Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild

Chapter 796 - The End

Chapter 796: The End

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Yang Chunmei nodded. “Okay. We haven’t eaten yet.”

The junior looked at Chu Sihan, then at Qi Jing, her eyes filled with confusion.

The person who left with Chu Sihan just now looked very similar to Qi Jing.

Could it be that she was seeing things?

Lu Sheng naturally noticed the junior’s expression, but she deliberately ignored it.

She only prayed that this junior would not suddenly mention this.

After walking out of the shopping mall, Lu Sheng finally felt at ease.

The four of them ate casually in a nearby restaurant. When Shi Yi and the rest informed them that they had left, Chu Sihan and Lu Sheng’s meal happened to end.

After bidding Qi Jing and the rest farewell, the two of them drove back to the Lu family.

Tonight was Shi Yi and the rest’s last night in this world.

“If my wife and children weren’t still in Xuan Yue Country, I wouldn’t have wanted to go back.”

After seeing the rich and colorful life in this high-tech world, everyone could not bear to leave.

However, they could not let go of their family and children. No matter how reluctant they were, they could only go back.

Tonight, Lu Sheng helped to cook a sumptuous meal with Shangguan Dian to send them off.

After dinner, the State Minister used the Space-Time Entry Token borrowed from the King of Hades to open the passage and followed the group back to Xuan Yue Country.

Before leaving, they reminded Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan to bring delicious food the next time they saw them.

The duo nodded in agreement.

After being ‘tour guides’ for a few days, they finally regained their status as students.

After another year, the two of them finally graduated.

The school teacher suggested that they continue studying, but neither of them agreed.

They did not lack knowledge to begin with. They attended university just to get a graduation certificate.

In January of the second year after graduation, Shi Yi and Yu Mingyue got married.

On the first of June the same year, Yun Ting and Fu Sisi got married.

Ever since the previous misunderstanding was cleared, Jun Hao and Zeng Zijuan had been in love. In their fourth year of university, they held a marriage ceremony on the campus.

The school even generously gave them additional credit.

Pei Yan and Ling Fei had always had a good relationship. Both of them chose to stay in school for further studies.

Lu Ran and Han Leya got married the first year after graduation.

There was initially a dispute at Qi Jing’s and Yang Chunmei’s houses. Unexpectedly, Qi Jing directly collected the marriage certificate with Yang Chunmei behind their backs.

He even told his family that regardless of their agreement, they were already a lawful couple.

In addition, Yang Chunmei was already pregnant, so the Qi family could only accept this daughter-in-law.

Song Yufeng chose to go abroad to study.

Three years after graduation, Lu Sheng and Chu Sihan received their marriage certificate.

On May 20, they finally held a grand wedding under the witness of all their relatives and friends, just like in their previous lives.

On this day, Yan Qiu and Lu Ying came. Wen Yin and Chunyu Dong also came. Official Lu, Sect Master Kong, Qing Yi, Lan Yi, and the rest also came.

In addition, there were their good friends, teachers, and classmates for the past four years.

Teng Shu and Jiang Jie also brought their two-year-old daughter to the wedding.

Instantly, the entire hotel was filled with guests. It was bustling.

The best men were Shi Yi, Yun Ting, Pei Yan, Jun Hao, and the rest. The bridesmaids were their wives.

On the stage, Chu Sihan was already waiting.

Holding Lu Sheng’s hand, Lu Zhou walked towards Chu Sihan under the tune of the wedding march.

In the future, they would travel together to exorcise evil spirits.

Lu Zhou handed her to Chu Sihan and retreated off the stage.. He followed Shangguan Dian and the rest and witnessed his daughter’s happiness again.