Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Dumbfounded Police!

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“But his death was rather strange.”

“Before Peter died, his men dragged a female college student over for a drink. The girl was sexually harassed by Peter. Then, Peter forced her to drink a glass of red wine with a knockout drug. Many people were present at the time. This girl had just brought the wine glass to her mouth, and before she could drink it…”

“What’s wrong?” The director frowned and asked.

“Peter suddenly waved his hand as if to chase something away. Then, in just a few seconds, his throat began to bleed, and he died on the spot.”


“During this period, everyone’s attention was on the female college student, Rowling. According to the surveillance cameras, no one made a move, and no one approached Peter during this period.”

“I suspect that someone skilled in concealed weapons may have used some small, concealed weapons to kill Peter. However, everyone present has been investigated, including the waiter standing beside Peter.”

“The waiter’s name is Peter. At that time, he was holding a wine tray with one hand, and his other hand was behind his back. However, according to the investigation, this person was not the assassin, he was also scared out of his wits and peed in his pants. He was not an expert at all.”


After the introduction of the whole situation, the meeting room was silent.

The place was full of experienced police officers who had come into contact with countless cases, were a little confused by the case.

How did Peter die?

He couldn’t sit there and die just like that.

That was impossible and unrealistic.

“Arthur, you’re a forensic doctor. Tell me about it.”

The Chief of the police could not help but frown. He felt that what Locke said was a little strange, so he wanted to hear the opinions of others, especially the medical examiner.

“Director Zhang, according to the investigation at the first scene, we found that the victim died from a sharp weapon slashing his throat and cutting his major artery. He bled to death.”

“But there are three strange points!”

“First, the victim’s wound is deep, but the size of the wound is small, only 0.5 mm!”

“Second, from the depth of the wound, the victim’s strength should be strong, but the surveillance did not show anything. Even a hidden weapon has difficulty to achieve such strength.”


“Third, it’s also something that I haven’t figured out yet. This wound is said to be a sharp weapon, but it’s not a knife-type weapon. I have a guess. Although it’s hard to believe, I think it might be a silver needle-type weapon!”

After the report from the forensic investigation, it was even stranger and more mysterious than what Locke had said.

At one point, everyone started to doubt whether they had encountered a murder or a supernatural incident.


After listening to the reports from his two subordinates, Chief Zhang gasped.

But soon, he still gave the order.

“How about this? Inform the superiors, request for reinforcements, and find more professional detectives in New York to settle this. Everyone, don’t be idle. Go and gather useful information, especially who had entered the scene. It’s best if we can get all-round information.”

“Since it’s not a supernatural incident, then it must be man-made. Investigate them one by one. Don’t let anyone off!”

“Yes! !” After hearing the chief’s words, everyone stood up and answered firmly.

After everyone left, the chief sat alone in his seat and repeatedly watched the surveillance footage.

But after watching it more than a dozen times, he could not find any useful information.

Finally, the chief sighed.

He had been in the New York Police Department for so many years and solved countless cases, but this time he was stumped.


Overnight, Lin Neng slept in the comfortable bed of the hotel until the next morning.

While he slept comfortably, the Special Investigation Team of New York City had been thoroughly troubled by his matter for the whole night.

The strange and bizarre death made the case seem mysterious.

They even invited the top detective, Robert.

After Robert came, he understood the basic situation and started to be dazed and confused.

They believed that there was a skilled person who could kill someone at a distance of a few meters or even more than ten meters.

But there was a problem.

Although there were many people in the bar and the lighting was messy, the surveillance cameras above their heads were still very clear.

Before the murder, all the people around either raised their glasses to drink or hooked up with someone. Those men all had their hands on the ladies’ breasts. How could they have the time to kill?

In short, they could not commit a crime.

At the same time, they monitored all the people on the screen.

Even the people below the stage could not find any suspects.

But it was also because of that reason that these agents felt confused, but it also aroused their determination to catch the murderer.

After all, they were already tired of facing small cases every day.


This time, they encountered such a challenging case, which made them feel extremely excited. They all stayed up all night investigating as if they were on stimulants.


The NYPD directly mobilized most of the police force, and then went through the entire red bar in the case of Peter’s death, and all the people who had entered within three hours before the crime.


They wanted to search through the investigation and find clues bit by bit.

Lin Neng did not expect that the police would still find him.

The police called him and asked him to bring his ID to the NYPD headquarters.

It turned out that when the police were investigating, they went all the way down the street to all the store employees.