I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Little Fox is Unwilling to be Comfortable
Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Not only was Mark holding his eyes wide open while watching the screen. Archie was also glued to the door with several guards, daring not to disturb the atmosphere. As the little fox slowly approached Dewitt, Archie wanted to rush inside, but he stopped. When the little fox raised his paw to move once more, Archie heard a loud noise behind him. Someone was not standing still and had knocked something down.

Archie did not look back. He held his breath and gazed into the room through the glass without blinking his eyes. He dared not take off his protective clothes for fear that he might miss something.

Then, as he watched, the little fox swatted Dewitt’s face with his paws… His paw landed into Dewitt’s mouth, and in his dark little eyes, he looked as if he did not know what had just happened.

Soon Archie heard a few voices of frustration behind him, but he did not move.

Someone behind him stepped forward and said in a disappointed tone, “Major General, let’s go and take out the contract beast. If the contract was successful, there should have been a response. But there was no response at all. The contract beast’s rank is deficient.”

“You shouldn’t have counted on a beast first of all…” Someone muttered, “No beast deserves the Marshal, not to mention the lowest class of beasts.”

Having said that, that person began to take off their protective clothes, only Archie still maintained his original position, staring motionlessly inside, his eyebrows locked. He felt a kind of foreboding…

Suddenly! A slight change in the room made Archie widen his eyes, only to see that under the white-haired paw, Dewitt, who had been in a coma for a month, suddenly had an abnormal fluctuation from his chest. Nothing happened in the next few seconds then Dewitt, who had been severely comatose, suddenly spit out a mouthful of poisonous blood. His closed eyes opened extremely slowly and exposed a pair of bloodshot eyes with blue irises.

Everyone behind him was shocked by the scene. Only Archie stormed into the room like a tornado.

The little fox that had swatted his paw over Dewitt’s mouth was unhappy because he could not dodge the cough and the hair on his paw carelessly came into contact with the blood. At first, he tried to suppress himself, but found that he could not resist and cursed, “Cheee -!”

The little fox hated the blood so much that it wanted to get revenge!

After the roar, Wen Jin spent all his energy on getting the blood off of his paw. He struggled but finally fainted weakly. Before he fainted, Wen Jin looked at his dirty claws very unwillingly.

He was a demon, a fox demon with a thousand years of practice, often called reasonable with a mild temperament. Despite some minor personality flaws in his character… Wen Jin still insisted that he had to have a calm temper and be self-restrained.

But now, he was outraged, because recently, it seemed he had committed too many mistakes while he was alive and the heavens were sending so many unfortunate circumstances his way one after another!

First, there was a catastrophe during his tribulation. Since he had failed and suffered a wound, his demon dan¹ had cracks appear on it. At the last moment of his tribulation, Wen Jin accidentally fell into a void and something slashed into his skin in the distorted space. Finally, he came to an extraordinary world with extremely thin reiki.

With his demon dan damaged, his muscles and bones were crippled, and his spirit was still close to evaporating. When he first arrived, Wen Jin could not even treat his flesh injuries. He did not have the energy to open his artifact, and thus, the thousand-year-old demon fox almost died of excessive blood loss.

After that, his head became complete mush, and he could not even turn his head. He only felt that someone was carrying him to and fro. During this period, Wen Jin wanted to jump out and talk to the people who carried him, but he could not wake up and suffered a lot until he was put into something. He felt that there was a little more reiki around him, although only a little more, he still did not wake up. For Wen Jin, at that time, it was also quite torturous.

So Wen Jin couldn’t help indulging himself once he escaped, but if he knew that the price of indulgence was to be bought with a bond, he would have struggled to wake himself up and then he would have fled far away from that place.

Wen Jin wanted to raise four paws to show strong resistance to any agreement that could result in co-existence and co-death, but…. he couldn’t get off the Thieves’ boat.

On the one hand, Wen Jin’s wounds were too severe. The fragmentation of his dan meant that he couldn’t be self-willed, especially in a world where even a little spirit energy was very expensive. He couldn’t spend any energy trying to break away from the contract. On the other hand, this was the most important, if it was a standard contract, then it was likely that the other party was only human.

For Wen Jin, even if he was injured, it was a straightforward situation to deal with. A two-person contract was easy for the strong side to grasp the initiative. This was also a typical contract rebellion in the world of immortality. It was like being a general monk. It was better not to go to Xiao Wan’s noble treasure house to steal and only know of it in the first place. Who controls who was the final factor.

However, this was not an ordinary agreement. Wen Jin had never seen such a domineering contract before. He dared to swear that this contract was not written by humans, because they couldn’t write a bond with such a thorough and robust understanding of the demon clan. This contract was just like the demon clan’s contract, specially designed to restrain its people.

The contract was full of fierce knowledge about each demon. When the contract was completed, not only could they feel the atmosphere of the other party, but more importantly, it could be felt from the contract itself; the vast power of ancient times. Each of the contract nodes could control the weaknesses of the demon clan.

When his spirit finally recovered, Wen Jin would have to make some efforts to break the contract. However, at this time, his demon dan was fragmented and facing a contract full of sophistication, he couldn’t struggle against it at all.

This made Wen Jin feel very subdued, and he could not help but want to curse people. On the ruined Honghuang, the demons, especially the high demons with ancient blood, had always walked their paths. Wen Jin asked himself for patience and to be strong. He was not the kind of demon that could move without reason, but, at this time, he still could not help but want to pull out his claws and slash at the people around him!

Why did he have to suffer such indignity?

… But under the eaves, people had to bow their heads. Wen Jin could only watch the contract burn onto himself. After a long period of grief, Wen Jin felt that the person contracted to him should be dying soon. When he realized this, Wen Jin felt as if someone had purposely arranged this.

This was a contract of living and dying together. He was afraid that he couldn’t live if the man died. At the moment, both of them were already weak, so maybe Wen Jin really would be killed by the man.

Wen Jin gritted his teeth and told himself that a big fox had to learn when to give and when to take, the good and the bad. If a contract could be made, then it could be broken. Matters had to be handled a bit more flexible; the results didn’t have to be exact. Since he spent so much effort saving this person, Wen Jin could also turn around and threaten Dewitt a bit…

Thinking of this, Wen Jin carefully and painfully opened his artifact with a little cleverness and pulled out a top-grade essence pill from it, ready to stuff it into the man’s mouth. But the man he desperately persuaded himself to save for half a day, spit out blood and poison directly onto his paw!

The kind with the horrendous smell of bugs!

Scholars could not bear what was unbearable; uncles cannot take what was unacceptable; the temper of an angry fox was enough to cause wars! Wen Jin screeched! When he wakes up, he was going to scratch that guy’s face! Grab flowers for his funeral! This man was too much! There was no such thing as revenge for being saved and spitting out the blood onto a fox’s claw!

Dewitt watched the fluffy beast turn in his palm, waving his paws, grinding his teeth, or simply executing a set of fancy punches in the air. The little fox, who slept very restlessly, could hardly say a word.

In modern Assyria, the status and ability of the contract beasts were deficient and ancient contract beasts were incomparable. In the past, Dewitt did not have many feelings about this aspect, but he did not think that a contract beast would save him.

Feeling the furry thing in the palm of his hand, with its little warmth that was beyond an average body temperature, Dewitt held the little fellow in front of him, very incomprehensibly. He had been awake for three hours, had been through countless rounds of routine examinations, and his mind was clear. So, what on earth did this little fellow dream of? Had he kept at it during the full three hours he was away? The dormant state of the hero was full of imagination.

As he thought about it, Dewitt could not help getting closer, then pulled out a hand from his blankets and gently poked the little fox’s soft belly. Someone once said to him that the contract beasts’ vigilance was usually very high. Dewitt himself had been around contract beasts and knew that was true. So this was the first time he had seen such a four-legged beast sleeping in a strange environment…

As he was thinking, the sleeping fox hit Dewitt across his face with his paw again.

“Mrs. Margaret has been waiting outside for a long time.” Archie’s voice came into Dewitt’s ear with the sound of the door opening. “We don’t know enough about the way the virus is transmitted, and the protective clothes can’t prevent it one hundred percent, so to be on the safe side, I’d like to arrange for you to meet again in a day.”

Mrs. Margaret was Dewitt’s mother.

Taking back the hand holding the little fox, Dewitt put the little fellow on his stomach, felt the beast quiet down and moved his eyes to the door.

“A bond is an extreme way out.” Archie, who noticed his movements, sighed. “But the toxins in your body are diminishing very fast.”

Dewitt turned when he heard that.

“It’s unexpected. I thought it was a Zerg poison and that we could not solve the problem or soothe the riots in your body. But you were able to resist the toxin of the Zerg Emperor for quite a while on your own. There was a lot of nerve poison in it. I didn’t expect that this little fellow would surprise us so much. If possible, I’d like to do a system check for both of you and find out the reason carefully.”

Dewitt’s eyes looked like water on a clear day. “The bond? A success?”

“Yes.” Archie couldn’t help smiling when he thought about it. “Marshal, the beast will have to go everywhere with you in the future. You’ll need to find a place for the little fellow when you get back to your mech.”

Dewitt did not seem to hear Archie’s teasing, and his eyes returned to the snoring little fox curled up on his stomach.

This was a wonderful feeling. Although he was forced to bond with this soft and strange little life, looking at the little fellow in front of him, Dewitt was inexplicably happy.

After a while, Dewitt asked, “Name?”

“Ah?” Archie, who was still looking at the data screen, was stunned and then responded, “Tiny, newly captured, there is no name, it’s up to you to give it one.”

He could name it? Dewitt thought. Lowering his head, he stretched out his hand and rubbed the little fox’s furry head. The touch made Dewitt feel soft. Just thinking about what kind of name to give the little fellow, the little fox that was rubbed suddenly…turned over, revealing a small pink belly.

At first, the little fellow refused and batted at his hand several times with his paw. But later, when Dewitt gradually found the right spot, he heard the little fox grinding his teeth, as if he was very unwilling to make a satisfied grunt.

The author has something to say:

Wen Jin: You! Touch me less!

Dewitt: I can’t touch your belly either?

Wen Jin:… Belly, the belly can…

Dewitt: What about the chin?

Wen Jin: Yes, you can.

Dewitt: Where can’t I touch?

Wen Jin (serious face): You can’t touch anywhere!

¹Beasts in Wuxia and Xianthia often possess a Core within their bodies which contains their essence and/or cultivation base. Cultivators call their core their Dantians.