. I’ll wait for you here until you come!]

It was sent at six in the morning. It was now ten in the morning.

“Ye Cheng, don’t be angry. There are many good girls in the world. You’re already thirty, but a man at thirty is the most charming! The person Auntie found for you this time is definitely a lady from a well-known family! It won’t be a girl like Shu Yu!”

“Who said I’m going on a blind date?!” Ye Cheng stood up and said with a straight face.

“Then why did you come back? ! Are you really looking for Hua Rui? Ye Cheng, don’t be a good-for-nothing!” the aunt said unhappily. She felt sorry for her nephew’s years of time being wasted by Hua Rui!

“Who said I’m going to look for her?!” Ye Cheng said with a cold face.

Why did she still ask him out?

Two years ago, he, Ye Cheng, tried to persuade her over the phone and even threatened to break up with her, but he still could not persuade her to come back!

Now, she returned to the country with some achievements. Did she think that he would still wait for her in the same place?!

Stupid girl!

Dream on!

He did not go out. He just went upstairs. It was raining outside.

At that time, Hua Rui was holding an umbrella and waiting for Ye Cheng in the rain. She had been looking in the direction of the door, but he had not come yet…

* * *

At two o’clock in the afternoon

“I’m still waiting. Did something happen at the base and you can’t come? But I’ll continue to wait! 626 Wenyuan Road.”

626 Wenyuan Road… Where was it?

Ye Cheng could not remember. He was lying in bed. He had not even eaten lunch. He looked so arrogant.

“Uncle Ye Cheng, are you going to find Aunty Hua Rui or not? It’s raining hard!” Lu Xiaogun came in and asked seriously.

“How do you know?” Ye Cheng smiled bitterly and looked at the two clowns.

“Ye Qiao said it!” Lu Xiaowu shouted.

Outside, the sky had really turned into a torrential downpour, and he was still blinking.

The image of the Hua Rui waiting for him in the torrential downpour appeared in Ye Cheng’s mind, and his heart clenched.