It’s Lonely To Be Invincible

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Favorable Impression

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Why? All I want is to run away!

It was about to succeed, but why on earth are you here now?

The Sunshine Sect disciples outnumbered them, but the Magnificent Sect disciples weren’t fearful. Instead, after hearing Lin Fan’s words, they were more than ready to fight.


Yin Xiaotian used a sword as his weapon. Within the blink of an eye, Yin Xiaotian jumped up like a roc and slashed a few disciples on their throats in an instant.

“Great job, Senior Brother Yin! Great skills!” Gao Dazhuang yelled as his veins popped out like they were about to burst out of his skin the next minute. He walked to the Sunshine Sect disciples like a monster and sent them flying with a punch.

“Senior Brother Gao, that was dope!” Lin Fan clapped. What do you ants think now, huh?

Gao Dazhuang turned around and smiled sheepishly. “Watch me, I have even more powerful skills!”

The Magnificent Flame Sect disciples were all enraged and rushed toward the Sunshine Sect disciples.

There might’ve been more Sunshine Sect disciples than Magnificent Flame Sect disciples, but seeing how badly hurt their Senior Brother Qiu Li was and how fierce the opponents seemed, they decided that escaping would be the best choice.

Qiu Li helped himself up. He vomited blood again while glaring at the Magnificent Flame Sect disciples in anger. He thought that they had secured victory, taking into consideration their large numbers, but things turned out unexpectedly.

The explosion killed many Stage Five and Stage Six disciples, giving the edge to the Magnificent Flame Sect in terms of overall combat effectiveness.

Lin Fan stood rooted to the ground. What’s going on now?

Qiu Li gritted his teeth and stared at Lin Fan. He tried his best to quick his pace. I will be dead if I stay here any longer.

Son of a monkey, I will never let you go.

Lin Fan could feel someone glaring at him in anger. When he looked over, he realized that it was Qiu Li glaring at him in anger while hiding amongst the crowd.

This made Lin Fan blow his top. You’re in such a pitiful state right now and yet you’re still concerned with me? I bet you don’t know how to spell the word death.

He turned around to the rest of the Magnificent Flame Sect’s disciples. “Brothers, that right there is Qiu Li, the leader of this troop. He said that he loves to eat babies, and he is going to eat all the babies in Tianfeng City! We should get rid of such a sick person.”

Qiu Li shot up in shock. What the heck, he’s framing me!

Eat babies?

You should be glad that I am not eating you!

Qiu Li turned red with anger and shot back. “This Lin guy, you wait and see. I’ll soon send you to hell!”

“Oh, a one-armed injured man wants to kill me? This trash, let’s see if you will even be able to leave this place today. Senior brothers, kill him!” Lin Fan laughed.

Lu Qiming and Gao Dazhuang turned to Qiu Li and nodded. “Let’s go. He needs to stay behind.”

Qiu Li couldn’t believe his ears. If he was in his best condition, as a Body Tempering Stage Eight cultivator, he would take no more than a few seconds to end the opponents right in front of him. But with the state I am currently in, it’s possible for a few Body Tempering Stage Four disciples to send me to my death!

He clenched his fist and took out a pill. He looked at it in pity and swallowed it down. I have no other choice.

Mortal middle-class medicine – Lighting Speed Pill.

It might’ve only been a Mortal middle-class medicine, but it was not easy to get a medicine that could raise one’s speed. Qiu Li worked hard in his sect and exchanged for it at a huge price to use in times of danger.

It’s so not worth it to use it right now.

We should have won, but I was too careless. This sucks.


Qiu Li thought no more, and within no time, he was nowhere to be seen. He was so fast that it was as if he wasn’t injured, leaving behind only a trace of his voice.

“Watch it, surnamed Lin!”

“Oh my!” Lin Fan laughed seeing that Qiu Li was now nowhere to be seen. I didn’t expect that a monkey could run so fast.

Seeing Qiu Li take off, the other Sunshine Sect disciples started to scream and took off too.

However, the route was too small in size, so there was a jam.

“The one in front, go!”

“Don’t kill me please.”

“Watch out, idiots!”

Lu Qiming turned to Lin Fan and smiled. “Junior Brother, take a good rest. We will take care of the rest.”

But why would Lin Fan rest now? His plans had already gone down the drain, so he should at least make use of the situation to gain more points.

“Senior Brother, do not mind me. I will do my stuff and you do yours.” Lin Fan grabbed the 9-ringed broadsword tightly as he stared at the Sunshine Sect disciples. Those Body Tempering Stage Ones and Stage Twos will take me only one attack to kill.

“Junior Brother.” Lu Qiming stared at him, shocked. “Your injuries…”

But Lin Fan ignored him and snickered, rushing toward the Sunshine Sect disciples with the broadsword. “Idiots, your grandpa is coming!”

The Sunshine Sect disciples who were unable to escape looked at Lin Fan in fear. Their legs turned into jelly and their faces turned pale as soon as they saw Lin Fan coming toward them. Now, they were at a loss on what to do.

“Please don’t kill me.”

“I surrender.”

“According to the laws made by the Sect Union, you must treat people who surrender well.”

But why would Lin Fan let them off? To him, they were all just a bunch of points.

“Treat you well? Like I care about your surrender.”

Lin Fan might’ve been seriously injured, but he was still able to send some of these trashes to their death.

Points +10

Points +20

Killing disciples of lower cultivations wouldn’t give him many points, but with so many of them here, the numbers would start to add up.

Lu Qiming watched Junior Brother Lin kill dumbfoundedly. He’s badly injured, yet he’s still so strong. That’s incredible.

Lin Fan had a lot of fun while slashing the disciples to their deaths. He could slash the weaker ones in half with one swing.

Moving so vigorously while so badly injured, Lin Fan vomited blood.

But why would Lin Fan bother about that? It doesn’t even hurt, so why not?

Out of the corner of his eye, Lin Fan saw Lu Qiming taking down a disciple. As he was about to chop his head off, Lin Fan yelled, “Senior Brother, let me! That trash scolded me, and I would be unhappy if I don’t send him to hell personally.”

“Okay,” Lu Qiming answered and went off, leaving the disciple to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan grinned from ear to ear and went over to him.

Points +40


Killing a Body Tempering Stage Four trash makes me so happy, especially those points.

Just then, he realized that Gao Dazhuang was going against a Body Tempering Stage Six disciple.

They might be in the same stage, but Gao Dazhuang obviously had the upper hand.

Gao Dazhuang gave him a hard punch.


The shattering of bones spanned across the whole area.

The disciple’s ribs were broken. He dropped down to the ground in pain while vomiting blood.

When Gao Dazhuang prepared to give him another attack, he could hear Junior Brother Lin yelp.

“Senior Brother, let me! That trash scolded me. I can’t rest in peace if I don’t kill him personally.”

Come on, a Body Tempering Stage Six can’t be wasted. I should kill them with my own hands!

“Okay,” Gao Dazhuang answered and left, leaving Lin Fan to take revenge.

Lu Qiming stared at Lin Fan and furrowed his eyebrows. Wow. How many of them offended him?

Why does it seem like every one of them here has?

“Die, trash!” Lin Fan stabbed him in a vital area, which sent the disciple to his death within no time, not wasting more of Lin Fan’s energy.

Points + 60

As Lin Fan was preparing to kill more, he noticed that there were no more Sunshine Sect disciples left for him to increase his points.

“Darn it. They’re fast, huh?” Lin Fan rolled his eyes. He thought about Qiu Li, who escaped. If I could’ve killed him, how much would I have earned?


All of a sudden, Lin Fan vomited blood.

This was not for show. His body was seriously injured.

Lin Fan knew how he could settle this; he only needed to commit suicide, and he would be fine once again. But how should I do it now?

I can only try to make my way back.

“Junior brother, are you alright?” Lu Qiming went up and held Lin Fan with worry.

The other disciples crowded around him. All of them looked at Lin Fan in awe right now. He’s so badly injured yet he tried to kill them without fear!

I’m so touched. I respect Senior Brother Lin and his mindset so much!

Lin Fan waved his hand and smiled. “Haish, it’s just a small injury. If I didn’t even have any injuries on me, then as a man, I would be a living joke.”

Hearing that, the crowd looked at him in awe.


Some disciples ended up crying.

“Senior Brother Lin is so strong! Look at his chest and then compare it to ours.”

“If it was me, I would have died or cried!”


Lin Fan smirked, happy to hear the praise.