I Heard that My Fiance is Super Fierce

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Shameful Fluffy Fox
Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Chee!!” You are a girl! Your family is all girls! Will you talk well and touch with your hands?

Wen Jin was furious, the suspicion that he was a girl was actually common. In the past, when he was traveling in human form, he often met people who could not distinguish the sex of the fox. He was used to it, but the problem was this person likes to touch him everywhere!

One claw slapped Dewitt’s hand hard. This time, Wen Jin slipped three white claws directly into Dewitt’s hand. Then he turned over and jumped forward two steps. He raised his lower body high, pressed his forelegs down, turned his head, bared his teeth fiercely and grunted impatiently in his throat. He stared at Dewitt unhappily.

“Chee!!” I am too indulgent with you. Now you’re so lawless and next time, I will certainly scratch your face!

Dewitt, a newcomer to the emotional expression of Qi beasts, obviously couldn’t understand what this little fellow meant by raising his butt to him, or was he still trying to be touched? Looking at the three white claw marks on his hands, Dewitt silently retracted the idea.

“You really don’t like being touched?” Dewitt came to a conclusion after retracting his hand. This little fellow caused troubles for so long, but it was the first time that he had done any substantial harm. Although the minor injuries were not serious, Dewitt clearly felt resistance from the other side.

“Chee!” You don’t think before you touch! Can anyone touch my underside? Do you know what respect is and what the difference is for a male? What if I touch your bits too?

After half a day’s humming and brainstorming, Wen Jin angrily scratched his paws on the quilt, pricking and tingling, making his scalp tingle.

Dewitt, however, only thought that he was agreeing with what he had just said and did not think much about it. No one had gone against the scale. It was no wonder that there were places where he didn’t like to be touched, but he had just rubbed him. It seemed that he hadn’t touched anything that could prove him to be a boy yet.

Was it too small, or had he really been wrong all this time and this was actually a female beast? The last medical report hadn’t come out yet. He wanted to ask the veterinarian carefully when he went back.

Noticing that the little fox still kept his fierce eyes, Dewitt took the small pot Archie had put down before and then freely took the dried meat out of it.

At the sight of his actions, Wen Jin’s heart was alarmed at once, and a pair of black bean-like eyes stared at Dewitt, “Chee!” Don’t use the same trick every time! Do you think if you give me good food, I’ll forgive you easily?

“Want to eat?” He put the dried meat in front of Wen Jin.

“Chee!” No!… But it smells good.

“Lunch will be in two and a half hours.” When Dewitt finished, there was a sudden “jingle-” on his watch.

Wen Jin’s eyes stared at the dried meat, swallowed his saliva silently and cursed in his heart that he had no guts to stretch out his paws. When he heard the sound, his eyes lit up instantly.

He has heard this noise before. Basically, every time someone comes, there will be this noise. Is this someone coming again?

Seeing Dewitt’s frowning, the tail behind Wen Jin’s buttocks could not help waving. His small eyes were bright. He thought, “Come on, call the big fool away, so I can eat the meat strips!”

He didn’t know if Dewitt really heard his inner voice. He put the meat strip in front of Wen Jin as he wished. Then he turned to a wall and pressed it twice. The wall opened and exposed the corner of an office.

Dewitt went in, seemed to think of something and looked back in the direction of Wen Jin.

Wen Jin, who was still secretly confirming whether the man had left, immediately turned his head 180 degrees and looked like “I wasn’t looking at you just now.”

Looking at the little fox hiding his ears and stealing his heart, Dewitt clicked the corner of his mouth slightly and entered another room. He did not close the door completely, leaving a small gap.

Wen Jin raised his ears and heard that there seemed to be a person in the room. The two men appeared to be discussing something. Wen Jin could hear it, but could not understand it. He thought about it and judged that Dewitt would not be able to come back for a while. His eyes turned, and he quickly bowed his head and ate the dried meat. The delicious juicy fragrance was instantly on his tongue. As the delicious warmth spread to the tip, Wen Jin snatched more and bit it.

As he bit, his eyes fell on the bag of water system Lingshi beside his pillow. It should be a good time to absorb energy now, and it would just give him a quiet environment to recover his demon dan, but… Sniffing the smell of meat still remaining in the air, wagging his tail warmly, he was a little undecided.

When the last bit of meat was swallowed down, Wen Jin gave a gentle whine and without hesitation, quickly jumped to the bedside, pulled the little jar that Dewitt had just opened onto the bed and swayed his tail as he ate it happily.

But the jar was deep, the claws were short, and after eating most of it, there was no way to get to the innermost dried meat. Feeling anxious, he simply drilled his head inside, risking getting stuck in the mouth of the jar and destroying his image. He finally bit the last few dried meat pieces, and he was so happy that his tail could not help shaking. But suddenly, he found out… Things had gone wrong.

Dewitt, who had gone to the other room, was listening to Cassey’s report. He was unconscious for a month. It wasn’t a short time. It was enough for a lot of things to happen. Not only with the Zerg’s but even within the empire, there was more than a little change. When he first woke up, Archie, as the doctor in charge, called a halt to his work, but now it was different.

“Marshal, Cook, that fellow I have long been disgusted with, when you were unconscious, he constantly advocated in the military department to split the legion, saying it was very unpleasant as it is and that a new selection is what we need.” Cassey closed the report, grimacing.

“There’s nothing wrong with that idea.” Dewitt looked at the numerous reports Cassey gave him. “Frontier security is the first duty. You are the most familiar with the Zerg Front Line Corps. Leadership promotion and necessary dismantling are conducive to the stability of the frontier.”

“But then, after confirming that the Zerg have not attacked, what did he suggest to the Uttar? Marshal, what did the Uttar do to us then? How many people have been killed on the frontier? Lord Count has been on the frontier for so many years, and it’s hard to suppress the Uttar. He’s now rushing to stick his butt out. When you woke up, the news of Capital Star was also released by him. I’m the kind of person who bothers him.” Cassey said frankly, “If we battle in the frontier, he will make some messy changes or reforms in the back. You have been in a coma for a month, and he has constantly been trying to form alliances…”

Dewitt looked up at him and said, “Uttar has been doing nothing?”

“Yes. The bill was put forward last month, three or five days ago. The ambassadors have been sent.” Cassey was angry. While Dewitt was in a coma due to the Zerg poison, Cook tried to change the Empire and chose to show off to the Uttar. In the unfortunate news that Dewitt could not wake up, the Military Department was even compromised.

Dewitt was silent for a moment and tapped his finger lightly on the table. “I see. Sort out the report and put all the things concerning the Zerg in the front, followed by Uttar Star, the rest in the back row and give them to me in ten minutes. These two days, you’ll have to work hard and wait for the servant after returning to the army. In place, these things can be handed over.”

“Yes.” Cassey straightened up and saluted. After the salute, his eyes turned around. “By the way, Marshal, that beast… Is it all right?”

Cassey said this with a little nervousness showing on his face. Obviously, this was not what he wanted to ask by himself. From waking up until now, Dewitt had indeed neglected to explain this matter to others. It was essential to have peace of mind. Assyrians had little faith in the beast, and there were a lot of storms in the open and in the dark about his contract.

Just as Dewitt was trying to speak, he suddenly heard a chitter in his ear, “Chee!”

His eyebrows moved and Cassey, in front of him, apparently heard it as well. Dewitt’s eyes flashed with a trace of surprise. Little Fox was having fun, but how did its voice sound so different from usual? Soon Dewitt heard a second trembling voice, “Chee!”

Now Dewitt could clearly hear the difference. How many grievances were there in that tone?

With a quick look, Dewitt pushed his chair back and went straight to the door. He took a long step inside the room and saw the bed was full of food scraps, but the little fox was not there.

Sound of “Chee” came again, and Dewitt quickly went to the bedside. Then he saw four feet facing the sky, his head stuck in the dark glass jar, and he was whining pitifully.

Dewitt: “…”

Before he could go over, he saw the little fox with two claws tightly fastened to the edge of the glass jar, two hind legs on the ground, arched his small buttocks with great effort, as if he were exerting… But there was something wrong with this direction.

Dewitt, who felt a slight willfulness come from the fox, did not stop. He still quickened his pace in that direction, but his eager little fox was faster than him.

A crack spread up to where his two claws were pressed. The next second, the sound of the heavy glass cracking was heard. The inside of the glass jar, where Wen Jin was trapped, seemed to have been impacted by something. It burst suddenly and then it broke apart thoroughly. As soon as Dewitt saw this, he rushed up with great speed and reached out his broad hand. Without hesitation, the palm reached into the newly broken glass residue and knocked the back of Wen Jin’s head, which was about to retreat from the room.

The author has something to say:

Wen Jin: Super heartache!! I knew I was going to be caught by you, so I don’t need the painful explosion!!! QAQ

Dewitt: Well, I don’t care. I’ll give it to you in the evening.

Wen Jin:!! What do you mean, Dewitt? What is the evening?

Dewitt:? Is it okay now?

Wen Jin: We have a loyal dog in our family. Every day, we have to burn our old face clean.

Imagine the scene in the last natural passage. I think the action is funny (:з」∠)