Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Cleaning up the Goblins

Recap of last chapter: Gathered the spoils


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After gathering all the loot, we discussed on how we should split it.

Ario, Josh and I are in the same party so there’s no need to discuss about it.

However, Shea isn’t.

「I am satisfied with just the vampire lord’s」

「But that’s……」

Ario seems a little troubled by Shea’s statement.

Shea helped us quite a lot in the subjugation.

It’s too much for us to take everything for ourselves.

Shea then said to ease our hesitation.

「Rock-san helped me in the vampire lord’s subjugation too」

「But Shea, you were the one who finished it off, right?」

「In that case, why not give me this broadsword?」

Saying that, she took out the broadsword.

It was the low quality one we took from a goblin.

「Of course, we don’t really mind. But……」

「I am really thankful that you lent me it when mine broke. I am satisfied with this along with the loot I got from the vampire lord」

「Is that really enough for you?」

Josh worriedly asked Shea.

Shea then replied with a smile.

「Don’t worry about it」

「We’ll take you up on your offer then」

「Of course」

We came to a conclusion on how to split the loot.

All that’s left is to actually split it. That part took only a moment compared to the discussion.

After looking at the articles, I muttered,

「There are a total of 50 goblin ears, huh」

「That is quite the amount」

「It’s a shame that the quest reward’s still the same even with this many of them」

Said Josh and Ario.

「Even if the reward’s the same, these will still be used to decide on our promotions, you know?」

「Really? That’s good then」

While conversing, we carried the goblins’ corpses to outside the tunnel.

There are 50 of them. That was quite some work.

Shea helped us as well, but even so, it took us around two hours.

After gathering the goblins’ corpses, we burnt them.

If the corpses are not burnt and buried, they will emit a foul stench as they rot, and will even become the source of a plague.

Magic beasts will gather to eat those corpses.

It’s an adventurer’s duty to deal with it properly.

We then reported on the completion of the quest to the village before heading back.

Shea decided to travel with us until the capital.

We need to camp outdoors on our way back to the capital. This trip was quite long.

When the capital’s gates appeared in our sights, Ario said,

「A three day two night adventure, huh. That was a good one」

「It really was」

Josh was also satisfied with our trip. After all, we defeated goblins and saved the village from their predicament.

They probably have more confidence in themselves now.

Once we entered the capital, we headed straight towards the guild.

We had to report the completion of the quest, and submit the proof of subjugation.

Shea also walked towards a receptionist in order to report on the vampire lord subjugation.

The receptionist lady looked at my face and smiled.

「It’s good that you came back safely」

「We defeated a lot of goblins」

Saying that, we took out the proof of subjugation, the left ears.

The receptionist was astonished at the number of ears we brought out.

「That’s a lot……. Eh? Wait, this is really too many, no?」

We kept taking out left ears.

When a heap of 50 ears appeared in front of her, the receptionist stiffened for a moment.

She then returned to her usual self before shouting towards the back of the guild.

「Se, Senpai! I, I need help」

「What’s the matter?」

Her senior came towards us.

He then looked at the left ears before becoming dumbfounded.

「This is?」

Ario answered with pride at the senior staff member’s question.

「We went on a subjugation quest, but the pack was larger than what we first thought」

「This, there’s a hobgoblin’s……, and a goblin magician’s.」 Is this, no, this is a goblin lord’s ear, isn’t it?」

As expected of a senior. Just by looking at the ears, he could tell the type of goblin they belong to.

「You’re absolutely right」

Hearing that, the senior staff gulped.

「……Please follow me」

He led us to the back.

It was a different room from the one Gran led me to on my first day back to the capital.

After telling us to sit, he then asked us.

「Please explain the situation in detail」

「So what happened was……」

I explained what had happened to him directly without a single lie attached.

「You defeated a goblin lord?」

「A B-rank adventurer, Shea-san, helped us, you see……」

「I see…… You are very lucky」

With a completely serious expression, the senior guild staff recorded something.

After the questioning finished, he then said,

「Since you defeated this many of them, the guild will give you extra reward as an exception」


「That will be a great help」

Ario and Josh seem happy.

Combining the quest reward with the bonus, each of us will get 100 000 Rakkus.

If we also counted the profit from the loot, then each will get 130 000.

After exiting the room, Ario said,

「Getting 130 000 from a goblin subjugation quest is really great」

「With this, we will be able to live for a while, won’t we?」

Ario and Josh seem to be quite poor.

Right at that moment, Shea came out from another room.

「Are you done too, Shea?」

「Yes. It seems that the guild will also act on the vampire lord case」

「That’s good」

Shea then said to us,

「Since we’re all here, let’s go for a meal together!」

「Oh, that sounds great!」

「Excellent. Rock, you’re going too right?」

「Yeah, sure」

We then headed for a nearby tavern.

We drank and ate until late at night.


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