I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Wen Jin said, ‘It’s Underrated.’
Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Wen Jing intentionally stared at Dewitt, who was going to take a bath in the early morning, and the latter was stiff.

When the door was closed, Wen Jin sniffed a faint smell in the air, then he could not help snickering. He thought that the young man was like a teenager and he did not know what kind of spring dream he had last night. He usually looked very honest when he slept.

Facts had proven that it was very pleasant to see a silly and embarrassed person in the early morning. So when he was forced to sleep with his paws around Dewitt last night, interrupting him in the middle of his meditation, he gave up.

After stretching his body in bed and stretching his comfortable and lazy waist, Wen Jin walked through his body with his consciousness and found that his internal injury was almost completely healed and his mood soared. Thinking that it really was a loss of the medicine to use it for such a thing, Wen Jin knew that as long as his demon dan was restored entirely and guaranteed full spirituality, he would be able to dissolve the contract. Then he could think of a way to break through the space-time void and return to Honghuang.

However, after a satisfying breakfast, through Dewitt’s conversation with Archie, Wen Jin knew that they were almost at their destination.

Wen Jin knew before that they were in a high-speed vehicle. He could feel the atmosphere around them. When he first heard the words ‘destination’, he didn’t really have much interest in it. He had seen Liberec before and didn’t like the desolate feeling at all. He didn’t even bother to look at it more just thinking that the people of the world were all in the same place, but he didn’t find any interest in them.

Until the moment he saw the capital star Asier, whose style was totally different from that of Liberec, he felt the crackling of his face and his eyes could not help staring. He thought in his heart that these two worlds were completely and totally different.

Layers of interlaced buildings, black strips suspended in the air, as well as a variety of bubble clouds, floating in the air of balls and hard iron, all of these things Wen Jin had never seen before! Those high-rises, strange-shaped buildings arranged together also had a unique aesthetic feeling. It suddenly hit Wen Jin. Many of the buildings were colored with colors that he had never seen before, let alone how beautiful they were to the eye! The little fox, deeply attracted by the planet, had been lying in front of the transparent glass ever since he left the aircraft and followed down in the suspension vehicle.

“He loves Capital Star. He is much more excited now than when he saw Liberec.” Archie joked alongside Dewitt.

“Chirp!” Caicai screamed on Archie’s shoulder, stupid bumpkin fox!

“Chee!” Wen Jin turned around and shouted fiercely. You’re so noisy I could break your neck! Wen Jin, who had just absorbed reiki and had recovered from his internal injury, knew that this world’s reiki might not be as difficult to obtain so he couldn’t help but use a little reiki this time.

The bird was really annoying, a little clever and could speak, but in the past few days, every time Wen Jin tried to ask something, the other party liked to pretend to be foolish. Anyway, he just refused to answer his questions. After he was so angry that he burst out and scolded, he immediately began to chirp at him in rage. They chirped and chittered at each other.

For such a scenario, Archie felt very gratified. He even went to Dewitt and said that the two beasts had a good relationship. It would be better to put them together for fun, and they would be good friends in the future. Wen Jin was in a dog’s mood when he heard this sentence. He didn’t want to look at this silly bird all day long.

Feeling a fierce pressure, Caicai immediately trembled, subconsciously shook his wings, his neck went stiff, his eyes drooped and he gave a pitiful look, “Chirp… Chirp – “

“Will Old Lin check him?” Dewitt asked.

Archie nodded. “I asked Old Chen to come here too. Although he was not given a degree professionally, he has always been the best veterinarian in my heart.”

Dewitt trusted Archie and stopped asking. However, Wen Jin turned his head disdainfully. What veterinarian did he think of? The world was not even sure how to cure Zerg poisoning, and he still expects this guy to be a good veterinarian? His eyes continued to follow the colorful buildings all the way forward, and suddenly his eyes fell on a big, fluffy ball.

“Chee!” What is that? What is that? Wen Jin snapped at Dewitt in a hurry. The car they were in was swift, and soon the thing disappeared.

But apparently, he asked the “right” question. It was a fluffy pink ball. Dewitt looked at it as if it had two big heads, but Archie next to him quickly responded, “That’s the Cotton Candy House. It’s on the famous Gourmet Street in that area.”

Street of delicacies! Wen Jin’s eyes lit up at once.

“Ordinarily you can go and see it, but I hear that the capital star is in a mess recently… Be careful.” Archie hesitated for a moment and said that Mark had reminded them before he left that the contract bests had been recently stolen and poisoned on Capital Star. Although the status of contract beasts had been meager in the Empire, poisoning was still rare in the past, let alone it’s frequency right now, according to Mark.

“Chee!” Mess? What chaotic mess dared prevent him from eating? Wen Jin’s face was unhappy. He looked at Dewitt. He didn’t want to take the man with him, he could fight for himself. He was miserable and used his paws to tap against the plane’s window.

“Someone will examine you later.” Dewitt suddenly said, “If you accept it, I’ll take you out to play.”

Wen Jin’s big tail flickered and was immediately bought by this sentence. He also felt that his small tail was really worth it!

However, when Wen Jin was happy, Caicai beside him chirped uncomfortably. Archie turned his head and touched his bird’s head. This time, not only Dewitt and Wen Jin would be examined, but also Caicai would be checked up as well. He was feeling uncomfortable about this.

Watching this harmonious scene, Wen Jin could not help but hum in his heart. He thought that the bird did this intentionally and made a deliberate sad appearance to have Archie comfort him when, in fact, he had no gloomy aura around him. This was why Wen Jin always said that people were really deceiving.

“Chee!” Drama queen! Wen Jin wagged his tail and cried sarcastically.

They were on the express line, so it was not long before Wen Jin arrived at the Academy of Sciences. It was a vast and busty building, full of rigorous atmosphere everywhere, the overall architectural style was hard, just like Dewitt’s face. Wen Jin looked at this place, instantly felt as if he had fallen from heaven to hell; it was really unpleasant.

While thinking about it, Wen Jin could not help thinking that the people all had their own houses. Wouldn’t Dewitt’s home be the same style? Or would it have wild architectural ridges? Maybe he’d have to live together with him in the future? The desire to dissolve the contract was even more apparent.

When the plane stopped at the station, Wen Jin, with a depressed, cold and unhappy face, was forced off by Dewitt, who stuffed several small dried slices of meat at him. Wen Jin whined in his heart, ‘I don’t want to be taken here. This ugly building is not as beautiful as the ones we saw on the way here. What’s the meaning of this place?’

“Chee.” It’s too ugly here. When we go to Gourmet Street, we must eat enough, swallow the warmth of dried meat, and say to ourselves like this in our hearts.

Looking at the little fellow’s frustrated appearance, Dewitt wanted to think of some words to comfort the fox. After all, Caicai was wrapped up in Archie’s clothes pretending to be frightened. Of course, his little fox didn’t like to be examined.

But before he could think of what to say, he heard a familiar, provocative, disgusting voice, “Why, isn’t this Marshal Dewitt?”

Archie’s face drew down into a frown, and Dewitt’s eyes cooled down in an instant. Looking over, he saw a blonde man standing at the door of the Academy of Sciences, followed by several men in suits and leather.

Cook, the blonde and blue-eyed member of the Imperial Council and standing behind him were those mostly from the House of Representatives.

Although all those intended to catch wind of Dewitt’s return knew he was coming back, for the others who were not notified by a letter figured his return was an absolute event. So if people wanted to create opportunities for trouble, they couldn’t avoid it.

Dewitt looked coldly at Cook and did not even say a word in response. It was Wen Jin, who was still depressed, smelled the taste of gossip and the black beans blinked vigorously.

Cook wasn’t embarrassed by Dewitt’s indifference. “Oh, I didn’t expect to have such good luck today. I could still meet the Marshal when I came to the Academy of Sciences to get a report. We were all happy to hear about your recovery, but why did you just come back and run to the Academy of Sciences?”

With Cook’s identity, there was no reason for him to go to the Academy of Sciences to get his report in person and with such a large group of people, his inferiority was not even a perfunctory excuse; it was just full of ridicule.

Dewitt’s voice was cold. “It’s none of your business.”

Watching each other’s reaction carefully, Wen Jin licked his nose and came to the conclusion that Cook had apparently been given Dewitt’s cold back many times. Such a face-saving dialogue could go on, and Cook had no intention of stopping at all. He went on enthusiastically, “How can you say it’s irrelevant? Now all the people of the Empire say, Marshal, your recovery is related to the life and death of our country. Well, this little thing, is it your contract beast?”

As soon as Cook said this, curious expressions appeared in the eyes of the group behind him.

It had long been heard that Dewitt’s rehabilitation was related to a Qi beast, but whether their Marshal had completely recovered or not, had yet to be verified. The average life expectancy of high-ranking ability users was another thing against Dewitt. The ordinary people did not know, but the people of their status were clear about this information. At this juncture, if Dewitt was bound by a powerful beast, they might be a little afraid, but now the so-called national hero Marshal himself was unfortunately tied with such a weak beast… Several people’s eyes now showed their irrepressible disdain.

But unlike this group of people, Cook was probably a person who had to start and end the conversation. His mind flickered and a lot of words flashed by before he finally breathes out through his teeth, “It’s quite beautiful.”

Halfway through, Cook’s face changed, and he added with a smile, “I just don’t know if it’s a golden jade among the rest. By the way, I have to remind Marshal that there has been a lot of trouble in the capital recently. Many Qi beasts have been poisoned. Old Lin advocated sending Qi beasts to the Academy of Sciences for research. I heard that they are all inside now. They are very manic. This one in your family is so weak that the energy core hasn’t stabilized yet. It’s better not to bring it in. If you can’t get in at any time, you’ll frighten the little one.”

The author has something to say:

Wen Jin: I will conquer the sea of stars (galaxy) in the future!

Dewitt: Ok.

Wen Jin: What about you in the future?

Dewitt: Not later today.