I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Heart of the Fox
Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jin slept after lunch. No, it should be said that Dewitt thought he slept. Wen Jin didn’t need sleep. He used to sleep mostly to pass the time. When he was young, he hardly slept and played day and night. After Master left, his sleep frequency began to increase, but not now.

After all, sleeping is a relaxing sport. Wen Jin has no time to relax. Most of the time, he patiently tried to mend his demon dan. The spirit of this world was fragile, and only his room had a little more than outside. The environment wasn’t easy to cultivate in. Wen Jin had to have more patience than usual to absorb the essence.

Suddenly, Wen Jin’s tail moved beneath the quilt, and he regained consciousness from his practice. He felt an aura was moving in his direction, fast and a little aggressive. Wen Jin couldn’t help but open his eyes. Although he knew that there were a large number of soldiers outside the room, the aura was so strange, he had never smelled it before, and it was very fierce.

Wen Jin was not afraid, but he wanted to notify Dewitt since the man had been criticizing him earlier. As he turned to look towards DeWitt, Wen Jin was stunned immediately. DeWitt was already looking at him.

After he came to this world, he mostly hid, trying not to do anything extraordinary. This man was good to him but Wen Jin’s Millennium Demon cultivation was unknown to human beings. The human race was the most complex race he had ever seen, and Dewitt still counted on him now. However, if Dewitt knew about his abilities, it would be a bad thing. He might have the desire to take him apart and swallow him.

So Wen Jin’s strategy was to stay with this person for the time being. After all, the contract was already completed. This person could not touch him while it was in effect. Then, in his capacity as commander-in-chief, it may be easier for him to find more reiki in the future. When his demon dan was restored, the contract would be easy to break. Before that, he did not want to expose himself.

Wen Jin pretended that he didn’t know anything about Dewitt’s way of doing things. Now that he was looking, Wen Jin couldn’t help recalling that he didn’t make any unusual reaction after he noticed the aura coming in. It seemed that he just shook his tail, and that couldn’t be found out. Why did this man stare at him with that look?

After a second thought, Wen Jin knew that although the gods did not denounce the world, it seemed that he could also use some unknown method. He had a sudden alarm bell in his mind, saying that this person would not intentionally test him.

His subordinates may have told him the news that someone had come long ago. Humans had the vilest hearts and minds and were hypocritical slag men!

It felt as if Wen Jin, who had stepped into some trap again, had lost the pleasure of whining and shrank onto a side quilt, pointing his butt at Dewitt and was reluctant to take care of him.

Dewitt’s eyes flashed with a hint of emotion, but he did not speak. He got up and opened the door.

Behind him, Wen Jin watched his movements and hummed twice under the soft quilt. Look, someone must have told him! He was fussing about nothing!

As Wen Jin groaned, he couldn’t help glancing secretly at the door. He had the intuition that it was a different type of person because, when the doctor came this morning, he didn’t see Dewitt take the initiative to open the door. And when Wen Jin saw the face of the woman who came in through the door, with exquisite makeup and elegant dress, he instantly understood.

This woman should be one of Dewitt’s relatives. One that was presumably close as the two faces, without expression, looked the same. Should it be his mother? Watching Dewitt even pulling out a chair for the lady, Wen Jin could not help but open his eyes and the anger dissipated. He wanted to see a good show.

Most of the people on the Honghuang Continent also respected their parents. It seemed that Wen Jin was clear on what filial piety was. But he always thought that this world was different from the Honghuang Continent. He had already seen of many things these last few days that he had never seen before, so he didn’t expect to see something so familiar and long-lost… How did these two get along?

Wen Jin thought and stared. Anyway, he was someone who knew nothing about what other people saw. It didn’t matter if he stared at strangers, he couldn’t think of anything else out. Wen Jin looked at the lady; she looked extravagant and smelled good, but her clothes and makeup were not over the top. If she were not so mature, Wen Jin would have guessed that she was Dewitt’s sister.

However, whether this was Dewitt’s sister or his mother, it was apparent that she and Dewitt had different personalities.

When the woman came in, she stood in the middle of the room without looking at the chair Dewitt had pulled out for her. Her eyes were full of alienation and indifference as they landed on the little fox on the bed without hesitation. After looking up and down, she seemed offended by the way the little fox stared at her. Her voice was harsh and cold when she spoke, “Its eyes are so small.”

Wen Jin lying in bed: “…??”

He was a white fox; one of a kind with blood from the ancient times; able to take the shape of people; able to fascinate anyone with beauty. How could this woman say that his eyes were small?!

“It’s this one? Did Archie let you set the contract?” The woman looked down at Wen Jin and kept looking at him. From her height, she was more than one head shorter than a normal woman in high heels, but the height gap did not hide her aura at all.

“Yes, mother.” Dewitt’s address, let Wen Jin determine the identity of the woman.

“He ordered you something so useless?” Mrs. Margaret frowned and coolly said, “Then he might as well have killed you two days ago.”

The woman’s voice fell, and the room broke into a brief silence. The two words “useless” and “thing” made his tender claws itchy. He had a long history with the people and had adapted to people for a long time. He had developed a habit of being gentle to women. However, when he heard these words, he could hardly resist his itchy claws!

But soon, the second half of Margaret’s sentence stopped Wen Jin.

This was different from the image of a mother in Wen Jin’s impression. His mother, who was a very ordinary fox, gave him a childhood that he could recall even a thousand years later. Wen Jin had a different complex for the word mother. It was the first time he had ever seen a mother wishing for her child’s death. Wen Jin tilted his head and looked subconsciously at Dewitt, but the latter’s face did not move at all, as if he was used to it.

Squinting his eyes, Wen Jin re-nested back into the bed.

“The day after tomorrow, we will leave for the Capital star.” Dewitt evaded the topic without any alarm. “After a short examination, we found that both the poison and the energy storm have been suppressed.”

Mrs. Margaret paused, her hands stiffened in her heavy skirt for a moment, but she soon regained her original aggressive look. “What’s the use of curbing the poison? Will you give up going to war?”

Dewitt stood firm. “No.”

The conversation ended with Mrs. Margaret angrily dropping a sentence, “You can’t live without the Capital Star.” Then she turned around and walked away. Oh yeah, the door closed loudly

This refreshed Wen Jin’s world outlook once again. He always thought that the door could only be closed with a button. He didn’t expect it could be closed so loudly. Was this how you vented one’s emotions? He had to study it later.

After the woman left, Dewitt stood for a moment, turned and sat on the bed, holding Wen Jin in his arms.

Wen Jin did not hate Dewitt; the other side’s body was always enthusiastic and was willing to approach that heat. Plus… heart’s always held gossip and were shared by those of all ages. Wen Jin wanted to hear the Marshal speak and was very depressed when he thought about the man not talking.

Dewitt held Wen Jin in his arms, rubbed his ears, and said the longest sentence the fox had ever heard from this man, but his voice was very calm. “Father fought Uttar for five years, and his life and death were uncertain several times. Finally, he died in the desert because of an energy riot and was infected at that time. The Star’s virus is highly infectious before and after death. There were severe cases of it becoming an epidemic, so my father ordered the cremation of the army. My mother rushed from the capital overnight to see my father one last time. She has never supported my decision to enter the army, and anything concerning Zergs gives her anxiety.”

Wen Jin was held by Dewitt, lying on his lower abdomen, a pair of bright black eyes carefully stared at him. After listening to the end, he could not help but pout.

He used to think that the race was complicated; some cared about others; some could sacrifice their lives or blood. In contrast, he preferred the former a little more. The fox did not die for himself. He always liked to be at ease so that he could not do anything unlucky for anyone.

A man and a fox looked at each other like this. Dewitt touched the fur on Wen Ji’s head and suddenly said, “Can you understand?”

“…” Wen Jin stared fiercely and resisted the whispering impulse, seriously pretended that he didn’t understand anything, but his heart was already roaring – could you not frighten this fox so suddenly?

Instead of struggling with the problem, Dewitt reached out and rubbed his finger near the fox’s eyes, touching his long eyelashes. He narrowed his eyes. “Your eyes are big and round.”

Wen Jin couldn’t help it, “Chee!”

If you praise me, I won’t lose my temper! But these are all terrible words of praise!

The author has something to say:

Wen Ji: Learn from me! Both eyes are clear and bright like autumn waters

Dewitt: It looks good.

Wen Ji: No, not right! Next, wave and light!

Dewitt: It looks good.

Wen Ji: Can… Brilliant as stars!

Dewitt: It looks good.

Wen Jin: …