Kiss With Mr. CEO

Kiss With Mr. CEO

Fate is a funny thing.

A random stranger Chen Yi kissed to piss off her ex turned out to be the CEO of the Li Corporations?

Chen Yi, the girl with impeccable beauty that could trample the heavens and devastate earth-eyes like dark shimmering brown gemstones, hair like a cascade of chocolate brown color. Skin pale like snow. Features delicate and flawless like a porcelain doll.

Abandoned and wronged by her family, cheated by her ex, betrayed by her cousin...

Sounds usual, doesn't it?

But things take an exciting turn when a certain CEO appears a at her doorstep with a contract in his hands.

"It's your choice. Either pay for the losses caused by you or sign this contract and become my wife."

One kiss and she was bound with the formidable CEO for her life.

-Sneak peek into a chapter-

"Mr. Li, could you exclude the term of the conjugal relationship between the married couple?"

Li Luxian was momentarily surprised to hear that. Then the mischievous smile returned to his lips.

"May I ask why? Could it be you don't find my body attractive enough?"

Chen Yi was speechless.

Of course, he was attractive. He was simply a god for his looks. Did he even need to ask that? But he couldn't expect her to sleep with him right after the marriage. They needed to familiarize themselves with each other first.

That was a common-sense everyone with a relationship experience would know! Unless this impossible man had never been in a relationship before. Chen Yi looked at him. Could it be really so?

Just what in seven hells Chen Yi was getting her into! Oh well, it's not like she had a choice.

"It's not about that..." Chen Yi coughed. She didn't know what to say to this man. To moisten her dry throat she picked up a glass of water and chucked it down.

"Not that? Could it be that you are worried that I wouldn't be able to pleasure you well enough?" With a raised eyebrow Li Luxian asked.

Chen Yi spit out everything in her mouth. He did not just say that!

"And if you are still worried then we could always try out something so that you could confirm beforehand that I am good enough" Li Luxian rose up from the chair.

Chen Yi almost fell out of her chair.

This was not happening!

At least take your secretary in consideration who is still standing here!!!

"Mr. Li I'll take my leave then." Secretary Zhang bowed with a stiff face and proceeded to leave her alone with his boss to give his boss some privacy to certify his skills.

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