I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 13 - "Unreasonable"

The sight of a hundred or more people suddenly bowed in unison was a shock to Ainsley. The girl's jaw dropped to the floor as she looked at the elder with shining eyes.

Indeed, this grandpa has a high position in the family! Can't I choose him as my guardian?

Ainsley's eyes didn't stop twinkling as she watched the elder. Her intention was so obvious that the grandpa felt slightly burdened.

He decided to ignore Ainsley's gaze on him.

"Today, the young miss will be crowned as the family head. To do that, we need a guardian to act as her right-hand man." The elder coughed, before explaining the purpose of today's gathering.

Of course, the others already knew this and were waiting for a chance.

"Alright. The young miss will personally choose her guardian. So, starting from the front line, face the young miss one by one. Your time is 10 seconds for each person."

The elder waved his hand, urging the people at the front to start.

With such a short instruction, everyone was bound to be confused. But not for these 1000 people in the room. They already prepared themselves in advance.

Thus, the moment the elder ordered them, they formed a straight line over the red carpet and started to greet the young miss with a warm smile.

"Greeting the heiress, I'm..."

"Hello, young miss! I…"

"I come from the branch family. I can do…"

"Young miss is so beautiful! If you choose me…"

Dozens of people introduced themselves to Ainsley and instantly told her various benefits she would receive if she chose them. Some even bribed her with food and toys.

Others showed their power, such as water control, earth control, ice control, etc.

Most people buttered up the girl by sending her gifts, and because of this, the gifts already piled up to form a small mountain next to the throne.

So far, Ainsley met over 50 people, yet she wasn't even interested in them. She might widen her eyes when she saw others use their abilities, but as a chuunibyou, none really attracted her interest anymore.

The baby couldn't help but yawn after the 100'th person.

These people are rotten. They don't look kind at all. Haaaa my left eye is twitching. I have to believe in my sealed power that these people won't be a good guardian.

Ainsley observed the members with an innocent face despite fully assessing them. Of course, when she rejected them, she would look immature.

"Nwo, ywou wook scawy."

"Ywo awe bowing (boring)."

"Ain dun wike twe giwft."

"Ywo awe wude (rude.)"

"Youw powew ish weaksh. (Weak)."

"Bowingggg (boring)."


Ainsley turned into a spoiled, willy kid that no one could bear to handle. The people suddenly realised that the future leader was actually so arrogant and full of herself.

She looked at the members with such disinterested eyes as if none could amuse her. If this was the case, it should be easy to please her. But what's the reality?

She's too unreasonable!

Over 200 people were rejected even before they opened their mouths. The reason?

"Ywo awe wugly!"

"Ywo awe two tallsh."

"Ywo awe two skinny."

"Ain dun wike bwig booby."

"Ywo awe a bwitch."

"Ain wan handwshome mwen."

Ainsley harrumphed arrogantly. She rejected beautiful women and didn't allow men to talk to her. Of course, handsome men could speak to her, but in the end, she rejected them too.

The sight of the girl rejecting half of the guests finally brought clamour to the guests.

"Elder, isn't she too unreasonable? Who can be her guardian if she's this rude?"

"Absolute elder, the young miss is rotten! We should bring a teacher to her!"

"Esteemed elder, I think it's wrong to let an immature baby choose her guardian."

"Elder, shouldn't you pick one of us to be the young miss' guardian? If it's like this…"

"Yes, elder. The heiress is like a wild horse. We need a stern guardian to teach her manner."

The guests started to complain to the Elder. They expressed their dissatisfaction toward the heiress. They thought that she would be a good girl because she looked solemn and holy back then.

But what about now? She just looks like a bandit!

Ainsley naturally heard these people's plea to the elders using her keen hearings, but she just shrugged it off.

In the first place, she would act like an ordinary baby. She would stay true to her nature as a 'selfish brat'. She didn't need to show the dignity of the heiress anymore once she had the power to choose her guardian.

Yep, my appearance before is just a warning to these people. Now that I know it won't work, why should I stay like a sweet little child?

Ainsley harrumphed and snorted at the thoughts. The baby continued to reject people once she saw through their true motive, which was mostly impure.

However, when the elder spoke to her, she instantly changed to a sweet grandchild, baffling everyone in the room.

"Elder, don't be fooled! The heiress is really rude!"

"Hmmm, she looks sweet and mannered for me." The Elder smiled, but his smile didn't reach his eyes.

He naturally knew that these people only wanted to take advantage of Ainsley, and somehow, the baby expressed her disgust to such people.

Why would he reprimand the smart baby? She must have sensed these people's malicious intent. Thus, she showed her selfish attitude to drive them away.

It's either planned or done subconsciously. If it's the former, then..the heiress must be a genius.

The elder couldn't help but smile widely at the thoughts.

Indeed, Lady Ainsley is a genius.

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