It’s Lonely To Be Invincible

Chapter 301 - Remain calm, remain calm.

Chapter 301: Remain calm, remain calm.

“Wow. This is great. Frog, now I know how loyal you are. I’m so pleased.”

Lin Fan could feel how strong the pill’s power was just by holding it in his hands. There was a golden trace on the pill’s surface, and it was obvious how unique the pill was.

“What the hell.”

The frog looked up in a daze. The murderer didn’t kill it as expected. Instead, he praised it for being loyal.

The frog looked up, eyes opened wide.

“It was a success…”

However, when it saw that the pill was in Lin Fan’s hands, its face fell.

“Frog, you’ve made it!” Lin Fan said happily. He was surprised by the frog’s ability.

“What’s wrong? You don’t look good. Are you tired? I can give you a break if you need it.”

Lin Fan asked. He was in a great mood. He didn’t expect that the frog would be capable of making heaven-class pills. It might be dangerous, but he was willing to let the frog continue his experiments.

“I’m just too excited.”

The frog gave him an ugly smile, one that looked worse than crying. It didn’t expect that the pill refining would be successful and that it would be taken away by the murderer.

The ingredients were all its assets. ~I would feel better if I failed; at least I tried. But now, I succeeded, but it was robbed to be a stepping stone for someone else’s success! I worked so hard to get nothing in return!~

This thought made the frog burst into tears.

“Master, I’m fine. I’m just too happy. I didn’t think that I could make such a huge contribution to you. I’m so happy.”


The frog laid on his stomach, clenching its claw and hitting the ground hard.

He could feel his heart hurting badly.

~I have nothing left! Why did I make such a pill for no reason? I’m doomed now. Totally doomed.~

Lin Fan squatted down and patted the frog’s head. “Frog, I’m so happy that you think for me. Be at ease, I’ll use this pill to its fullest, and I won’t let your hard work go to waste.”

“I’m so so….. honored.”

Frog replied, sobbing loudly. He had the urge to bury himself here and now.

The explosion attracted the attention of the sect’s elders.

“Disciple, did someone just make a heaven-class pill?” Tian Xu said, coming in the form of a ray of light. He stammered in disbelief.

“Mmm.” Lin Fan said and gave Tian Xu the pill. “A heaven-low class pill.”

Tian Xu stood next to Lin Fan and observed the pill. “The pill’s content is extremely pure. It’s one of the best heaven-low class.”

“This frog is my pet, and it’s good at making pills. It might have caused a bit of trouble previously, but it’s all good now.” Lin Fan answered honestly. ~The frog is indeed my pet. It might play tricks, but it’s still respectful to me.~

~This is enough.~

“Brillant.” Tian Xu praised. He was dumbfounded when he saw the frog, as he didn’t expect that such a small frog would have such a talent.

Frog, who was currently drowning in sadness, looked up immediately on hearing the praise. It stopped crying and stood up. “It’s nothing much. It is just a Heaven-class pill. I might have weak cultivation, but it’s easy for me to make these pills.”

The frog started to pant; maybe it was because it was too fat.

“Weird.” Tian Xu said, staring at the frog. It was as if he wanted to see through it.

Being stared at by Tian Xu, the frog felt uneasy. ~I’ll ignore him. As a frog that can make Heaven-class pills, who wouldn’t look up to me?~

“Master, I think that the sect should allow the Pharmacologists to learn from this frog. If they can pick up even some small skills, they will be able to supply better pills to the sect and even surpass other sects.”

“Mmm, make sense. Makes sense.” Tian Xu nodded. His disciple’s idea was great.

It wasn’t a bad idea for the Pharmacologists to learn from Frog.

“Teach others how to make pills?” The frog looked up. “Nope. I won’t. I’m not that bored.”

It wasn’t going to teach others how to refine pills. ~What am I left with if I do?~

“Frog, I’ll give you one more chance.” Lin Fan said, grabbing the frog in his hands. ~The smooth skin of the frog feels great too.~

“Master, please don’t pinch me. It hurts. I’ll do it.” Feeling humiliated, the frog wanted to go against Lin Fan, but he didn’t dare to. The murderer scared him.

“Yes. That’s the way.” Lin Fan laughed. “Master, let the pharmacologists come here to learn from frog when they are free. I’m going into seclusion now.”

“Go on. I heard about what you did at the Lunar mountain city. You did well.” Tian Xu said happily.

His disciple was better than he thought. He was already so powerful that even the Divine Religion’s Hei Gu wasn’t his opponent.

~He improved so fast. But I won’t ask or think about it.~

~To me, he’s just a talent. You just have to accept the fact that he’s talented.~

In the secret chamber.

~Let’s check my points.~

Points: 521280

“Hei Gu’s such a nice person. He brought such a huge group with him to snatch the Yuan crystal mine. Thanks to him, I now have so many points.”

Lin Fan said nonchalantly. Five hundred thousand was nothing to him when he had once earned more than a million points.

Cultivation needs time, and experience points weren’t easy to earn.


He said. He chose the Ancient world’s king kong’s physique over the Transformation into god swordsmanship. The latter might be a powerful skill set, but it was still lacking compared to the former.

“Points – Three hundred thousand.”

“Ancient world’s king kong’s physique (Level 5)”

“Traits: Solitary light magical body, Buddha-nature, Destruction, Maximum increase in physical body, Light and fast Connection of earth, the connection of ancient world.”

There wasn’t much change, but Lin Fan could feel the increase in his energy when he upgraded the skill.

Numerous rays of light could be seen shooting through the sky.


“Demonic nature?”

~All this is human nature. I don’t really care. My cells are absorbing energy constantly, and my foundation is slowly getting stronger. However, it’s still far from being perfect.”

“I still have two hundred thousand points left. I can use it to upgrade the Transformation into god swordsmanship. It’s also quite useful.”

“Upgrade.” He said to himself.

“Points – one hundred and forty thousand.”

Transformation into god swordsmanship (Level 3)

“Traits: Advanced sword domain, unconstrained sword intent, extreme increase in sensitivity, control of swordsmanship.”

~Did this increase in sensitivity helped me have a stronger sense of smell?~

~Which is the reason why I could tell who are Divine Religion followers in disguise.~

~ It’s not easy to discover them, but I could do so easily. No wonder.~

Suddenly, a sharp sword intent came from his back. Lin Fan felt that he was at the peak of controlling swords.

Based on what Frog said, the Three sovereign swords were actually a sword broken into three. One would be able to rejoin them if he found the core.

~Interesting, I’m looking forward to that.~


~I feel that I’ve gotten more powerful now. It’s hard to make me less arrogant. I need an elite to beat me, or something bad might happen if this continues.~

“I need to calm myself down.”

“Eighty-one lottery draws at once.”

~Eighty thousand points are just gone like this. I’m only left with 280 points now.~

“Master lottery…..”

Suddenly, a row of notifications could be seen.

~ It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn the lottery. Give me something good.~

“The three pure ones, I am willing to use the frog’s happiness to get something good.”

“Congratulations, you’ve gotten a bottle of earth high-class cultivation pills.”

“Congratulations, you have gotten a low-class earth skillset, the Tiger god knife’s play.”

“Congratulations, you’ve gotten….”

Lin Fan looked at the notifications. Some skills were fine, but it wasn’t as good as he hoped it would be. It made him more excited.

But there were quite some skillsets and pills.

~I keep telling myself to not get nervous.~

~I said that this was nothing and it was just for fun. But I still care about it a lot.~

~Please, god. Let me get something good.~

~Look at all the “Thank you, please try again.” They make me depressed.~


A notification left Lin Fan speechless.

“Congratulations, you’ve gotten an unclassified Buff: the more you fight, the stronger you get.”


Lin Fan was flabbergasted.

He looks forward to two things when he draws the lottery, which was either an epic or an unclassified reward.

As both would definitely give him something good.

“The more you fight, the stronger you get.” The more excited you are during a fight, the more powerful you will become. Gain and store energy during a battle. Nothing can stop this BUFF.”

“Oh no.”

Lin Fan sighed. ~I’ll get more arrogant now. What should I do?”

“I now have another way to strengthen my foundation, fighting.”

Lin Fan was speechless. He was trying his best to contain his excitement.

~Remember, I must stay calm. I shouldn’t be arrogant.~

He then popped the Heaven-class pill into his mouth. ~Let’s take a pill to calm down. Don’t be too excited. Don’t be.~

Instantly, he could feel changes taking place in his body clearly.


The effects might be strong, but Lin Fan was wearing a foolish smile on his face.