Master Hunter K

Chapter 23 – Giant’s Canyon (1)

Chapter 23 – Giant’s Canyon (1)

Next morning, Sungjin came down to ‘Ninety Nine Nights’ earlier than usual. Dalupin greeted him

“Good morning Sir, did you sleep well? You’re up much earlier than usual.”

Sungjin nodded and then replied.

“I slept well.”

“What would you like for breakfast?”

“Baguette made into a sandwich with vegetables and bacon. One cup of Americano Espresso and something for Cain as well.”


Dalupin acknowledged Sungjin’s request with a bow. But before he returned to the kitchen, Sungjin interrupted him.

“Ah, before you get me breakfast, would you mind getting pen and paper for me please?”

Dalupin obliged and brought him pen and paper.

“Thank you.”

After receiving the writing tools, Sungjin asked the Operator

“Operator, show me my status window.”

The Cube displayed a hologram in front of Sungjin.

Title Master Hunter
HP: 10600 MP: 220

Strength: 1186 912 (+274)
Dexterity: 1421 1093 (+328)
Endurance: 1060 815 (+245)
Magic Power: 18 14 (+4)
Mind Power: 22 17 (+5)

Unallocated Points: 3080

Sungjin wrote at the top of the page


After writing down his available stat points, he wrote the totals of his current Strength and Dex.

‘1186, 1421…’

These numbers represented his allocated points plus the 30% buff due to the Master Hunter title. In truth, with these stats, he would have no trouble clearing the next 2~3 chapters.

His status points surpassed a thousand, plus with the S rank (x2.0) damage boost to strength and the A rank (x1.5) damage boost to Dexterity from ‘Moon Specter’, and effects of the ‘Elite Samurai’ title…

Sungjin already had enough damage to one shot even hidden bosses, and enough speed to dodge every strike. It was proven in the previous raid against ‘Gravekeeper Oryx’.

‘Well, advantage is advantage…’

So Sungjin wrote the following next to both Strength and Dex.


He didn’t need them immediately, but there were stronger enemies the further he progressed through the Raids. There was a need to invest into his Strength and Dexterity regularly and consistently.

Even if he starts using Magic, Swordsmanship was the basis of his power; He needed to maintain its power at absolutely domineering levels.

The next stat he looked at was the Endurance. He didn’t need this immediately at all. Sungjin had never needed it so far.

There was only one case where he was hit, and even then, Cain blocked most of the damage for him.

The only time he lost any significant HP was due to the side effect of ‘Yanhurat’s’ ‘Zealot’ mode.


He wrote the following next to Endurance.


Sungjin had fought every boss until the very end and knew how to deal with all of them. But he had not even seen most of the hidden bosses yet.

There was always a chance that any one of them could attack using dangerous magic or abilities he’s never seen before; he needed to have some form of failsafe put in place ahead of time.

The remaining points were now 580. As a test, Sungjin decided to invest these points into ‘Magic Power’ and ‘Mind power’.

The main reason for getting up earlier than usual was so that he could write out the stats on paper and think carefully about them. Especially the two stats related to magic.

“Operator, how is mana consumption calculated?”

[Spell’s Class level x Magic Power]

The information matched what he had heard from other hunters. For example, if he wanted to cast Class 2 ‘Frostbite’, its cost would be calculated as 2 X 18. The total cost of mana was currently 36.

The root of the problem was he needed to figure out a good ratio between Magic Power and Mind Power.

If his Magic power was significantly lower than Mind power, he could use the spells many times, but at very weak levels. Inversely, if his Mind power were significantly lower than Magic power, the effectiveness of each spell would be great, but he could only use it a limited number of times.

The problem was that because Sungjin had never used magic before, so he didn’t know what was the optimal allocation of stats.

‘Since this is my first time…’

Sungjin decided to try out the magic in the next chapter to get a feel of its power.

‘I’ll start out with 1:1 ratio and try out different combinations later. I might have to readjust stat distribution once higher class spells are unlocked.’

Sungjin decided to write ‘+290’ next to Magic Power and Mind Power each.

Once he was finished writing, he noticed the sandwiches set in front of him. He was so focused on the stat distribution that he had not noticed Dalupin come by.

Sungjin picked up the Baguette sandwich and took a bite. While chewing on the sandwich, he began speaking to the Operator.

“Operator. Put 1000 points on Strength, 1000 points on Dexterity, 500 on Endurance, 290 on Magic Power, and 290 on Mind Power.”

[Points have been allocated.]

“Show me my Status window”

Title: Master Hunter
HP: 17100 MP 3990

Strength: 2486 1912 (+574)
Dexterity: 2721 2093 (+628)
Endurance: 1710 1315 (+395)
Magic Power: 395 304 (+91)
Mind Power: 399 307 (+92)

Unallocated points: 0

‘So with Stats like this…’

Sungjin picked up the pen one more time and began to write.

‘Frostbite will take 395×2, or 790 mana per shot. Rise of the Dead takes 395X4 for 1580. Since total mana is 3990, I can cast Frostbite 5 times, or Rise of the Dead twice without refills…’

It was enough for trying out magic for the next round. And if he wanted then he could use Lich’s Finger and Moon Specter to recover lost Mana if need be.

For now, it was more important to get used to casting spells than checking the spell’s effectiveness. When Sungjin finished his calculations, the Operator gave an announcement.

[Raid will begin in 30 minutes.]

Sungjin spent the remaining time leisurely enjoying breakfast in the inn. Soon, he was teleported away, to ‘Giant’s Canyon’.


The sun was setting in the west, its crimson lights dyeing the world red. The tall canyon walls which stood on either side, with rays of lights falling exactly down the middle, illuminating the dry cracked ground.

The place Sungjin was teleported to was an enormous Canyon. The Operator began her announcement.

[Welcome to Giant’s Canyon]

[Where races of Giants gather and live together.]

[Please be warned: Giants are as dangerous]

[As they are large.]

Sungjin looked around without much care. The Grand Canyon in America would probably look something like this. Although he’s never actually been there himself.

[Synchronizing Hunters]

To be fair, Sungjin no longer worried about who were going to be his teammates; He had enough stat points to clear the next three chapters alone safely within the time limit.


Sungjin let out a yawn. Waking up earlier than usual to do the stat distribution made him drowsy. Blinking away tears that came out from the yawn, Sungjin checked the titles first.

‘Guardian, Assassin, Mid-level Spearman’

The titles were all somewhat decent; only the strong could move forward and survive.

Sungjin were reading the titles with half closed eyes. But, the last title

‘Elite Sniper’


Sungjin’s eyes grew wide in surprise. His head snapped down to look at the owner. And he was surprised once more; the ‘Elite Sniper’ had shoulder length hair.


It was impressive for anyone to have achieved the rank of Elite Sniper already. (Translator note). And a woman at that. Furthermore, a beauty.

The Asiatic trademark of straight black hair ran down slightly past her shoulders. She wore no makeup over her pure white face.

Sharp eyes and a high nose with a cool visage, as well as slender body devoid of excess fats, she exuded feminine beauty. It goes without saying she must have regularly exercised to achieve such healthy and athletic body conformation.

Sungjin stared at her for a moment. For some reason, she looked familiar.

‘Where did I see her before…?’

The other three hunters also stared at her. Starting from chapter 1, there were an extremely low number of women who could survive until now.

And among them, the Asian ‘Mid-level Spearman’ approached and addressed her.

“Excuse me… Serin Han, right? Archery Gold Medalist Serin Han?” (TL Note#2)


Sungjin finally recalled her. Archery Gold medalist Serin Han.

She attended the Olympics and won the Individual Gold in Archery. She got additional coverage for her exceptional beauty, even appearing in ‘Sexiest Olympic Star’ rankings, becoming famous overseas.

She even appeared in various Street signs and TV commercials for makeup, so even Sungjin who didn’t regularly watch TV was familiar with her. (TL Note #3)

‘Mid-Level Spearman’ extended his hands to her and greeted her.

“I am… A huge fan. My name is Xian Wang… I saw you often appearing as a cosmetic model in China.”

But Serin crossed her arms, ignoring his outstretched hands, and nodded.

“Ah ok.”


It wasn’t like he couldn’t understand her. The raids were barbaric, anarchistic business. There was no guarantee her own teammates wouldn’t turn against her during Raids.

Just like there were no rules against killing other hunters, there were also no rules protecting hunters from each other in ‘other’ ways.

‘But, if she attained the rank Elite Sniper, there shouldn’t be too many men who could easily take her down…’

Sungjin looked around with that in mind. The last two teammates were dark skinned but were also quite different.

The Guardian held a club embedded with nails and held a large shield; like Kultu, he looked like he was from India. While the ‘Assassin’ who held a dagger looked South American.

[Raid will begin in 3 minutes]

Xian Wang clapped his hands upon her announcements.

“Come now, let’s group up. Let’s discuss a strategy on how we’re going to proceed.”

Not a single person responded to him. Not Sungjin “Master Hunter”, nor “Elite Sniper” Serin Han, nor “Guardian”, nor “Assassin”. Sungjin glanced at the other members.

‘It’s a collection of social recluses. I think I like it this way better though…’

No matter who his teammates were, Sungjin’s objective did not change.

‘Find the Hidden Piece, Hidden boss, and gather rare loot.’

Now that he thought of it, he had another objective.

‘Ah, and also practice casting magic.’

Sungjin briefly extracted his ‘Moon Specter’ out of the sheath before sliding it back in.


It had such a satisfying ring to it. Then, he felt someone’s gaze fall upon him. It was Serin Han. She must have seen the otherworldly blue glow on the blade of the sword attached to the world’s most beat up sword handle and sheath. She stared at the sword, transfixed for a moment.

When Sungjin turned to look at her, their eyes locked onto each other. And after a brief stare, she turned away. He didn’t know if it was because of her pride, but she seemed even more unapproachable.

‘Sigh… I’m not going to do anything to you, no need to act so cold.’

Sungjin instead turned his sights to the sunset in the distance. Raising his arms high, he stretched.


He couldn’t help but yawn again. Sungjin twisted his neck and began stretching the rest of his body. There were only 3 minutes left until the Raid began.

(TL Note 1)

Imagine that Sungjin, with 90% contribution in 3 chapters FINALLY qualified for an Elite rank for his weapon. Though titles could have different requirements and order for their attainment but even then it’s very impressive for a hunter to gain elite rank title this early in the raids hence Sungjin was astonished upon seeing it.

(TL Note 2)

There is only ONE Han Serin showing up in Korean search engine. And that person is a race car model. Here is the picture. My guess is that Serin Han is based on the author’s fantasy that in an alternative world Serin Han actually became an Olympic Gold Medalist for archery.

(TL Note 3)

In Korea, becoming cosmetic model means that you achieved one of the highest (and most rigorous) benchmark for standards of beauty. Having commercials with Cosmetic companies is a huge deal in Korea and basically highlights how beautiful and successful someone is. Another important factor is that almost no one outside of actors or singers become Cosmetic Models; the fact that she became a Cosmetic model as an athlete means she’s extraordinarily beautiful, to overcome boundaries of her profession. Her beauty was so great that her posters were even exported to other countries (like China, where Xian was able to see her)

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