Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

Chapter 14 - Retrieving the Spoils of War

Chapter 14 – Retrieving the Spoils of War

Recap of last chapter: Secret exposed to Shea


※To tell the truth, I had been thinking about Ario and Josh’s character. (TLN: What about George D:)

As a result, I have changed the way they talk a little bit. I will be correcting the previous chapters too. (TLN: …. Not me, no.)

Ario is more frank with his words, and Josh is more polite.

I have also changed Gran and Eric’s by a tiny bit.

After ensuring Shea doesn’t speak a word of my secret, we returned to where Ario and Josh are.

We defeated some more goblins on our way back.

「I just recently came back from the Rift, you know」

「That must have been hard on you」


While replying, Shea killed a goblin magician with her broadsword.

It didn’t even manage to chant a spell. Her moves sure are good.

「It’s quite troublesome that they erected a statue of me, and even went as far as to make my name the currency unit」

「I can’t even imagine how it’ll feel if that happened to me」

「After that, I registered warrior as my second job, and started adventuring again」


I decapitated a hobgoblin who had lunged at us from a corner with the Devil King’s sword. (TLN: Author please give this sword a name)

「I’ve been hiding this from Ario and Josh as well」

「I understand! It’s a secret, after all」


As she replied with a smile, Shea defeated a goblin general.

While chatting and killing goblins, we slowly walked back to my party members.

「Ah, there they are. Heeey. Are you alrighttt?」

After hearing Shea calling out to them, Ario and Josh noticed us.

Their expressions soften in relief as they jogged towards us with a smile.

「No problem. You guys are too, right?」

「Yeah, sorry for making you worry」

While saying that, I looked around.

There were about three goblins lying down on the ground. They probably fought with them while being on the lookout.

「There were goblins over here too, huh」

I examined the goblin’s corpse.

Doesn’t seem like they had a hard time fighting them. They’re quite skilled.

Josh then muttered,

「The pack was larger than we had first thought, wasn’t it?」

「A goblin lord was leading them, after all……」

「It was my fault. I underestimated the number of goblins even though the frequency they stole the livestock was too high for my estimation」

「Well, it happens」

Josh seems to be reflecting on his mistakes.

A reflecting adventurer is a growing adventurer. It’s good that he’s one.

「Now then, let’s collect our spoils of war」

「I’ll help as well」

「You sure?」

Shea didn’t accept the goblin subjugation quest.

There’s nothing for her to gain by gathering the proof of their subjugation.

「Rock-san, you helped me defeat a powerful enemy, so let me return this favour」

「I see, thanks」

We proceeded to the depths of the cavern with Ario and Josh following us while collecting the goblin parts.

The part necessary for proof of subjugating a goblin is their left ear.

「As expected, this doesn’t feel good」

「That is true」

Ario and Josh said that as they collected the ears.

We advanced slowly.

On our way back, we decided to prioritise grouping up with Ario and Josh rather than gathering the spoils.

That’s the reason we left the bodies as they are.

「I’m already used to thisー」

「Have you been an adventurer for long, Shea?」

「Since I was a child, my father brought me along to exterminate monsters」

No wonder she’s so strong despite being so young.

After hearing that, Ario looked as if he realised something.

「Rock. Come to think of it, what exactly was that enemy you said to be stronger than the goblin lord?」


「What’s wrong?」

This is a little troubling. I should tell them the truth.

They are my party members after all.

It’s common sense to share information on the enemies you encountered.

「It was a vampire lord」



Ario and Josh both gulped.

Just to be sure, I then tell them,

「Shea and I defeated it, but please don’t tell anyone, alright?」

「Why are you trying to keep it a secret?」 (Josh)

「Well, there’s a reason for that」

「A reason, huh……」 (Ario)

They don’t look satisfied with my explanation.

I’m not sure what I should tell them.

There’s no problem telling the truth, but I have a feeling I’ll reveal too much about myself.

Just as I was racking my brains over it,

「In order to wipe out my family’s disgrace, we had to kill the vampire lord」

Shea’s help is timely.

「So that is the case」 (Josh)

「We managed to kill it, so the shame has now been wiped out, but…… it’s not really something we want spread to too many people」

Even if it’s now wiped off, a shame is still a shame.

It’s not exactly something you want circulating.

Ario and Josh seem to understand.

「That’s true. We won’t say a word about it」(Ario)

「However, is it okay to not report your encounter to the guild?」(Josh)

Adventurer’s have a duty to report to the guild when they encounter particularly dangerous monsters.

「I will be the one to report it. I will request the guild to not publish our names」

「I see. Thanks」

That’s quite a help. I’ll thank her after this.

Meanwhile, we finished collecting the proof of subjugation.

The total number’s more than 50.

Josh muttered seriously,

「To think that there are this many……. I am ashamed of my naive underestimation」

「It’s not easy to estimate the enemy’s numbers」

I try to console him.

I then said to Ario and Josh in a bright tone.

「Thank god we exterminated this pack before they could attack the village, huh」

「Yeah, that’s for sure」

「Yes, it’s a relief」

Ario and Josh nodded deeply.

If 50 goblins led by a goblin lord raids a village, the village would be completely destroyed.

「They’re extremely lucky」

Ario and Josh agreed with my words.


Thank goodness they made it before the village is attacked.

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