I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Drenched
Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

By the time Dewitt finished his day in the office, it was already late at night.

Thirty-seven hours had passed since they left Liberec. According to the total journey of three days, the capital star was not far away from them. Standing by the window and pausing for a moment, Dewitt looked at the road map emerging from the glass, and his eyes fell on the endpoint, the halo point representing the capital star, Asier.

The Capital Star was where Dewitt grew up, but perhaps as his mother said he had frontier blood in his body. For him, the frontier had always been the closest place to his heart. Compared with the bustling and noisy capital star, he preferred the endless feeling of the frontier in front of him.

But going back was inevitable. Dewitt’s deadpan face seemed to get colder at the thought of Cook, who Cassey had mentioned before.

Active summation to Uttar? When Uttar captured Assyrians and did experiments on them in secret, tens of thousands of victims were killed. When he was discovered, he launched a direct war. His father and his soldiers fought hard to defeat Uttar’s first fleet. Uttar was very good at intercepting information. So how many people went out in that bloody battle as a whole? For the sake of intelligence and the overall situation, how many teams worked hard to save a person’s life and let him return to the camp? And many of those who survived were still in his army.

He was unconscious for a month. In Cook’s eyes, it was not much different from death. Dewitt didn’t care much about what other people thought of him. But if he let the matter go, all the soldiers in the frontier would be chilled.

They lost to the Zerg, but they would never lose to the Uttar. In the past and now, the great enemies could form an alliance, but it was not a way to seek peace directly with the humble attitude of surrendering the national prestige first. Especially as he just saw in his official document, Cook even intended to take a small part of the information from the Frontier Legion as a message to show the sincerity of peace.

There was a storm in Dewitt’s eyes under his eyelashes, but soon he felt the dull pain of his energy nucleus. Dewitt’s lips were drawn in a straight line, with the frequency of his energy storms and spiritual dissociations and the near-helpless progress of the Empire in this regard, it would not take long for him to face death. But he would defend the front lines, like his father, until the last second of his life.

He pinched his nose, closed the terminal, took a shower, and walked into the room lightly. He saw the small white fox curled up, sleeping next to the pillow. Dewitt tried to step as quietly as possible, and his eyes softened at the sight in front of him.

Wen Jin always slept on the bed as this little fellow was afraid of the cold. Although he was unwilling to admit it, the human heater named Dewitt improved his sleep quality, especially since his serious injury. So when he first came, he abandoned his dignity and chose to sleep in bed. He shared a bed with others in the past but hadn’t shared a bed since his siblings and parents.

Dewitt paid little attention to whether people could sleep in a bed with a contracted beast wand he fully intended to implement the belief that he should be good to his contract beast. He knew that the little fellow was afraid of the cold and sometimes wanted to sleep with him under the quilt. eBut Dewitt had been reluctant to prepare a new quilt for Wen Jin since the small beast was always sleeping next to the pillow.

After going to bed as quietly as possible, Dewitt stared at the little curled up fox beside his pillow for a while. Suddenly, he felt a little itchy, and his fingers touched Wen Jin’s head lightly. Seeing that the little fellow was sleeping soundly and had no reaction to his movements, Dewitt pinched his paws and rubbed the soft fur on his belly. After that, he reached back to Wen Jin’s head again and stroked the smooth fur on the little fellow’s head with great care.

Soon, two strange counter-spirals appeared on Wen Jin’s head.

The Marshal, who had been busy with his official documents and wanted to sleep, looked at the two spirals as if he had suddenly found great pleasure besides work. He touched the head and stomach of the little fox. Before long, the soft hairs on the gentle fox were raised from the left to the right by the whirl he had made. His eyes lit up with a sinister light as they landed on that big fluffy tail.

It looked like it would feel good in his hands.

Dewitt, who had entered the “no one would imagine I would do this” mode, couldn’t help but slowly move his hands towards the fluff.

However, in the second that the crime was about to happen, the little fox, who was still sleeping, suddenly changed his sleeping position. He moved his body, blocked his belly with his tail, and wrapped his body tighter together with his buttocks curled in. Dewitt’s hands were stiff, and his brain seemed to wake up in an instant. He thought of the fox’s attitude to his touch during the day. He silently took his hand back, paused for a moment, and turned off the light.

Wen Jin had a nightmare. He woke up in the middle of the night with two bulging hairs and blinked wet eyes at the air.

Tangled hair was a very uncomfortable thing, especially when he could clearly feel that it was not smooth. So when he got up, Wen Jin was going crazy and wanted to touch his head crazily, but his claws were too short of reaching his head. He was anxious enough that he wanted to die, and his heart was tense. He couldn’t understand why when he has slept in the wild, his fur had never gotten like this before, all he had been doing was sleeping! Wen Jin has always felt kind of guilty about this as his sleeping position was not very good. When his parents were still alive, he could roll over all the foxes in the nest overnight and whack them all with his paws.

Wen Jin always liked his hair to be beautiful and shiny, so he was very skilled in licking. It took him a long time to flatten down the hairs on his head, but there was still a slight angle left. Wen Jin could feel the existence of this angle and silently warned himself that he could not sleep so capriciously in the future. Subconsciously, he licked his paws and found that his paws were cold. This often happened. In the past, Wen Jin would immediately warm himself. But now, he squinted with his fox’s eyes and put the meaty pads of one paw directly on Dewitt’s neck.

Feeling the warm temperature, Wen Jin squinted comfortably and stuffed the other paw into the same area, stepping on Dewitt’s neck.

Thinking of that dream just now, Wen Jin’s eyes dimmed. Before going to bed, he took medicine. He had enough energy to find a magic pill that was placed in the innermost part of his artifact. Now that the medicine had come into effect, he could feel warm currents swimming in his body.

Although his demon dan had not recovered, the medicine had not been fully effective, but the internal injuries in his body were finally healing. After silently praising the genius who had worked out the medicine, Wen Jin stretched out on his pillow, looked at Dewitt beside him and remembered the very unpleasant dream he had just had.

Dewitt’s words a few hours ago flashed through Wen Jin’s mind.

<Until then, I will keep all your abilities secret.>

Licking his paws, Wen Jin’s eyes flashed with a ray of light. He was happy to see the human race but was not interested in their lives and deaths. But he liked the sincere people. The eyes of the Terran when he said those words were very pleasing to him.

After thinking for a while, Wen Jin looked around the room before his eyes fell back on Dewitt. The pulse of his veins, viscera, and all organs were immediately visible in front of him. His meridians were chaotic, and the channels were impacted, especially at the mouth of the meridians. Wen Jin’s eyes moved slightly.

This person’s veins passage had many small wounds, which were signs of being impacted by chaotic reiki, which was very rare. For a demon, they alienated reiki from their demon dan then absorbed the chaotic reiki before it was dealt with by the demon dan. After a long time of such regulation, his reiki would become normal. The same was true of the human race, so vein passages usually did not show such signs unless it was directly oppressed by spiritual force from outside the body by a person with high mana ability – but this was clearly impossible.

Wen Jin had not seen anyone who could surpass Dewitt’s strength and inflict such trauma on him. So, was this fellow directly absorbing his reiki from his veins? Wen Jin was stunned, then thought about it for a moment and felt that it made sense.

He had not looked at Cassey or Archie’s veins, but the group were such layman in the use of spiritual stones (lingshi) that it was possible to absorb them in the wrong way. Reverse absorption of reiki would cause all the energy to reverse. The more that was consumed, the faster the reversal, the more efficiently the body would burst, and the Terran would die. This was a corrupted way to absorb reiki. It was no wonder this guy’s body was like this.

Wen Jing narrowed his eyes. He didn’t know from whom the group had learned how to absorb reiki. It was strengthened to turn the reiki of heaven and earth into their own use immediately. However, such a method significantly reduced their life span. Thinking of this, Wen Jin moved his white paw over Dewitt’s body two times.

In his sleep, Dewitt felt a hand swimming in his abdomen. It was white and slender, each knuckle distinct, with a slight chill. It patiently wandered through his abdomen, causing it to itch a little. Dewitt did not understand what was going on at first, and his body could not move, so he could only let the hand move. When his thoughts completely followed the hand, he felt as if he understood something but did not understand at all. When Dewitt fell into this daze, the hand suddenly left.

He seized the hand subconsciously with a movement in his heart.

The other party seemed to pause. Dewitt was worried that the hand would disappear and held on to it tightly. He didn’t know how long had passed. A sense of suffocation came from his neck and… it was itchy?

Suddenly waking up, Dewitt found the fox lying on his neck with four legs straight from neck to shoulder, gnawing on a strip on his throat.

After staring at the ceiling for a while, Dewitt took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and couldn’t help thinking of the hand in his sleep. A warm aftertaste lingered in his lower abdomen, and his pants near his manhood were wet.

The author has something to say:

Wen Jin:? Did you wet your bed? Haha haha, you are silly. I was a fox who wet the bed the least in my nest when I was young.

Dewitt: This is not urine.

Wen Jin: Ah??

Dewitt: I’ll tell you this evening.

Wen Jin: Why, is it so uncomfortable to have a fox’s appetite?

That night, Wen Jin, who had been done three times, was confused and heard a dull voice: Now do you know what it is?

The forced fox’s ears trembled, and the little tips were suspiciously red.