Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 477 - We Don’t Lack Stones

Chapter 477: Chapter 477: We Don’t Lack Stones

Huo Qingyuan’s gift was a set of jewelry that Huo Xian had just bought at an auction sale, while Huo Chengyu’s gift was a handwritten journal written by a famous doctor who had been practicing medicine for decades.

As for Huo Xishen…he didn’t get a gift.

After waiting for a long time, it was finally Yan Jinyi’s turn and she started rubbing her hands eagerly.

Amidst an Jinyi’s expectant gaze, Huo Xian gave her a stone that was stained with mud but seemed rather shiny.

“Grandpa, we don’t lack any stones. There are stones everywhere in the garden.”

After taking such a huge blow, Yan Jinyi tried her best to maintain her smile.

Huo Xian nodded and said, “I know you don’t lack any but this one is larger than any other stone you can find at home. I’m going to go upstairs to rest, you guys go ahead and have fun by yourselves.”

‘Why is it that the rest of them have received a car and expensive jewelry but all I got was a stupid stone?’

To make matters worse, it was a stone with rough and jagged edges.

As soon as Huo Xian left, Huo Qingyuan approached Yan Jinyi eagerly and stared at the stone in her hand. She said with great envy, “Second Sister-in-law, Grandpa is so nice to you, he gave you such an excellent gift.”

Yan Jinyi stared at the serious expression on Huo Qingyuan’s face and thought, ‘Excellent? You call a stupid stone like this excellent? What?’

“If you like it, I’ll trade with you,” Yan Jinyi said, handing her the stone generously.

Huo Qingyuan’s eyes lit up and she nodded profusely. “Sure, sure, Second Sister-in-law, so you like those extravagant jewelry pieces, huh? I’ll trade them for your stone!”

Realizing that Yan Jinyi seemed to have thought that she had gotten the better end of the deal, Huo Xishen stood up and said casually when he walked past her, “Darling, this is a piece of unpolished diamond that’s valued at roughly at least 200 million dollars.”

After saying that, he headed straight to the study.

‘200 million… 200 million? At least 200 million?’

Seeing that Huo Qingyuan’s hand was about to reach the stone, Yan Jinyi smacked her hand hard. “Get lost, I’m not going to trade with you.”

After looking at the back of her hand that had been slapped, she took another glance at Yan Jinyi who was carefully making her way upstairs with the diamond in her hands.

‘So, Second Sister-in-law, you’ve toyed with my feelings again, huh?’

Yan Jinyi spent the past few nights hugging the diamond to sleep and in order to prevent theft, she even bought herself a safe.

Recently, another big event happened in the entertainment industry. Yao Xin who had been condemned recently, was said to have been arrested for causing the fatal death of an elderly person when drink driving, and had been sentenced to jail.

Yan Jinyi couldn’t help but sigh.

‘I haven’t even had the chance to beat up Yao Xin yet. Well, she dug her own grave and has herself to blame for being so scheming.’

‘Hah, I even gained so many fans because of her!’

In the blink of an eye, it was the Lunar New Year.

Coincidentally, the first day of the Lunar New Year happened to be on the same day as Yan Jinyi’s birthday.

It was exceptionally lively in the Huo Family’s manor.

At this moment, Yan Jinyi was wearing a hot red turtleneck sweater and chatting with Tan Sangsang at the entrance of the children’s playground.

“Jinyi, why don’t you take the opportunity to star as the female lead in a movie now that you’re at the peak of your popularity. Hasn’t the filming for ‘The Tumultuous Harem’ been delayed because of Liu Ran?”

Yan Jinyi took a sip of milk tea, stared at the cup, and shook it gently. “I don’t need more fame. I have something more important to do now.”

In fact, she found filming rather tiring and the only reason she decided to stay in the entertainment industry was that she wanted to help the former original Yan Jinyi fulfill her dream of winning the Best Actress award.

She was a little ashamed to be occupying the original owner’s body.

“Jinyi, I’ve already become important personnel of your fan club and everyone is planning to put up some fireworks by the river. You’re the only person I’m telling this secret to.”