Medical Master

Chapter 1743 - 1743 Everyone Is a Little Confused…

Chapter 1743 - 1743 Everyone Is a Little Confused…

Chapter 1743 Everyone Is a Little Confused…

The man in black was a Murican.

He had been expecting to force John Doe out of the dark, but he never thought about the way John Doe would show up, let alone John Doe showing up at the place he removed his disguise.

That was to say…

Their plan was performed perfectly in front of the Autranssy authorities, but in fact, it had long been seen through by John Doe.

Otherwise, John Doe would not show up here.


Looking at the man in front of him, Fang Qiu attacked immediately without hesitation.


The man moved and immediately retreated.

Fang Qiu had observed and found that the man in front of him was a remarkable talent of the earth element, whose strength was indeed at the SS level, but in terms of real combat capability, he was not as good as Mason.

However, the desert was full of sand, so he could absorb a lot of earth energy from underground.

In this case…

He could barely suppress Mason.

The reason why Murica selected this man to pretend to be John Doe was that he was the most similar to John Doe in the melee attack.

“Sure enough, you make your appearance. Haha.”

After dodging the attack from John Doe…

The Murican man suddenly burst into laughter and was about to call for help.


Fang Qiu didn’t give the Murican man any chance at all.

Fang Qiu moved and rushed before the Murican man in an instant. With a wave of his right hand, Fang Qiu threw a fierce punch with a numerous amount of energy Qi.

Seeing this…

The Murican man realized that John Doe would not give him any chance to speak.

So he immediately activated all the energy in his body, trying to stir up the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy to attract Fang Qiu’s attention.

Sure enough…

As soon as he moved, the surrounding Heaven and Earth energy immediately boiled over.

Fang Qiu felt the boiling Qi of Heaven and Earth.

He frowned and immediately stopped attacking.


Seeing John Doe stop, the man from Murica immediately laughed and said, “John Doe, you’re doomed. Our people are on the way here, and Little Saint Lord of Nirvana will also come with them. It is the day of your death today!”


Fang Qiu suddenly smiled.

The Murican man was stunned.

To his surprise, John Doe was not afraid at all.

“Someone come over! John Doe is here.”

An idea popped into his mind, and the Murican man immediately shouted out loudly with all his strength.

As it turned out…

John Doe was still motionless.

He just stood in the place and looked at the Murican man.

The Murican man realized that something was not right. Why was John Doe so calm?

He quickly turned his head and looked five kilometers away.

To his surprise…

People over there had no reaction as if they didn’t notice what was happening here at all. They did not notice the unusual Heaven and Earth energy, nor did they even hear his shouts.

This situation stunned the Murican man in an instant.

He couldn’t understand what was going on at all. It was only five kilometers away, but why did people over there not hear anything?

What was going on?

Even if others couldn’t hear it…

Little Saint Lord of the Nirvana Organization was supposed to sense it, but why was there no movement at all?

“You’ve gone through a big battle, and just now, you released most of your energy. You don’t have much energy remaining to use, do you?”

Fang Qiu looked at the Murican man and asked.

When the Murican man heard that…

His face immediately turned pale. He hurriedly tried to absorb the Heaven and Earth energy to recover.

What Fang Qiu said was true.

To imitate John Doe well enough…

When he rushed into the camp of the Autranssy authorities and fought fiercely with Mason, he almost used 80% of his energy.

Just now…

To stir up the boiling of the Qi of Heaven and Earth and hold the energy to shout out, he had used up the remaining 20% of his energy.

As he knew, as long as he shouted and the Heaven and Earth energy moved, everything would come to an end.

All the forces over there would rush over as soon as possible.

By then…

John Doe couldn’t escape even if he had wings.

However, against his expectation…

There was no movement from the other side.

In this case, if he absorbed the Heaven and Earth energy and recovered a little, he could quickly run over there and lure John Doe right there.

It was only a five-kilometer journey, and he could get there soon.

The Murican man thought…

Even John Doe could not kill him in such a short time.


When he was about to absorb the Heaven and Earth energy, his face instantly turned deathly pale, as he found that the space around him had completely turned into a vacuum. There was no energy at all. Even the ground, which was originally full of earth-element energy, had no trace of energy currently.

Instantly, he felt his throat dry up.

And all the energy in his body was used up. There was no trace of energy around him at all.

That was equivalent to a supercar that could accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour suddenly running out of no gasoline in an instant.

He couldn’t move!

Fang Qiu strode forward.

Seeing Fang Qiu coming over, the Murican man shrank his pupils with his eyes full of horror!

Five kilometers away…

“John Doe is so good at enduring. We’ve already done it to this extent, but how can he still endure not to come out?”

Tony led the people from Murica, stood together with Little Saint Lord, and carefully observed the surrounding situation. But after a long time, he did not find anything wrong.

This made him very confused.

“If he could be lured out so easily, he would not be John Doe anymore.”

Little Saint Lord shook his head indifferently.

He said so, but he was also very curious inwardly.

“Why hasn’t John Doe shown up yet?

“Logically, John Doe should have rushed out a long time ago with his temperament.”

“Where are your men?”

After pondering for a while, Little Saint Lord asked.

“He is five kilometers away.”

Tony replied, “It’s about time for him to come back.”

“Just five kilometers. It doesn’t need to take so long.”

Little Saint Lord narrowed his eyes. He seemed to have realized something.

“It seems so.”

Tony thought it seemed to make sense. He asked in confusion, “Why hasn’t this guy come back yet?”

Just then…

There was a sudden commotion in the crowd of Autranssians.

Hearing the noise of commotion from the Autranssy authorities, all the forces immediately got up and walked up. They were going to see what tricks the Autranssy authorities were going to play again.


When all the people from various forces went up to check, they saw…

There was a corpse lying on the edge of the occupied area of the Autranssy authorities.

With a closer look…

It was exactly the man who had appeared out of nowhere and launched a sneak attack on the Autranssy authorities.

Seeing this scene…

Everyone was stunned.

Wasn’t that man John Doe?

Hadn’t John Doe run away?

Why did he fall into the hands of the Autranssy authorities? And why did he seem to have been dead?


“John Doe is dead?!”

“That man has no breath at all. Obviously, he is dead.”

“Would John Doe die so easily?”

“Who says no? There was no sound at all. How did this person die?”

All the major forces began to talk.

Everyone already believed that the man in black must be John Doe. However, according to the current situation, they started to doubt it.

How would John Doe die so easily?


When people from Murica saw this scene, their expressions instantly became embarrassed, especially Tony, whose face turned purple.

Just now, he wanted to assign someone out to find this man back.

But in a twinkling…

This man had become a corpse and fallen into the hands of the Autranssy authorities.

What the hell!

Next to Tony…

Little Saint Lord looked depressed.

Just now, he predicted that there might be something wrong. As it turned out, it indeed went wrong.

On the side of the Autranssy authorities…

Seeing that everyone gathered around and talked about it…

The Autranssian official spokesman stood out and said, “Everyone, are you all curious? You all want to know what’s going on, don’t you?”

As he spoke…

He swept his gaze at the people from various forces present.

“Since everyone wants to know, I’ll tell you.”

The Autranssian official spokesman walked to the corpse with a smile, squatted down, and said, “I don’t know who it was just now, but a man in black suddenly appeared not far ahead of us. That man in black held this man in black in his hand. When he showed up, he directly threw this man in black over here.”

“Where is he?”

Little Saint Lord immediately jumped out to ask.

“If I’m not mistaken, he is in this direction.”

The Autranssian official spokesman pointed in the direction where the man in black appeared.


Little Saint Lord immediately flew up and searched carefully in that direction, but found nothing.

At the scene…

The Autranssian official spokesman continued to tell everyone.

“Speaking of which, this man should be the one who rushed here and tried to snatch our remote detonator just now. His strength seemed to be good. Even Mason couldn’t gain the upper hand against him. But, how did this man die?

“I thought he was John Doe, but he doesn’t seem to be. John Doe won’t lose his life so easily.”

As he spoke…

The Autranssian official spokesperson turned the man over and took off his mask.

“Well, his appearance is quite like John Doe’s.”

Looking at this man’s appearance, the Autranssian official spokesman smiled.

Everyone took a look at the dead man.

It was indeed quite similar.

Even though they looked alike, everyone could tell at a glance that this man was not John Doe at all.

At this moment…

Everyone was confused.

They all shifted their gaze to Little Saint Lord of Nirvana.

Just now, Little Saint Lord had such an excited response. Was this man his subordinate?


When they looked at Little Saint Lord.

They noticed that Little Saint Lord remained calm as if it had nothing to do with him.

In contrast, Tony, who was standing beside Little Saint Lord, had a gloomy look on his face.

Just then-

“Everyone, you haven’t seen this man before, have you? How could it be that no one knows such a person with powerful strength?”

As he spoke…

The Autranssian official spokesman reached out, pinched the man’s entire facial skin, and then pulled it hard.

The human skin mask on the corpse’s face was torn off at once.

A face was revealed. It was very familiar to everyone present.

It was a Murican.

Everyone instantly turned to look at Murica’s group.

With a closer look, there was indeed one person missing in the camp of Murica, and the missing person was exactly the corpse in the hands of the Autranssy officials.

At this moment, the faces of the Murican turned extremely ugly to behold, and Tony’s face darkened.