I'm in Hollywood

Chapter 10.1

Chapter 10.1

Jennifer Aniston is somewhat absent-minded waiting for the bus. She cannot say se was disappointed. She just graduated from performing arts school last year and just starred several plays in theatre.  By chance she heard about auditions and sent resume, never expecting to get an audition.

She stopped calling a cab when she heard someone calling her from behind. She turned and saw the boy who looked at her strangely at auditions.

“Hello, you are…?” Jennifer waved subconsciously and found that she didn’t know his name. 

 Eric held out his hand and said: “Miss Aniston, hello, my name is Eric, Eric Williams.”

 Jennifer Aniston took his hand politely with a smile and said: “Hello, Mr. Williams ……”

Eric looked at her smile and forgot to let go of her hand.

“Mr. Williams, you ……” Aniston said slightly, feeling that warm big hand, a little embarrassed, rebukingly staring at Eric.

    “Oh, sorry, I like just Eric, Miss Aniston, do I call you Annie?” Eric took his hand back, embarrassed scratched his head and in heart scolded dumbass last generation, though not a playboy , atleast not like wet behind tears.This body must be the hormones at play, ah, definitely so.

    Aniston doubtfully looked with a touch of alertness: “? Well, Eric, but we do not seem to know each other.”

    Eric put away his thoughts, smiled and said: “Now you do not  know, but the beginning of all  friendships start as strangers. Annie its already noon, I can ask you to do lunch? ”

” It’s too abrupt, Eric, we just had few words. “Aniston refused .

  “I will take you home.” Eric said the next best thing.

“That ….Okay.”stunned she was about reject again, but subconsciouly  agreed without knowing why. Actually , Eric used communication gimmick, if you want to accompany a girl to her home without being rejected , then be rejected for something else and ask her.

After boarding car , Eric asked the address and stared the car.

Unable to bear the curiosness, Aniston was the first to talk “Eric are you ’17 Again’ staff?”

“Yes, I was the film’s screenwriter and actor” said holding the steering wheel.

“Oh wow, that is great. You should be as old as me, and I now have only played some small roles in several stage drama. ”

Eric smiled “It’s just good luck, yes, you said that you performed in theatre?”

“oh, yes” Aniston started talking endlessly as she heard the topic she interested in. And even giggled at something he added.

How could a 19 year-old- girl be the opponent of Eric, who has the soul of an uncle. Gradually, Aniston opened her mind and even taled about her life in Los Angeles.

“Although it was tiring to work at convenience store eight hours day, it was fulfilling. Also from time to time participate in a number of stage plays, attend some auditions, I believe, that even if I do not rely on my irresponsible father, one day I can be successful. “

 Although Eric knows in past Aniston finally by her father’s introduction entered into the television industry, but in the parallel time and space, that was after two years.

    In memory, past Jennifer Aniston had some resentment for her father as he abandoned her and her mother, so for more than two years has refused  help from her father, and therefore wasted more than two years in Hollywood, the good old days. Finally, her father, John Aniston took initiative to do some amends to the father-daughter relationship, and just let stubborn Aniston accepted his help. Obtaining “Friends” role time, Aniston was twenty five years old.InHollywood, the actress once over thirty, if business does not pick up, it is hard to have a big development, have to say Aniston is  very lucky.