I Have A Super USB Drive

Chapter 13: Establishing the Plan

Chapter 13: Establishing the Plan

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Professor Wang Xi’s lecture had ignited the indefatigable spirit of every student present.

Even Chen Chen was stirred up by this.

Theology and science were two opposites. One existed within the thoughts and faith of people while the other was the objective law of the world.

One was abstract, the other was concrete.

Even so, as times changed, religion was undergoing constant development and decline too.

Chen Chen, who possessed the USB drive, understood this very well.

After all, over the past few days, he had experienced the mystical USB drive which could instantiate various items from movies, despite being unable to accommodate movies with fantastical elements.


Chen Chen suddenly frowned. He was reminded of an unsettling fact.

If movies with fantastical elements could not be placed into the USB drive, what about horror movies that were already there – how were they transferred into the drive?

“Don’t tell me that...”

Chen Chen’s pupils suddenly narrowed.

At this moment, he felt his blood run cold. A chill traveled up his spine straight to his scalp, making his head numb!

“They could be placed into the USB drive – doesn’t that mean that the ghosts in those horror movies could exist in this world?”

It was terrifying to consider...

In that case, was Professor Wang Xi right? Their existence did not mean that they were beyond the boundaries of science. Rather, modern science was not developed enough to obtain proof of their existence.

‘This won’t do. I’ll have to find a way to delete those movies from the USB drive...’

Chen Chen thought to himself. If he did not delete those horror movies, he would not be able to get a good night’s sleep in the future.

It took him great willpower to hold on until the end of the class. Chen Chen felt like he had transcended this physical plane. Forcing his powerless limbs to move, he returned to the dorm in exhaustion, packed his laptop, and hurried to the library.

One could only borrow books in the library. He would still need his laptop to study and compare academic papers.

Having experienced the miraculous effects of NZT-48, Chen Chen felt more assured. If he was not worried about his brain exploding, it was fully possible for him to stuff hundreds of textbooks or thousands of academic papers into his head within a month.

Moreover, this kind of “stuffing” was not rote memorization but a comprehensive, integrated understanding.

It was even not an exaggeration to say that he could complete his studies on core classes throughout his entire university course in a week!

‘As befitting of a brainiac!’ Chen Chen mentally leaned back in smug satisfaction.

Feeling pleased with himself, he arrived at the library with his laptop. Chen Chen realized that he had fallen in love with the atmosphere here.

He took a deep breath, greedily taking in the fresh air of “Biomedical and Agricultural Science Reading Room”...

No, this was not just air. It was the smell of knowledge.

Before he came here, Chen Chen had bought six buns at the restaurant, ranging from chives vermicelli to cabbage and mushroom. He had also prepared a wolfberry drink in his thermos.

After all, although mental work did not consume as much energy as physical work, replenishments of nutrients and water were still necessary. One could not possibly expect a horse to run without feeding it grass.

If circumstances allowed, Chen Chen even planned to eat more nuts and drink more Life One1.

After all, a brain working at full capacity was no less intense than strenuous exercise. Chen Chen felt that he had lost weight over the past two days.

After locating a clean corner, Chen Chen took out a NZT pill and hid it in his palm. After that, he twirled his pen and deliberately dropped it under the table.

By the time he came out from under the table, the NZT-48 was in his mouth. As he unscrewed the lid and took a sip, the drug slipped smoothly down his throat.

He did this to prevent the surveillance camera from recording his act of taking the pill.

Although no one would be lifeless enough to target him, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Who had not seen how the main villain in a drama series, on the verge of succeeding with their final plan, was ultimately exposed due to some previous tiny mistake?

It was always best to live to see another day. After all, there were some wise sayings like ‘There’s nothing wrong with surviving’, ‘A pro will never die in a million years’, and so on.

NZT-48 was a miraculous drug indeed. Not only could it unleash the brain’s potential, but it also took effect at an incomparably rapid rate.

In less than a minute, Chen Chen’s drowsy state was suddenly cleared. Endless thoughts and insights surged up like a blowout!

His brain seemed to be powered by clockwork as it swiftly reached the peak of vigor.

‘This was the feeling!’

Chen Chen’s lips curled up slightly. It was as if he had transformed from a depressed alcoholic to a confident, successful figure in just a few seconds.

As if he had come “alive” once more, Chen Chen efficiently turned on the laptop, connected to the library’s Wi-Fi, and started looking through CNKI1 to download any document he was interested in.

“Now, what I have to do is continuously absorb knowledge, improving myself with this astonishing learning capability. This process would take a month or so...”

Chen Chen’s keyboard clacked loudly as he planned out his future steps at lightning speed.

“After one month, I’ll need to find a way to earn money, then earn enough capital to rent a factory within the following year.

“Factories can be rented but the contract will be six months at least. Plus, I’ll need a huge amount of electricity, so a small factory won’t be enough. I’ll be too easily exposed. What I need is a medium-sized factory. Thus, I need to make at least a million in a year...

“As for the remaining time, it’ll be used to charge the USB drive.”

Chen Chen quickly came up with this plan.

After he had considered all this, he selected a few biology books from the shelf.

While browsing the bookshelf, he had already devised an automatic rhythm in his head. These books were arranged in order of complexity. What he should read each time and what he should read next were all in their corresponding order.

After picking the books, he would read the books at a speed of twenty seconds per page.

Although this speed was incredible, it would attract a little attention at most. After all, there was such a skill as speed reading in this world. It was not some alarming behavior.

In less than an hour, Basic Microbiology (Higher Education Edition) had been wolfed down.

With calm satisfaction, Chen Chen gently closed the book and put it to one side. Then, he picked up the next book, Principles of Genetics (Chinese Version, Third Edition).

The reason he did not select the English version of Principles of Genetics was that the library did not have this book. Otherwise, after Chen Chen had spent yesterday afternoon cramming himself with English, he could even have easily perused books that were brimming with technical terms.

Currently, Chen Chen’s level of English was about a 7 in IELTS and a 100 in TOEFL.

It was just as the movie had stated. A user of NZT-48 would only need one day to learn a foreign language.