Mr Indifferent CEO, Be Careful With My Heart

Chapter 25 - Sadness


She need not have bothered saying that. Judging from the urgency in her voice, he could tell she was in a hurry somewhere.

For a moment there, he felt his heart skip a breath at her. He wasn't so sure of what the problem was, he just felt it happen.

Without a word, he walked over to where she stood and climbed into the bed and nestled himself comfortably, waiting for her ministrations.

In no time, Li Jing was already almost done with treating his wound. Till now the atmosphere in the room was tense, none of them spoke to the other. He, Ye Cheng was as silent as a mule with his cold but somewhat relaxed gaze staring at nothing.

"Where are you going?" From nowhere he broke the silence with his strange question. It was not like he had the right to ask that, but somehow, he wanted to know and quench his curiosity.

She wasn't as fast when she treated him the last time. So, he found it odd that she was now. But then again, it clicked in his mind and before she could process what this man had asked her before, his voice broke out. "Work?"

Until now, she hadn't even taken note of the fact that she seemed to be in a hurry but that was not the problem or what the alarm should be about. The problem was why?

Li Jing kept quiet, unable to say anything at this moment. It was as though the glass screen in her head blocking her mind from the actual reality just broke.

She could remember to take care of a guy she just met, but she actually just forgot that she was not welcomed in the family any longer and that might also be dragged into her work.

Even if it wasn't, she had decided to leave everything that had to do with the Li family behind, but her mind didn't take a break from her usual routine.

Sensing the awkward silence that ensued from his question and her hands which was performing its work on her back suddenly stopped, Ye Cheng shifted and turned to look at her.

The look in her eyes made his heart to skip for the second time that morning. There was an untold sadness within them and he could help but be drawn to it.

What and who had hurt this girl so much for that kind of sadness to loom over her? Her once charming and cheerful self was all gone now. What remained was a shell of some sort… emptiness.

At that moment he could not help but feel regret for asking such a question. He didn't think his question was that harmful but a big part of him knew that his question was somehow related. It may have triggered something and he was right.

Seconds passed before Li Jing blinked and averted her gaze from his. Although it was for a few seconds she was locked in her own memory, but to Ye Cheng who was waiting for an answer and feeling guilty, it felt longer than that.

"Yes," her soft enchanting voice resounded, but within it, her deep sadness penetrated. "I have to go to work and would not be back till later in the afternoon. Need me to get anything?" she asked and this time, her voice was much clearer.

Ye Cheng noticed the sadness in her eyes suddenly disappear but not completely. If one looked closer and deep, they would see the lingering sadness in her eyes, but she changed everything with her unique charming smile, blinking and widening her smile as though nothing was wrong.

"No, nothing. May I make use of your laptop while you are gone or you would be bringing it with you?"

"You may. Are you sure you wouldn't be needing anything?" she asked again, unsure of his previous answer.

"No, thank you." Ye Cheng turned, so his back was facing her and stared at a corner in the room.

Seeing that he was silently asking her to continue with her task, her fingers went back to work.

"Okay, I would leave your lunch for you in the refrigerator. All you have to do is microwave it. Done," she tapped on his back a bit signaling him she was through.

"Thank you."

"Welcome. I would bring breakfast to you soon. Just relax so you can heal faster, hmm?" Ye Cheng kept quiet and she took that as a yes, picked up the used bedsheet from where she had earlier dropped it and exited his room.

As soon as the door shut closed, she leaned back into it, tilted her head back a bit so her chin faced up and closed her eyes. Soon a warm liquid rolled down the side of her face with her eyes tightening the more.

Her heart clenched as the pain came rushing in like a huge wave. Her mouth fell open as a wordless and soundless cry slipped out with her chest contracting and relaxing after some time.

Li Jing didn't know why, but being reminded only brought back the pain she thought she had very well hidden.


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