It’s Lonely To Be Invincible

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Too Violent

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You said that you will take the main route, why on earth are you right here?

Do you not have ears? I said to wait! You uncultured sausage! Where’s your respect?

A big-sized Sunshine Sect disciple grabbed his 9-ringed broadsword and dashed toward Lin Fan, ready to slash him in half.

“Talk after you’re dead.”

Sword light lit up the place while the rings collide with each other, making noises. The Sunshine Sect disciple was so fierce that he would surely slash someone in half.

Lin Fan looked up in anger. What is he trying to do? Kill me as soon as we meet? Impolite dude!

He opened his hand, and with a bang, his arm grew in size instantly. Light could be seen on his palm, going toward the broadsword.

As if slashing down on a rock, the broadsword was stuck and could not move further.

Lin Fan smiled in glee. After getting to Body Tempering Stage Five, Lin Fan’s body was as strong as a rock. This trash wants to kill me? He must be dreaming!

He smacked the Sunshine disciple hard on his body.

A strong force gushed toward the disciple and his eyes opened wide in shock, not expecting Lin Fan to be this strong. He opened his mouth to shout at Lin Fan, but only blood flowed out of his mouth.

Lin Fan sneered and stepped on this disciple before looking at the rest. “I asked for you to hear me out, but you were the ones that didn’t want to.”

The disciples who were about to go against Lin Fan watched the scene, flabbergasted.

“How could this be? Senior Brother is an elite of Body Tempering Stage Four and he has his 9-ringed broadsword with him, how could he be defeated so easily?”

“Did you hear that sound? He’s as strong as a rock. That’s a sign he is in Body Tempering Stage Five. He is a powerful guy!”

Body Tempering Stage Five is considered powerful?

They should start expanding their knowledge.

Lin Fan stepped on the disciple and stared at the crowd, doing a quick headcount. Oh my, around two thousand people? I wonder if there are elites among them.

By elites, this guy under my feet is obviously excluded. He’s just an idiotic potato.

But I can’t regret it now even if I’m slightly afraid.

I shouldn’t show any fear.

Lin Fan put his hands behind his back and stepped on the disciple harder, watching the crowd sternly. “Who’s the leader? I just want to have a talk.”

Suddenly, a man in green walked out. His eyes were thin, and he resembled a fox.

“Magnificent Flame disciple, what do you wish to talk about?” He had a deep voice, and he was currently observing Lin Fan.

This Magnificent Flame Sect disciple is at least in Body Tempering Stage Five.

But why is there only him? Are the others hiding in the back, ready to ambush us?

Why am I so unlucky? Suddenly appearing here when they said were taking the freaking main route.

I must stay calm.

Lin Fan coughed and looked at them seriously. “You wanted to kill me just like that, and you did not even ask for my motive! What if I was here to defect to your side? How could I possibly give you the information now?”

With this situation, I can finally escape.

Lu Qiming and the rest should be safe since all the enemies are here.

As for Tianfeng City, that has nothing to do with me. I should escape as soon as I can.

“Senior Brother, beware. He might be lying,” a disciple turned to the man in green and whispered before glaring at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was currently stepping on his brother.

His brother was one of the stronger ones in their group, but Lin Fan was stepping on him so hard that he could not even retort.

Qiu Li, the senior brother, raised an eyebrow. I don’t believe this kid can play any tricks. We have two thousand people, which is more than enough to kill him.

Moreover, we have tons of disciples that are in Body Tempering Stage Five, and I’m in Body Tempering Stage Eight, about to break through to Body Tempering Stage Nine.

Killing him is no harder than killing an ant.

However, since he said he has an idea of defecting to our sect, then I can leave him alive and perhaps get some useful information out of him, which will get me rewarded when I return.

Qiu Li plastered a smile on his face and nodded. “Okay, as long as you mean what you said, join us and provide me with useful information. Not only will I let you live, I will also grant you a position among the Sunshine Sect’s disciples.”

Lin Fan raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “No, I think you got me wrong. That was a hypothetical, what I actually meant was that I am just a passerby who has absolutely nothing to do with the Magnificent Flame Sect. Can you just pretend to not see me? I’ll leave immediately and promise to not bring you trouble.”

Qiu Li’s face fell in no time, and he glared at Lin Fan angrily. “Playing tricks with me, huh?”

“No, I’m not doing that at all. I’m really just a passerby. You do whatever you want, and I’ll leave quietly and give this guy back to you.” Lin Fan looked at him seriously.

Qiu Li did not expect to be tricked by a Magnificent Flame Sect disciple. He gritted his teeth and burst in anger. “Kill him!”

Hearing this, Lin Fan looked at him in anger.

“You chicken nuggets, why do you like to kill so much?

“Damn it. If you can manage to kill me, I’ll take your surname!” Lin Fan grabbed the 9-ringed broadsword and cut the disciple below his feet in half.

Points +40


Killing one of these guys gives 40 points? Wow.

What would I be afraid of now? I am immortal, at most I’ll just go one on one with you all.

The Sunshine Sect disciples encircled Lin Fan within no time. Lin Fan might not have been trained in martial arts, but as a Body Tempering Stage Five cultivator, his raw power was not something that should be overlooked.

Points +20

Points +10

Lin Fan realized that killing different people would give him different numbers of points. Must be because of the different cultivation levels.

“Points: 100. Eligible for a lottery draw.”

“Draw, right now!”

Lin Fan’s greatest wish was to escape. He never wanted to waste his time with these idiots in the first place.

But with the situation right now, if I don’t make use of it, then I must be brainless.

“Points – 100.”

“Bronze Lottery: A Tang Dynasty secret weapon, storm flower needles (Area: 5 x 5).

Lin Fan slashed a disciple’s head off and rolled his eyes. What rubbish did I just get?

How on earth did these needles appear in my hand?

As he was going against too many opponents right now, he just threw the needles in desperation.

Why would the Sunshine Sect disciples take note of them? They ignored such small things completely.

And a bloody scene unfolded right in front of him.

Needles flew toward the disciples in the area stated, and shrieks could be heard as blood splattered everywhere.

Points +10

Points +20

Within no time, he accumulated 720 points.

Lin Fan’s eyes lit up. Wow, this is dope.


Continue to draw!

“Points – 100”

“Bronze Lottery: Chinese 82-2 model grenade.”

Qiu Li watched his disciples die under Lin Fan’s hands one by one. He turned red with anger and jumped up, coming toward Lin Fan.



Lin Fan felt his blood boiling, and he was unable to counterattack. I’m just a Body Tempering Stage Five. This madman in front of me is no doubt stronger than me.

I nearly died because of that.


Lin Fan vomited out fresh blood.

The grenade flew out of his hand and into the air.

Lin Fan’s heart sank. He tried to reach out for it but to no avail. Thus, he came up with a different idea. “Oh no, my special Emperor Earth Star Border Calming Pill! My only chance to break through!”

Qiu Li did not pay attention to the grenade, but when he heard the name, he looked up, surprised.

That must be a precious treasure. The name sounds extremely powerful.

Especially the words, “Earth Star Border” have sparked my interest.

He jumped up and caught the grenade.

He was now no longer scowling. Instead, he was smirking at Lin Fan.