Killer: I can shapeshift infinitely

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Black Rose!

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Vivian was sure that he was an expert.

The assassin was too powerful!

She had been a professional assassin for two to three years and had met many top assassins in the industry, including a few B-class Assassins.

But none of them used such a strange method.

According to Vivian’s guess, that was at least an A-class assassin, or even a stronger existence!

But why would such a top-notch assassin assassinate a small target like Keynes?

Keynes might be someone influenced in the circle of the wealthy second generation in New York City, and his family also had some influence.

But for A-class assassins or even S-class assassins, people like Keynes were not worth mentioning at all.

Vivian did not know which organization Lin Neng was from.

But a person like Keynes was at most a C-class mission.

The usual mission of an A-class assassin was to assassinate the heir of a top-notch financial group or the political leaders of various countries.

And the targets of S-class assassins were mostly reclusive families or presidents of countries.

Keynes was just a nobody that they had never heard of for such assassins.

Such a super expert had just been by her side.

Vivian felt fear when she thought about it.

Such an expert could probably kill her like killing an ant.

Vivian quickly left the Hilton Manor while thinking. She walked into the woods, got on a motorcycle, and began to flee along the road.

Lin Neng flew out of the Hilton Manor in the form of a fly and returned to his human form in an empty place.

He had just reached the highway and was about to grab a car to leave.

Lin Neng saw Vivian riding a motorcycle not far away. Her long hair fluttered in the wind as she headed in his direction.

After all, Lin Neng had not undergone any special training. He subconsciously turned his eyes away.

But it was such a small and inconspicuous move that Vivian noticed.



It was a very mysterious thing.

Some people looked ordinary, but one could see them at a glance when they stood in a crowd.

That was the charm.

Vivian had undergone special training, and she was much better than ordinary people in terms of charm.

That was also why Keynes could notice her at a party full of beautiful women.

Vivian rode on the motorcycle, but her thoughts were all on Lin Neng.

She was greatly confident in her charm.

Any normal man would not turn a blind eye to her.

Lin Neng had only taken one look at her just now and turned his eyes away.

Vivian quickly realized that.

There was something wrong with Lin Neng.

Her motorcycle slowed down, and she wanted to stop and look at Lin Neng’s face.

At the same time, Lin Neng also noticed that Vivian wanted to stop.

Vivian turned around, and their eyes met in the air.

Lin Neng’s gaze was calm and cold.

He had made up his mind. If Vivian wanted to disturb him or do anything that might expose his identity.

Lin Neng would kill Vivian without hesitation.

He was a professional assassin now!

He did not mind killing one extra person!

Soon, the sound of a siren came from far away, and Vivian’s face changed.

She stepped on the accelerator and disappeared at the end of the road with a roar.

Twenty minutes later.

Vivian had already driven the motorcycle to a safe place.

It was 25 kilometers away from the Hilton Manor, and it was an ungoverned slum. There was no way the police would have followed her.

Vivian tapped her watch lightly.

A virtual screen was projected.

There was a completely enclosed room with two women sitting in it from the virtual screen.

One looked more mature, probably in her thirties.

The other was about the same age as Vivian, about eighteen or nineteen years old.

They were all members of the same assassin organization.

Not all assassin organizations had many members like the Spear of God. They received missions in batches and distributed them to different assassins.

Some assassin organizations were small in size.

For example, the Black Rose, which Vivian was in, was a small organization with less than ten members.

“Vivian, you have completed the mission very smoothly this time,” the woman in her thirties said with a smile.

She was the leader of the Black Rose, and her name was Elise.

She was an assassin who had been famous for a long time. Her strength was about average among A-class assassins.

Vivian and the girl next to Elise were her disciples.

“Master, I failed the mission.”

Vivian pursed her lips and lowered her head.

“Failed? Why did you fail?” Elise was stunned.

Vivian’s ability was not bad. Whether it was camouflage or combat ability, including the use of firearms and escape.

She had been systematically learning under her guidance for a few years.

And the assassination of Keynes was just a very ordinary C-class mission. There was almost no possibility of failure with Vivian’s ability.

“To be precise, it was not a failure. It was snatched by someone else.”

A trace of fear flashed in Vivian’s eyes at that point.

She recalled what happened in the room in Hilton Hotel.

That mysterious assassin was too terrifying!


Elise felt that it was a little ridiculous.

She was, of course, knew about the strength of her disciple.

Vivian’s strength had reached the boundary between C-class and B-class. She would be able to upgrade to B-class as long as she completed a few more C-class missions.

And the assassination of Keynes was only one of the lowest C-class