Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 5 - Bai Qing Mei, I Am Sorry


The fighting went on, with the men on the losing end as Ye Cheng dealt each one a heavy blow and kick, sending some of them flying into the water.

As they fought, he caught sight of the girl struggling and making muffled sounds.

'If I can finish these guys on time, perhaps I can untie Bai Qing Mei and remove the bomb now that it hasn't been activated. Wait for me, Qing Mei. I am coming.'

By now, there were just eight men left, fighting him. He kicked one hard in the face, making him spit out blood as a tooth broke. The man's eyes darkened with furry and he brought out a dagger from his pocket.

He lunged at Ye Cheng, thrusting his right hand forward with the sharp edge aiming at his chest. Ye Cheng quickly stepped back and dodged the incoming attack. Immediately he grabbed the man's hand and twisted it with force.



Within a minute, the man's arm was already broken. He moved fast, picked up the dagger and slashed at the nearest person on his arm.


The others quickly stepped back away from the angry Ye Cheng. He didn't let the man rest as he raised his knee and let it dive at the man's stomach.



Everyone turned in the direction the voice came from and their eyes locked on the second man. He was standing close to the captive, Bai Qing Mei, with his hand one hand on her neck through the cloth and another holding a black device with a red press down button at the top.

"Let go of him and surrender or else I would activate the bomb and in thirty seconds she dies."

His voice rang out loud and clear and was carried by the wind into everyone's ears. Ye Cheng released his grip on the young man's jacket and pushed away from his body.

"Hands up," the second man commanded again.

Ever slowly, he lifted both hands in the air, above his head, with the dagger stained with blood on full display.

"Drop the dagger."

He obeyed and loosened his grip on the weapon, letting it fall to the ground.


"Don't hurt her."

"You are in no position to give out orders or bargain anymore," the second man replied, his eyes left Ye Cheng and went behind him. He gave a nod, before returning his gaze to Ye Cheng.


Before Ye Cheng knew what was happening, he felt something hard hit him on his back, near his neck. He fell down instantly on his knees as his vision blurred.

One of the men moved in and picked up the dagger, not waiting for any order, he drove the knife to the left side of Ye Cheng's stomach and twisted it.

Ye Cheng blinked as his gaze went down to where he was stabbed. Quickly, he held the man's arm and pulled out the dagger.


But before the man could get away, he turned the dagger and stabbed the man in his leg.


He let the man's hand go and managed to get up. Clutching to his side, he kicked him hard on the face as he later fell down.

He returned his gaze back to the second man, his eyes bloodshot red. Before taking another step, he was hit on the back with the same rod used before.

He fell down this time and the men rushed at him, beating him up.

After some minutes, the second man stopped them and gestured for them to raise his head to look in his direction.

Droplets of Ye Cheng's blood stained the floorboard of the yacht, the moment his head was pulled up to face the second man.

There was a clear cut at the side of his face with blood dripping slowly from it. His nose and lips suffered the same fate too from all the excessive beating he received.

"I like you. I would hate to see your pretty face soiled with your blood, but then you were just too stubborn for your own good. Look at you."

The second man gestured and pointed at Ye Cheng with the hand holding the remote.

"L–Let…Let her g–go," Ye Cheng said through gritted teeth.

One of the men yanked his head back, pulling on his short hair. He gritted from the sharp pain he felt on his scalp but didn't shout or say anything. He simply would not give them the satisfaction.

"If you grovel on your knees and do all we say, then I would reconsider," the second man spat back at him.

"I would never give anything to…"

Before he could complete his sentence, the man pulling on his hair gave him a heavy blow on the head.

"Okay, your choice. I would torture her first before blowing her up."

The second man released his grip on her neck and brought out a penknife. Using the hand with the bomb, he pulled the bag covering her face backward, tilting her head with it.

Slowly, he traced the tip of the knife on the lady's skin and slid down the knife on her skin till a clear red liquid oozed out.


Ye Cheng screamed as he saw the cut on her neck. His body shook violently with rage, ready to tear them apart.

With an unknown strength, he didn't know he had, Ye Cheng got up and beat the men surrounding him before rushing at the second man.

'Bai Qing Mei, I am sorry. Wait for me. I'll save you.' He said in his mind as he rushed at the man. Just before he got to where they were, the second man pressed the remote control and activated the bomb.

The lady's muffled screams could be heard as she trashed her body up and down hoping to break free.

The men rushed him again and gave him a sound beating until he could barely stand up.

When it was but a few seconds before the bomb exploded, they left him and dashed out of the yacht unto a small nearby boat, leaving them behind.

"Bai… Qing Mei…I–I'm sorry."

He stretched forth his hand towards her, trying to get up. Successfully, he managed to stand up after some seconds, with what seemed to be like hours.

As soon as he moved his foot…