I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 2198 "Time & Space Experts"

Chapter 2198 "Time & Space Experts"

After all, the world union was not like a mafia family where once you joined, you will be like a family within the organization. 

The world union just employed people with benefits and sound money, and there were not many loyal members except for the higher-ups and those experts who built the world union together with these various leaders. 

The leaders of various races who worked with the world union also changed from time to time because the world union had essentially existed for a long, long time. 

This organization was one of the oldest and biggest organizations in the world, and they were like representatives of the whole world. 

Naturally, there had been many leaders of this organization, and different eras had different leaders. 

The previous generation's leaders might have carried out the illegal experiment, and the leaders in this generation would never approve of such an experiment. 

After all, the race such as the beastmen would not let the world union experiment on some rare beast species, because, in essence, they were also 'beasts'. 

If the world union could experiment with those rare beasts, maybe they could also experiment with the unique beastman in the dark. 

Even though the elves were arrogant, they were once enslaved everywhere because of their beauty, so for them, things such as slavery, organ business, prostitution and illegal experiments were taboos. 

Once the elves knew that the world union in the past generations did such a thing, they would definitely revolt. 

The celestial race was indeed bad, but they also cared about such topics. 

Although their race guarded the laboratory's warehouse, they never knew what was inside the warehouse because the lab's staff were mostly people from all races who had been exiled thanks to their crimes. 

There were also halflings who were rejected everywhere and could only come to the world union to seek shelter. 

The current leaders of various races would not agree with illegal experiments, even if the investigation could benefit all races just by sacrificing some rare and small races. 

The world union's higher-ups who were fighting among themselves were actually the remnants of the previous generation's higher-ups, and they could be called 'antiques' due to their age. 

They had secretly made a lot of profits through those experiments, and the world union could become so strong up to now thanks to them. 

There might be a lot of dark businessmen out there who worked with the world union to hunt rare races and get some benefit from the illegal experiment. 

Jake's business empire should be big enough for the people from the world union to do some dark transactions with him, but because this man and his family was known for being the ambassador and 'bridge' to all races.... 

They would definitely not want to harm any races, even if those races were rare and small in number. 

That might be why the world union did business with other businessmen instead, and who knew whether there were many people in the dark who experimented on the transmigrators? 

The world union must have experimented with these otherworldly travelers for them to know how to use these 'aliens' proficiently. 

The world was not always bright and peaceful, because there might be a silent wave raging in the dark. 

Because the fairies were gone, the world union could only try to start the project by relying on their experts and some secret technologies that they had developed. 

Coincidentally, the secret technology was all built thanks to the experiment with the galactic beast race. 

The galactic beast race has owned space and time ability ever since their birth, so it was indeed a good 'material' for the world union. 

After researching the ability of the galactic beast race for so long, they finally created a technology to detect space and time fluctuation that was outside of this world, such as the tunnel connecting to the abyss. 

Technology also made it possible for people without any space and time ability to accurately find the existence of space and time items or anything with that essence even when those things were not in this world. 

The abyss' space and time tunnel existed in the void outside of this world, so this technology was aimed at that tunnel. 

A pity. Without the fairies, if there were any side effects of the transmigrators' soul explosion, they could only rely on the rest of the experts that worked for them. 

These experts were all domain-level experts, and they also had space fragment ability or time fragment ability. 

Space fragment ability was not as strong as the fairy of space's unique space ability that could even summon otherworldly souls, create a brand new dimension and so on. 

However, the space fragment ability users could still do things such as teleportation, space rift attack, and so on. 

Time fragment ability users were even rarer than space fragment ability users because even though they could not turn back time at all, not even for a second, but they could freeze time in a specific area for several seconds. 

They could also fast forward or fasten time in a certain area, and they could even sometimes predict the future. 

Of course, seeing the past, present and the future was actually the job of Evan's contracted fairy, who was in charge of the past, present and future, but this fairy was indeed closely related to Chronos, the fairy of time. 

These time experts were the reason why the time in spatial storage could freeze so that things put inside would not rot or become destructive. 

They also created special training rooms with a time ratio difference from the time flow outside of the special rooms. 

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