Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 4 - Star City Harbor: Insane Demand


'Calm down, Ye Cheng. Keep your cool,' he chanted in his mind.

He needed to keep his cool and not let the enemy read any sign of nervousness from him.

Part of him was feeling weird and uncomfortable. It was as though his guts told him this was going to be bad.

Needless to say, he stepped foot on the stepping board connecting the yacht and the harbour together.

By the time he got on the yacht, two men came forward from behind the twelve men. Their outfits were slightly different from the others. They both had white and black suits on with white inner shirts.

Slowly, they made their way to where Ye Cheng was and stopped just in front of him.

"Where is she?" He asked immediately, his voice giving off his impatience and irritation.

"Hold your horses, lover boy. Comply with our demand first and you can have her."

"Where is she? Let me see her!" He yelled the last part out, slowly losing his cool.

"We call the shots here. This isn't your business and neither are we your employees," the second man putting on a black suit spoke up.

"I would make you all pay for this if you harm even a single hair on her head."

"Whether we harm a hair on her head, kill her or not is dependent on you, your cooperation and not us," the second man added, bringing his hands forward and crossing them in front of his chest.

"So tell me, young soldier. Are you willing to cooperate with us?"

Ye Cheng scoffed at the man's words. Suddenly his eyes changed, turning cold as a dark glint shone in his eyes.

"Show her to me," he demanded once more. "Then I would decide whether to agree to your demand or not."


With that, he snapped his fingers and the men parted to the sides, revealing what or in this case, who was in their centre.

The two men in front did the same, both of them parting to either side, to give him a clear view of their captive.

Ye Cheng's eyes widened when he saw what they were covering from him before. It only confirmed his suspicion.

A young lady was thoroughly tied to a chair with hefty ropes. Her hands were pulled to her back and tied as well. Her legs were also tied in front of her by her ankle.

She had a red gown on with a black jacket on top. He couldn't see her face or hear her voice as her mouth was gagged and a black hood, like the ones worn on criminals before they execute them, was used to cover her head.

She tried to scream, but only her muffled moans came out.

Suddenly, something caught his eyes. He squinted at the object in between the ropes and securely tied to her waist.

'A bomb! Bloody hell, what do they want for them to go to such an extent? No, Bai Qing Mei,' he said inwardly.

The next moment, he moved, dashing forward towards her. Before he could advance more than three steps, the men closed in and blocked his path.

"Hey, hey, hey! Easy there. Where are you going?" The first man asked with his hands raised in front of him, at his chest level.

"Get out of my way, while I am still being nice," Ye Cheng bellowed at him, his fist clenching in anger, ready for an attack.

"Like I said before. It is all dependent on you. We either do it the hard way or the easy way. It is all left for you to decide."

"Is it money you want? State your price."

"Oh no, it is not like that. You would need to agree to our terms and conditions. First, you would need to sign this document."

As the first man spoke, he gestured towards his back with his hands stretched to his side. One of the men stepped forward with a file in his hand as he gently placed it in the hands of the first man.

He held it firmly and then passed it to Ye Cheng.

"You need this," the second man added and passed a pen to Ye Cheng.

He squinted at them before slowly accepting both items. Slowly he opened the file and his eyes scanned the documents.

'These ingrates! Bloody criminals! What kind of insane demand is this?' he mentally yelled.

Both men chuckled upon noticing his change in expression as he read the document. After a minute, he closed the file and looked at the two men with mischievous smiles on their faces.

"Either you sign that or you transfer 500 billion dollars to the said account on the file."

Ye Cheng turned his gaze to the first man who spoke, with a cold glare, his indifferent face shone brightly under the sun rays.

"In your dreams."

With that, he threw the pen and file into the water below them. Everyone's eyes widened in shock. No one had expected him to behave that way.


One of the two men shouted as he rushed over the edge to catch the file, but he was already too late. It landed on the water and began to soak.

He gritted his teeth and his brow furrowed as he turned around and walked over to Ye Cheng in anger.

"Y–You…imbecile! I would make you suffer for that!"

They had planned on beating him and forcing him to sign the document if he disagreed, but now that the document was gone…all hope was lost as they didn't bring a copy.

Ye Cheng gave him the same cold glare as before, but this time, deadlier. 'You want my entire fortune and business. You made a mistake crossing my part.' He thought again.

"Imbecile? No that is wrong. That's my line. You are going to pay for ever wasting my time and annoying me."

In anger he took two steps forward and punched the second man in the face. Not wasting time, he went ahead to punch the second man in the nose.

Seeing this, the twelve men rushed in to join the fight.