I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: “Always Abandoned” Flashed through His Mind
Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

When Wen Jin woke up in the morning, he saw Dewitt coming out of the bathroom, so he remembered that direction. At that time, he dimly saw a brick under Dewitt’s feet that was bright, not very dazzling, but different from other bricks.

At first, Wen Jin thought he had to look at the bright bricks and wondered what they could do. But when Dewitt took him to turn on the thermostat, Wen Jin vaguely understood what it was. He remembered that when Dewitt came out of the bathroom, his hands were on the towel, and the door opened by itself.

So when he jumped down from the table, Wen Jin adjusted the way he landed and deliberately stepped on the brick. As a result, the door behind him closed. When he saw Dewitt locked out, he was silent and relieved.

According to his experience, the man outside liked to do everything personally for him. In other words, Wen Jin found it enjoyable, but if the man could also see everything in the bath, it would be too embarrassing.

However, Wen Jin had not worked out for himself how to shut the bathroom independently, and he was confused by the almost empty bathroom. He knew that the way of life of this world was different from that of his, but he had no idea where he could turn on the water…

Didn’t prominent families have hot springs?

The confused Wen Jin stood there hesitating for a moment, finding things a little difficult, but the sticky feeling in his ears lingered, and the desire to bathe was extreme. He hopped up the wall, jumped onto the washstand, stepped left and right, and finally stopped in a position where Wen Jin’s ears trembled when he seemed to hear something. The next second, his consciousness spread throughout the room, the wall around the washstand suddenly moved, and a column of water directly sprayed the unsuspecting Wen Jin.

“Cheee!” What’s that?! It’s cold!!

For a moment, Wen Jin subconsciously moved sideways, the water column directly rushed at him and hit him. There was a bone biting cold and, not only that, the side of Wen Jin’s body could not resist the pressure. Trying to hold on with slippery claws, he was almost washed down the sink.

Immediately, he instinctually released his spirit, trying to perform magic, but somebody was faster than Wen Jin. He heard the door of the bathroom behind him being slammed open, accompanied by a rush of footsteps and a big hand blocked Wen Jin’s front and separated him from the water column.

Wen Jin, who had closed his eyes, had stiff fur all over his body. He leaned up slightly. After listening carefully for a long time, he was sure that there was no other sound. Then he opened his eyes and raised his head, he met Dewitt’s deep eyes.

The man seemed a little unhappy, his lips were tightly pressed into a straight line, and Wen Jin was a little bit cautious when he was stared at like this. He had no idea that the walls would suddenly spray water, and there was no time to resist. Since he came to the world, his reiki was too scarce. He would subconsciously hold on to his consciousness when gathering reiki, so he did not notice the dangerous aura at first.

“Chee, chee.” No, I don’t want it! It’s spraying me! There must be something in the wall!

Under Dewitt’s gaze, Wen Jin chirped forcefully twice, feeling irritated and not looking at the man when he finished. His mood was all over the place, and he had just wanted to take a bath alone. Why?

Earlier, he hadn’t been able to dodge quickly enough, and water got into his eyes. Now the extra liquid caused his eyes to sting, Wen Jin blinked, tried to endure the discomfort, turned around and licked the place that had just been sprayed by the water column. It was still painful. The area where the water column had hit his abdomen stung, and it was cold water on top of that. He was most afraid of cold things.

Remembering that the man had said before that he was a fire ability user, he couldn’t help but sigh that this guy would even use such cold water for bathing.

Hiss, it was too cold.

Soaked from head to tail by cold water, the little fox sneezed and shrunk his head. Dewitt could not help sighing silently. Then he reached out and touched the fur of the little fox. The temperature of his palm hit the belly of the little fox. “You can’t do this in the future. Most of the buttons in the bathroom are invisible. If you open the hottest gear carelessly, it will be scalding.”

Dewitt paused on the word scald.

“Cheee.” Why was this bathroom so complicated?

Ah, that was comfortable.

Wen Jin stretched out again as just the right temperature of the water flowed over him. The cold water had almost frozen his meridians, and his fur was lying flat on his body. Wen Jin did not want to move, so he turned over on the washstand and let Dewitt rub his hair on his side.

Dewitt was unfamiliar with the appropriate temperature standard for a fox. He carefully went back and forth for a long time. He was relieved to see the more comfortable appearance of the little fox and the relaxed body under his hands. Initially, he wanted to wait for someone to bring the special bathing liquid for beasts and then bathe the little one, so he said that he should eat first.

But since it couldn’t wait to take a shower, it didn’t matter if he didn’t have the beast soap on hand, Dewitt thought, stretching out his hand and rubbing his soap on the little fox’s dirty ears. The little fox’s ears were very sensitive, and he tried to wash them carefully to avoid water rushing into them.

When Wen Jin was first touched, he was a little uncomfortable. The bad impression of being sprayed by a strong current was still ingrained into him, and Wen Jin felt a psychological shadow. If that current rushed into his ear, it would make him uncomfortable all day. He shuddered unconsciously, but Dewitt’s movements soon relaxed his vigilance.

Chee, that’s it. It’s itchy. Give it a scratch. Well, the back hair was a little heavy. It must be stained; it was too dirty. It must be cleaned.

Wen Jin squinted his eyes and shook his ears. He sat on the washstand and enjoyed the pleasure of being served. The part of the ear being washed also stopped twitching unconsciously. He felt that the big hand was touching his fur to wash somewhere else, and Wen Jin felt a little uncomfortable suddenly.

“Chee!” Initially enjoying the first-class service, the little fox suddenly opened his eyes and twisted his body. He didn’t even know when the big hand touched the bottom part of his tail.

“Chee!” Further down is my butt!

Wen Jin shook his fur, batted Dewitt’s hand away and then stared at him with black bean eyes, full of complaints.

“What?” Dewitt did not respond and was stared at by Wen Jin, stunned, “Too hard?”

“Cheee.” Don’t wash it! Wen Jin tugged his big tail behind him and shook it vigorously as if he didn’t want to wash it anymore.

“Don’t want to wash it?” Dewitt frowned. “The hind legs…” Speaking of this, Dewitt seemed to suddenly understand what, with an intriguing expression on his face, “You don’t want me to wash the back?”

“Chee!” Why are you so ostensible?! I can wash it myself! Wen Jin thought, gathering up to the sprinkler that Dewitt put aside, flushing his butt and hips carelessly. Then he shook 360 degrees, so all the droplets on his body flew to every corner of the bathroom, and Dewitt’s whole body was soaked.

After shaking, Wen Jin did not notice anything unusual. He jumped down from the washstand comfortably. His four paws were still on the wet mat at the door. He smoothly cleaned his paws on it and returned to the room.

This was Dewitt’s first time bathing his contract beast. He had no idea what he felt after this situation, but, at that moment, he had a wonderful feeling. He worked hard and carefully waited for the little fellow to bathe. The other side refused him halfway through. The reason was that he would not let him touch his buttocks, hips, or tail. After that, he shook the water droplets off his body onto him…

The water was clean, but it was mixed with a bunch of white hair that had just fallen off the body of the little fox. Dewitt lowered his head, picked off several wet hairs that were stuck to his chest and abdominal muscles, and found that the picking was endless and there were many on his face…

Looking back at the clothes that had been caught by the little fox last night, Dewitt inexplicably had the words “always abandoned” flashing through his mind.

Wen Jin took a fragrant bath. He left the bathroom and threw his fur comfortably around. Then he jumped into bed and rolled around like a merry man. He remembered one of the most important things that Dewitt had promised him earlier.

Wen Jin thought that he was going to run back to the bathroom and ask when a sudden noise came from the door.

Wasn’t it early? Wen Jin, who heard the sound, jumped out of bed and rushed excitedly to the door.

The author has something to say:

Dewitt: Would you like me to help you take a bath in the future?

Wen Jin: No!

Dewitt: Hmm?

Wen Jin:… Then you promise me that you won’t touch me!

Dewitt: OK.

The second day

Wen Jin:??? You said you wouldn’t touch me!! You liar!!

Then Dewitt was scratched, but he seemed happy.