Master Hunter K




Sungjin reached out towards the heaven, but strength had already left him. Somewhere, the ‘Operator’s’ voice filled the air.

[All players Eliminated. Closing the Chapter.]

Sight dimmed from Sungjin’s eyes, darkness creeping inward from the edge of his vision. Now that he faced imminent death, he finally found peace.

“I had enough of violence. I’m glad it is finally over.”

He let the calm settle over him. Sungjin welcomed the approaching darkness, of his death. But the Operator’s voice continued to reverberate in the background.

[You have died.]
[You were humanity’s very last remaining Player.]
[Benefit awarded to the last player to die is “Restart”]

At the same time, a single line of text appears before his eyes.

Restart – Redo the hunt from the very beginning, but with current memory.


Before Sungjin could mutter another sentence, he opened his eyes and saw that he was now in an entirely white room. It was a familiar room, with perfectly square walls.

[Hunt will soon begin. Prepare for battle.]

“Restart… from scratch?”

Sungjin lifted his arms. They felt empty. He examined his hands.

‘My rings are gone!”

It wasn’t just the rings, all the items he had been gathering until now were missing. He had been brought back moments before the first hunt. To the same room where everything began.


Sungjin massaged his forehead as he let out a withering sigh. In front of his eyes, a large bulletin board appeared.

Chapter 0 – Living Mannequin
Time Limit: 30 Seconds

At the same time, he heard a voice.

[Annihilate the enemy. If you cannot]

Sungjin absentmindedly spoke out the next words along with the operator.

“You will die.”
[You will die.]