Lord Chu’s Wife is Wild

Chapter 10 - Lu Ning Revealed The Truth

Chapter 10 - Lu Ning Revealed The Truth

Lu Sheng felt bored while standing, so she sat at the side and waited for the witch to come.

Lu Dahua brought the witch after half an hour.

Lu Sheng had fallen asleep while sitting. She only woke up after hearing the sounds of the approaching footsteps.

When the villagers of Liu Yue Village saw that Lu Dahua had brought a witch, they gathered around his house again.

When Chu Sihan and Chu Yun, who had just finished their interrogation at Li Zheng's house, heard of this, they also went over to observe.

"Are there really ghosts in the Lu Family?" a bystander asked.

"I'm not sure. But Lu Ning's scream yesterday really scared me."

"Yeah! We live beside them, and even my donkey, which usually sleeps as dead as a pig, woke up in shock after hearing her at midnight."

Someone jokingly asked, "Aunt Yang, you're talking about your husband, right?"

After hearing that, the woman merely laughed and nodded.

On the other hand, Chu Sihan's eyes immediately became chilly after hearing their conversation.

Chu Yun also noticed that something was wrong. "Sir, didn't Madam Liu say that she invited the priest to find out where Miss Lu went?"

Chu Sihan's gaze darkened and he said, "Let's keep listening."

Chu Yun agreed in a low tone and continued to observe what was going on.

After the witch came, they lifted the altar which had been knocked over.

They again filled the incense burner with sand and stuck a few incense sticks on it.

Lu Dahua placed some apples that he bought onto the table.

The witch lit up an incense stick then asked Lu Dahua and Madam Liu to also light up a stick each. After that, she sat in front of the altar and incoherently mumbled while shaking her leg and yawning.

As Lu Sheng was only trained in talisman magic, she did not understand what the witch was saying.

After a while, the witch lit up three incense sticks, raised them to the sky, and walked around the Lu Family.

The people watching them found this scene very unusual, so they held their breaths and kept watching.

The witch shook her head at Lu Dahua and sharply inhaled.

After a while, she mumbled, "A really strong murderous aura and a vicious ghost were clinging onto you. Luckily, a kind person has settled that for you."

She paused for a while and yawned before continuing, "To be honest, you might be spared if you tell the truth. If you stubbornly refuse to recognize your error, you can only pay with your life."

When Lu Dahua, Madam Liu, and Lu Ning heard her words, they became dumbfounded.

The witch sighed and shook her head. She then walked toward the altar and stuck the three incense sticks onto the incense burner.

After taking the silver coins in the bowl, she turned around and said to Lu Dahua, "Heaven is watching whatever you're doing, and the truth will eventually be revealed. Watch your backs."

This was the second person who had told them to watch their backs.

After the witch left, everyone else started guessing.

The witch had said that there was a strong murderous aura in the Lu Family. It was as if she were saying that the Lu Family had killed people.

"Mother, Mother! Did Lu Sheng's ghost return? She's coming to take revenge on us, right?"

Lu Ning was so scared that her mind became muddled.

Her body trembled, and she stared at nothing in front. "She has returned! She has returned! We killed her, so she must have returned to take our lives."

"Lu Ning!"

The shocked Madam Lu wanted to stop her from saying anything more.

However, Lu Ning suddenly knelt on the floor and repeatedly kowtowed in the direction of the lake. Each kowtow was more forceful than the previous.

She mumbled as she sobbed, "Spare me, spare me! I know that I was wrong. I didn't kill you. It was Mother, who suffocated you with the blanket!"

The words shocked everyone speechless. Even Lu Dahua glanced at Madam Liu in disbelief.

"I… I…"

Madam Liu stumbled backward. She could not say anything.