I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 994

Chapter 994: One Word

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“H-how strong!” Zhou Yuanhai felt the power coming from Li Nianfan. Just a look had him completely pushed back.

The power seemed to signify the whole world. It was the start and end of everything. The past, the present, and the future were just all in its grasp. The world could be destroyed with just a wave.

Having power like that was so alluring!

To be able to create anything, destroy anything, and toy with anything!

That was without a doubt the power that was truly at its peak!


Zhou Yuanhai’s heart thumped rapidly. It was as if he already saw how glorious it would be after he swallowed up Li Nianfan. He was so distracted that he started to drool. There was no hiding the greed in his heart.

Li Nianfan’s power rose. Around him, Wisdom images constantly materialized. It was like it acted out the expansion of destruction of many worlds.

“How dare he? How dare this old man?”

“Oh no! We’re done for. The master’s state has been broken. What do we do?”

“Crap, will we die? I feel like he can destroy the whole world with one word!”

“Will he be fine? Why don’t we work together to kill that old man?”

In the residence, the chickens, divine weapons, and plants were all trembling.

Zhou Yuanhai looked at Li Nianfan firmly as he anticipated Wisdom crumbling so he could swallow it up.

Yet, as time passed, his smile froze on his face. Why did Li Nianfan’s power seem to be stabilizing?


How could that happen?

Zhou Yuanhai started to have an unsettling feeling in his heart.

Wisdom was forcibly reborn in the second lifetime. It was incredibly dangerous. His world completely broke through Wisdom’s state. It should have completely gone astray. Why did it not crumble yet?

T-that was not right!

At that moment, Li Nianfan slowly opened his eyes.


Facing Li Nianfan’s gaze, Zhou Yuanhaid’s eyes were wide open as his mind went blank. He rapidly retreated and collapsed on the floor.

“Y-you’re fine? How’s that possible?!” Zhou Yuanhai shouted in shock.

Li Nianfan smiled and said, “How could anything happen to me? That’s right, so I am a cultivation bigshot. Thank you so much.”


“This shouldn’t have happened. How did it happen?!” Zhou Yuanhai rolled on the floor, completely despondent. He could not figure out where he went wrong.

Did they not say that Wisdom would be very weak in the second lifetime?

How could he be fine after the truth was revealed?

What was the whole point in even pretending to not know anything then?

Just to play around?!

At the same time, the Heavenly Palace’s people finally arrived after paying half their lives as a price. However, the moment they reached the entrance, they were forced to kneel on the floor by a massive and indescribable force.

They could feel that the power came from within. It exceeded everything they knew. It was obvious where it came from.

“The expert… knows?”

“The power is filled with anger, it’s so wild. Zhou Yuanhai must have broken him out of his state!”

“We were too late. We’ve let the expert down!”

“Stupid, stupid! Zhou Yuanhai won’t get what he wants! He won’t!”

“Traitors, it’s all thanks to you idiots. We’re all done for!”

“Whatever, let’s just die.”

The Heavenly Palace’s people all cried as they were filled with regret and hopelessness. They just wanted to be destroyed by the world.


Suddenly, a familiar voice was heard. The door to the residence opened, and the pressure on their bodies disappeared.

They looked up and were completely stunned.

They saw Li Nianfan still having his usual smile on his face as he said calmly, “Everyone, you’re all back.”


“A-am I dreaming?”

“L-Lord Saint, are you alright?”

“Big brother…”

“Brother Li!”

“Woof woof, master.”

Everyone started to cry again. This time, it was tears of joy as they looked at Li Nianfan emotionally.

Looking at how everyone was, Li Nianfan waved and said, “Alright, I already know about everything. There’s no need to say anything more.”

After that, his gaze fell on the traitors. Even if he did not use any power, just from his gaze alone, all of them started to sweat. It was a look that came from a far higher place. They did not even dare to run.

The next moment, the power in their body started to evaporate like steam. In just a flash, they turned from supreme beings into mortals. They did not even have the time to react.

“Huh? What happened? All of my powers are gone!”

“No, why is all my strength gone? Even my body and soul are now mortal. What happened?!”

“I was wrong. Wisdom, please forgive me. Give me another chance!”

The traitors cried out in misery.

By the side, the Heavenly Palace gasped.

They did not even see the expert do anything. That meant that with just a thought, the expert took everything away from the traitors!

They were all unmatched, but in front of the expert, they were not even like children!

They thought that Madman Chu was already incredibly strong. After all, he was able to trade blows with Wisdom. However, surely Madman Chu could not do something like that!

It was terrifying!

“Black and White Impermanence, it’s time for you to do your job. These traitors, and the one in my yard, you can have them. Punish them based on what they’ve done!”

Li Nianfan’s words caused him to immediately shake as he said loudly, “Understood!”

The expert talked to him and personally gave him a task. He was so happy!

Li Nianfan nodded before disappearing. As for where he went, nothing needed to be said. Madman Chu wouldn’t be able to stay mad for much longer…

Those that remained looked at the traitors with sinister looks.

“You dared to even target the expert. Now you know!” Juling Shen hit the Unrivaled’s face.

Cow Horse hurriedly grabbed the Unrivaled’s soul, “Watch your strength. You almost destroyed his soul. That would be letting him off easy.”

Yang Jian exclaimed, “I should have known. The expert is someone so amazing. How could anything have happened to him? In the end, I was too narrow-minded.”

“That’s right. I shouldn’t have worried for him at all. You were the ones who kept on saying that he’s in danger.”

“I’ve sinned for doubting the expert!”

“Alright, let’s all think about how we should handle these people.”

“They completely broke every level of punishment for hell you can have. You’ve never even dared to think about sins like these before.”

“The eighteen levels of hell would be too good for time. Time for a nineteenth level!”