Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Coincidently Encountering a Murder Case on the First Time You Came to the Bar Street?


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One of the employees was from the coffee shop across from the red bar.

According to the description from the employee of the coffee shop, there was a strange young man who came to the coffee shop and sat near the window for the whole afternoon.

As the service staff, they had a clear memory of the customers who came every day.


They would naturally remember weird customers like Lin Neng.

Moreover, Lin Neng was a new customer. It was his first time in a cafe.

The police checked the surveillance cameras and noticed that from Lin Neng’s expenditure record, it was his first time coming to Bar Street.


All the expenditure records showed that he was poor.


The money he had on him was from the credit card loan.

Why did such a person come to Bar Street?

And he didn’t spend much money. He just drank a cup of coffee for the whole afternoon.

That was very strange.

Not to mention, the surveillance camera showed that Lin Neng had entered an alley in a blind spot and stayed there for more than ten minutes.

Through this evidence, the police directly locked their suspicion on Lin Neng.

Lin Neng received a call from the police. When he was checking out of the room in the lobby, he realized that the police were already waiting for him.

A few police officers immediately took out their officer’s identification cards. But because Lin Neng was only cooperating with their investigation, the police’s attitude was still nice. “Mr. Lin, please come with us!”

Lin Neng was a little surprised that the police officers had come to him. But thinking about it, it was normal.

Lin Neng did not panic at all.

However, he did not calmly follow them because it would cause a reverse effect once he did that.

It would be more likely to arouse the suspicion of the police officers.

Lin Neng frowned and asked somewhat unhappily, “What did I do? Why do I have to cooperate with you guys suddenly?”

“Sir, did you go to Bar Street yesterday? Did you go to the Red Bar?”

The police officer heard Lin Neng’s words and didn’t think much about it. He immediately asked.

“I went to the Bar Street, but I didn’t go to the Red Bar. Why?” Lin Neng answered with a puzzled look on his face.

“Right then. There was a murder case in the Red Bar. Our police station is investigating the case, so we need you to come with us and cooperate with the investigation.”

“What? A criminal case? I’ve never been to the Red Bar. What does the criminal case have to do with me? Besides, nothing happened when I was having coffee there yesterday.”

Lin Neng immediately pretended to be shocked when he heard that there was a criminal case.

When Lin Neng acted like that, the two police officers immediately frowned.

What Lin Neng said was reasonable.

He was just drinking coffee in a shop for an entire afternoon, and they couldn’t accuse that he was the murderer.

Moreover, Lin Neng had never been to the Red Bar.

But they still insisted on bringing Lin Neng to the police station to take his statement.

Because it involved a criminal case, Lin Neng didn’t continue to say anything and immediately followed them to the police station.


Once he arrived at the police station, as the main suspect, someone quickly began to investigate him.

After a round of investigation.

When Lin Neng left the coffee shop, it was half an hour before the case.

Then, Lin Neng arrived at an alley without a surveillance camera. That alley was a place where sex trades were made, and it was a strip club.

There were no surveillance cameras there because of some indescribable reasons.

Although Lin Neng’s whereabouts were strange, that alley was 300 meters away from the Red Bar!

Just 20 seconds after Peter’s death, Lin Neng walked out of the alley, and there was no connection at all between these two matters.

If Peter was killed by Lin Neng, then how did he come from the Red Bar to the strip club alley in 20 seconds?

According to Lin Neng, he wanted to take a look at the strip club.

When he got there, he found that the strip club was not open yet.

He stood at the door and played with his phone.

With the testimony of the surveillance camera, Lin Neng did not go to the Red Bar all day.

So there was almost no suspicion of him.

When he was proved unsuspicious, the police still felt it was strange.

First, they had checked Lin Neng’s personal information. He was very poor. Why did he go to Bar Street, which was a high-end entertainment area to spend money? Moreover, it was his first time here.

Second, his expenses were all financed by the credit card loan. That kind of behavior was even more confusing. How could a college student spend so much money without any income? Moreover, he had stayed in a five-star hotel that day. That completely did not fit his situation.


Lin Neng already had an excuse for these two points.

He had been poor for so long. Now that he had applied for a loan, it was very normal for him to have the urge to spend money.

It was just a retaliatory consumption.

He also intended to give up on himself. Instead of struggling, he might as well be carefree for some time. Then, he would face life in peace and go to a relative’s company to work.

When he explained that, the police had no choice but to give up.

Although there were many suspicious points about Lin Neng, his actions made perfect sense.

There was no evidence that Lin Neng was involved in the murder.

It could only be said that… this university student was a little strange.

But after investigating everyone, the police found that no one had the possibility of killing the victim.

In comparison, Lin Neng was already the most suspicious among them.

After all, he had never been to Bar Street before and encountered a murder on his first visit.

Moreover, Lin Neng had never applied for a loan before. Why did he suddenly start spending money ahead of time?

That was completely unreasonable.

However, these two things had nothing to do with the evidence of the murder.

The police sighed.

They lacked crucial evidence!

Lin Neng had never entered the Red Bar before, and he had never come into contact with Peter. There was no way that they could accuse that he was the murderer.