It’s Lonely To Be Invincible

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Cheating


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“Junior Brother Lin, here’s your room. There are clothes in the wardrobe.” Yin Xiaotian led Lin Fan into the room. Yin Xiaotian smiled at Lin Fan apologetically. How could I suspect that he’s a spy when he saved the entire sect? I’m really so ashamed that I want to dig a hole and hide in it.

Looking at the house standing right in front of him, Lin Fan smiled. It’s not bad. “Senior brothers, where are you guys going?”

“Dazhuang and I are on duty today. We need to return to our positions soon,” Yin Xiaotian answered. “I’ll be here to look for you tomorrow, Junior Brother.” Yin Xiaotian and Gao Dazhuang turned to leave.

Lin Fan was still confused about the situation he was in, so he needed some alone time.

“See you, senior brothers.” Lin Fan smiled and waved goodbye to them.

But this action got Yin Xiaotian and Gao Dazhuang to turn and look at him in confusion. “Junior Brother Lin, was there something else?”

“Ah?” Lin Fan stared at them blankly. What “something else”? Lin Fan blinked his eyes and shook his head. “Ah, nothing. Goodbye, senior brothers.”

“Rest well, Junior Brother Lin.”

What on earth? Do they not even know what “see you” means?

Lin fan walked back to the room.

It was a simple but clean room. He took off the cloth around his crotch and changed into a brand-new set of clothes.

This poor fashion sense might ruin my reputation.

Whatever, let me check out the hack.

Hey, there’s the system, but why is it not moving?

Hello, please move.

Lin Fan closed his eyes, and within a few seconds, the previous image bounced back into his mind.

Name: Lin Fan

Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Two (+)

Experience Points: 150

Points: 30

Talent: Immortality

Lottery: Bronze (100), Silver (300), rest yet to be unlocked.

Changes could be seen, especially the additions of Talent and Lottery.

Immortality was already known. So, I have to use points for the lottery?

I got an epic lottery draw last time, so I must’ve been lucky. It seems like I don’t have that category of lottery currently. More to work on.

However, the experience points… I couldn’t possibly be killed daily. There must be other ways.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The chimes of the Great Lu Bell travelled over.

It was a high-pitched noise that resembled a shriek, as if to send a warning sign.

The memory of “Lin Fan” gave Lin Fan the information of this bell.

It was a specialty of the Magnificent Flame Sect. No matter where they were, it would chime on time.

Reminding every disciple of theirs to practice and improve themselves to achieve their aim, which would build up a strong and powerful sect, that was the motto of the Magnificent Flame Sect.

“Oh yeah, as long as you are a disciple of the Magnificent Flame Sect, you have to practice a set of skills when you join.”

“Body Refinement Technique.”

Lin Fan tried his best to dig out the information from the other Lin Fan’s memory.

No matter who they are, every Magnificent Flame Sect disciple has to practice this.

The Body Tempering Realm was split into nine stages. There was not much difference in one’s ability at each level, but as it increased, one’s body would become stronger and stronger until, at last, it became indestructible.

Of course, that was just an exaggeration. There was nobody in this world who was able to reach such a level. However, they took it as far as they could in order to prepare themselves for entering the Earth Star Boundary.

According to the records, one had to pay a huge price to reach Body Tempering Stage Nine.

“What the heck, there is only one method of cultivation? How poor is this world? If I could get a special technique, then I would be on top of the world shortly.”

Lin Fan rolled his eyes.

“Whatever, let me try it. If it’s too slow, I’ll just commit suicide and see how far I can take it.”

Lin Fan was aware of how dangerous the situation was.

They were currently being invaded by the Sunshine Sect. As far as he was aware, this was the neighboring sect of the Magnificent Flame Sect. The sect possessed a strong ability, but inadequate resources and land space. Since it was much more powerful than the Magnificent Flame Sect, the Sunshine Sect always wanted to take over the Magnificent Flame Sect’s territory.

But why would any Magnificent Flame Sect disciple agree to that? They might not be as strong, but at least they were brave. Thus, the disciples of the Magnificent Flame Sect braced themselves for the war.

“Haish, why didn’t I teleport into someone great? How stressful.”


Movement skill.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Fan felt his body connecting with the air. A strong vibration could be felt in the air like a stone creating ripples in a lake, making his body sting.

Press them down.

After gaining immortality, Lin Fan could no longer feel pain. But from the other Lin Fan’s memory, he was aware that cultivating would bring about excruciating pain, thus there weren’t many who could take it for long periods and so they had to cultivate at a slow pace instead.

Suddenly, a change gave Lin Fan a big shock.

“Experience points +1

“Experience points +1”

Watching the experience points increase, Lin Fan couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear. He jumped up in excitement.

“Oh god!

“I knew it! If I could only increase my experience points by getting killed, then it would take me ages before I could get to the peak. This is great!”

After some time, Lin Fan stopped cultivating.

Oh my god, 3750 experience points?

I’ll press the plus sign now. It should work.

Lin Fan pressed the button.


A weird feeling flowed through Lin Fan, and he saw the experience points decreasing.

Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Three (+)

Experience Points: 1750

Going from Body Tempering Stage One to Stage Two only required a hundred experience points, but it’s two thousand now? What on earth? The difference is huge.

However, Lin Fan was already satisfied. Others took months to level up while he only took a short while.

As soon as one reached Body Tempering Stage Three, the body would start showing changes, and one’s skin would become harder.

Determination was required, as cultivation was torturous.

But this knowledge didn’t stop Lin Fan. After realizing how fast he could level up, Lin Fan continued to cultivate at a crazy speed.

I can only have freedom when I am strong enough, or having immortality would be a waste too.


The sun had set, and Lin Fan opened his eyes abruptly.

Experience Points: 5750

He clicked on the plus sign.

Cultivation: Body Tempering Stage Four (+)

Experience Points: 1750

In no time, Lin Fan could feel changes taking place in his body. His smooth and shiny skin turned hard and rough, and scales could be seen on his skin like he was wearing a set of scale mail. Lin Fan reached out to have a touch and realized that they were extremely tough. Soon, they sank in and hid under the smooth skin.

“Isn’t it supposed to be tough moving from Stage Three to Stage Four? Where’re my tough times?”

Lin Fan stared at his skin and let out a loud laugh. What the heck, there’s no need to die anymore. I’m practically cheating, and nobody can overtake me.

I’m on my way to the top of my life.