Masked Knight

Chapter 12: Rabbit Ears, Donkey Ears

Chapter 12: Rabbit Ears, Donkey Ears

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Rody woke up once again. His body felt soft and limp as if someone had removed all of his bones. He struggled to sit up only to find that he had been lying down on a big soft bed with white sheets as soft as silk. It was a luxury Rody had never enjoyed before in his entire life.

The room he was in was 10 times larger than his single room in the dorms of the Imperial Academy. Although the layout of the room was simple, it had a luxurious setting. The large windows were open and the thick red curtains were also drawn back. The sun shone in to light up the room while a soft breeze caressed Rody's face.

Rody’s first thought was that he was still alive and that the previous instance in darkness was just a dream.

His second thought was: It’s great to be alive!

Nicole stood at the window, her back facing Rody, deep in her thoughts.

Rody supported his body to sit up but found that he did not have enough strength. He could not help but grunt.

Nicole immediately turned around and looked at Rody.

In Nicole’s eyes, there was a hint of concern, a tinge of apology, and also a bit of frustration. She spoke softly in a gentle tone that Rody had never heard before, “Have you woke up?”

To wake up with the sun shining brightly on a soft clean bed and an astounding beauty gently asking you, ‘Have you woken up?’.

Was there anything that was more joyful than that in this world?

Rody’s heart could not help but tremble gently before he asked, “What happened to me?” After that, he remembered himself fainting and what Nicole had said before that. He nervously asked again, “What did you do to me?”

Nicole gave him an odd expression and her eyebrows moved slightly. However, she did not speak. She merely picked up a mirror from a small table and slowly went to the bed.

Surprised, Rody took the mirror and looked at it for a moment. He immediately cried out in alarm.


He instinctively threw the mirror aside as he quickly touched his own face.

If there were anyone else in the room, it would be a strange sight to them.

Rody was on the bed trying to tear off his own face.

His face, his original face that was half-black-half-white, was no longer there.

His skin had turned normal but it was not his face! It was the face of the young man he met that night! The face of that hateful, cunning man who whistled and made the horse kick him!

However, this was not the main reason Rody had cried out in alarm.

He had already faintly guessed that Nicole had wanted him to wear the ‘God's Smile' to change his appearance. That was why he was not surprised with his altered appearance, although he had wondered why Nicole wanted to change his appearance into her brother's.

It was not that Rody did not want to think about the real reason. He had no mood to do it anymore.

Although his appearance had changed and he now had a white face, lake-blue eyes, a prominent nose and thin lips that looked identical to that cunning playboy, there was one thing that was definitely different!

That was Rody’s ears!

Basically, they were not human ears!

It was a pair of rabbit ears! No, it should be a pair of donkey ears!

The ears were sharp and long. It was longer than his head!

A person’s head with ears that were as long as a rabbit’s! It was outright comical!

However, Rody was in no mood to think of whether it was comical or not!

He shouted and pulled his ears hard. He pulled it until it was red and painful. He pulled his ears until his tears even streamed down his face.

The burning pain made Rody realize, in dismay, that these were truly his ears and that he was not dreaming!

Rody lost his wits and started to scream wildly. His voice was filled with panic.

Nicole quickly sat down and stretched out her hands, “Stop! Don’t pull anymore! You…”

Rody frantically grabbed Nicole’s hands and shouted, “You! You! What did you do?! What did you do to me?!” His voice was full of anger and despair.

“I… I don’t know! I really don’t know! I…” Nicole seemed to have lost her sense of speech as she defended herself. However, she could not break free of Rody’s hands! His strength was frightening. It was as if her hands were being held by a pair of pliers. Nicole’s hands started to feel painful.

Nicole’s eyes glimmered faintly as she quietly said, “Sleep! Sleep!” Her eyes looked straight into Rody’s eyes. Rody’s eyes were drawn to hers before it started to slack and lose focus as the eyelids drooped. Rody’s grip loosened and he finally let go of Nicole’s hands before he fell back onto the bed with his eyes closed.

Nicole quickly stood up and looked at Rody with his ridiculously long ears. Her face was pale and she was dumbstruck.

God, why did it turn out like this?

That mask!

Why did ‘God's Smile' give him such an appearance? Her spell should not have been wrong! She did everything according to the Great Sage Dandong's notes and had also pictured her younger brother Seth's appearance first. After that, she had read the incantation without saying a single thing incorrectly!

So why did Rody’s face turn into her younger brother’s face together with those long ears?

That pair of ears were definitely not human ears! They were like rabbit ears! There were no humans in this world with that kind of ears! Unless they had elven ancestry then their ears might be…?


It then dawned on Nicole.

The ‘God’s Smile’ was created by a master elven sorcerer! Even the mask itself was made of the Elven sorcerer’s skin! That would mean that only the Elven race could use this mask! If a human used it, it would result in this strange appearance? Just like a half-human-half-elf! They would have a human’s face with long elven ears!

My God!

She quickly stood up and ran out of the room towards the laboratory.

She was going to read through the records and see if there were any relevant records in those ancient notes.

That being said, Nicole started to have doubts about those ancient notes. According to it, Nicole, who had used her sorcery to make Rody wear the mask, should also be able to remove it with her sorcery too. However, when Rody was unconscious, Nicole had tried many times to take it off without success. Her sorcery seemed to have lost its effect. That damned ‘God’s Smile’ seemed to have grown onto Rody’s face.

There must be a way! There must be a way!

As she continued to think, she ran crazily, oblivious to the tearing of her skirt caused by the branches and also the two flower pots she had accidentally knocked down.