Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation System

Chapter 654 - The Dragon King Preaching Dao (2)

Chapter 654: The Dragon King Preaching Dao (2)

Translator: Larbrestudio

“Preaching Dao!”

Upon hearing what Prime Minister Turtle said, Wang Xian was shaken once again.

Establishing an empire was shocking enough for him. Preaching Dao like the saints in the olden days? He never dared to have this thought.

“Preaching Dao is to educate the billions of marine creatures. Education is not so simple as you think!”

Prime Minister Turtle lowered his head and stared at the palm-sized shell in his hand.

“For marine creatures, it is difficult for them to activate their Spiritual Intelligence. They must have an Enlightenment. Most importantly, this is to lay a strong foundation for the Dragon Palace members!

“Of course, we wouldn’t take that long to develop into a stage similar to human beings with the resources in the ocean!

“Human civilization development took thousands of years to reach where it is today. In fact, the cultivation of humans has occurred for over a thousand years!

“With the guidance of the Dragon Palace in the ocean and your preaching of Dao, billions of marine creatures will be able to transform into dragons within a century.

“Perhaps there will be Immortals all over the sea after a century. But of course, the prerequisite is to have sufficient resources!”

Prime Minister Turtle’s eyes were beaming with wisdom. The turtle shell in his hand was glowing with mustard radiance.

Wang Xian was startled.

Just as Prime Minister Turtle said, humans took thousands of years to develop civilization on land, while there was none in the sea.

What could be the possible reason for this? Were the marine creatures too dumb?

If he could preach Dao and enlighten billions of marine creatures, then they could also form a civilization.

Oceans occupied seventy percent of Earth’s surface. Thus, the resources were several times more than what could be found on land.

The time to establish a civilization might be shortened by ten times.

“Prime Minister Turtle, what’s that turtle shell in your hand for?” asked Wang Xian with curiosity as he stared at the shell that was giving off a mustard glow.

“Changes on Earth bring the rise of civilization, and the planet is made up of everything on Earth. I sensed something mystical from this turtle shell of mine, just like it was describing the planet’s changes!”

Prime Minister Turtle murmured, and he seemed unsure of what exactly his shell did.

“In that case, you’ll organize the session, and I’ll preach Dao!”

Wang Xian nodded and spoke to Prime Minister Turtle.

“Yes, Dragon King!”

Prime Minister Turtle nodded immediately and went off to settle it.

Wang Xian cast a glance at Roving Heavens, who looked like an evil monkey, ready to wreak havoc. He grinned and said, “The Devil Monkeys are rather weak now. You guys have to do more training!”

“Yes, Dragon King. The Devil Division will become the strongest unit in the Dragon Palace from now on!”

Roving Heavens answered with respect as he headed out with determination.

Wang Xian was very satisfied as he watched Roving Heavens.

“Xiao Xian, fights are going on in the Underworld. Sui Family and Xiao Family are seeking your assistance!”

At this time, Lan Qingyue and the other girls flitted over as soon as they saw him finishing his business.

“Hur? What happened?”

Wang Xian was puzzled as he looked at them.

“Now, the overseas factions have taken over Mt. Taibai. All the people from the Underworld have either been killed or expelled from there. They are now occupying that area with haughtiness!”

“Sui Huang and Xiao Quanshan would like you to strike as those foreign guys are simply too arrogant. They want you to chase them away!” said Lan Qingyue and Xiao Yu.

“Hur? Really?”

Wang Xian narrowed his eyes slightly. “If they are international forces, they must be from Asia!”

“Yes, from Japan, India, Korea, and other international forces!” Elder Fang nodded. “The news about Mt. Taibai has been going around. Given the Underworld strength, it’s impossible for them to protect that place. Hence, it’s been taken over by a group of overseas forces!”

“And those people were extremely cocky. They kept saying China has no talents and calling us names like Sick man of East Asia. Xiao Xian, should we go and teach them a lesson?”

Elder Fang was slightly infuriated as she spoke. The rest of the girls were also elated to fight it out with them.

“Sick man of East Asia? Haha!” Wang Xian revealed a faint smile as coldness flashed in his eyes. “Yes, we should go. But I need another two days to preach Dao to these billions of marine creatures here!”

“Preaching Dao? Awesome. Our Dragon King will definitely live a long life and enjoy a lifetime of prosperity!” Xiao Yu brightened up her eyes and giggled.

Wang Xian patted her head. “This concerns the future development of Dragon Palace. Reply to Sui Huang and Xiao Quanshan and tell them that I’ll be back in two days!”


Xiao Yu nodded. “I’ll reply to them!”


“Brother, when will sister-in-law Shuqing wake up?”

“I’m not sure. Shuqing is full of strong vitality now, as daunting power is hidden within her body. After she wakes up, she might be more powerful than me. But I’m not sure why she is still in her sleep. This is the first time that I’ve seen a Phoenix Nirvana!”

Wang Xian sighed as he looked at Guan Shuqing, who was lying quietly on his Dragon Throne.

She was shrouded in the flames of the Boundless Branch, but no one knew the reason why she was still sleeping.

“Shuqing is fine, and she’ll wake up one day. You don’t have to worry!”

Lan Qingyue and Adjaya consoled them.


Wang Xian nodded. He was not that worried since they would find a way to wake her up as long as she was full of vitality.

“Let’s go. We should get some rest now!”

Wang Xian, who had not rested for three days, took Lan Qingyue, Adjaya, and Sun Lingxiu back to his Royal Residence Hall.

Xiao Yu could not help but roll her eyes.

After a session of love-making, Wang Xian lay on his bed and rested.

“Dragon King, Prime Minister Turtle said the class is ready. You may begin your preaching!”

After a dozen hours, Roving Girl’s voice was heard outside of the room.

Prime Minister Turtle had specially arranged for Roving Girl to provide morning call services similar to the role of a maidservant in Dragon Palace.

Wang Xian could not help but feel that Prime Minister Turtle would be a competent majordomo in the future.


As soon as Wang Xian’s voice was heard, he walked out of his Royal Residence Hall.

But he was astonished when he came to the surroundings of the Dragon Palace.

Billions of marine creatures in myriad colors and forms were packed around him.

The number of marine creatures was ten times more than those that had been there when they did the leap at the Dragon Gate.

Eight-meter sharks, ten-meter killer whales, close to twenty-meter whales, and different forms of marine creatures were swimming around him.

Countless living creatures filled the space around him for more than ten kilometers.

It was extremely scary when one looked at it.

Xiao Lan, seventy meters in size, was slowly swimming above the Dragon Palace, exuding an imposing might.

All the marine creatures remained peaceful as they floated around with discipline.

“All of you are citizens of my Dragon Palace. To the countless living creatures, I, the Dragon King, will be preaching Dao today to kickstart and enlighten your path towards cultivation!”

Wang Xian made a move and transformed into a Divine Dragon. He slowly landed on top of Xiao Lan, above the Dragon Palace. His mighty roar traveled through the four seas!