How to Live as the Enemy Prince

Chapter 1.1 - Prologue

Chapter 1.1: Prologue

Go onwards, do not falter.

A volley of arrows hails down from the sky again.

I swing my sword to parry them and then lunge forward, running the blade through two enemies and cutting down another.

Do not fall.

Today cannot be the last day of Secretia!

A new enemy rushes forward, brandishing his sword with practised skill.

I block it, and the man asks,

“I remember you. What is your name?”

“I don’t remember.”

I am only a sword that serves King Oros.

The man maneuvers his weapon expertly and shatters my blade.

“That sword…that is Chase’s Auro. I’ve always wished to see it.”

Instead of answering, I swing the hilt at him. He doesn’t bother to avoid it, and instead shoots a spear of ice.

I cannot stop it.

– Puuk!

I can hear the sound of my life thrumming in my ears.

It’s getting difficult to breath.

“I am the army commander of the Caillis Magic Division, Arsen Hertz. I will remember you, Prince Bern of Secretia. You have fought valiantly.”

I lift my eyes to stare into the distance.

Your Majesty…My elder brother…I tried to search for you.

“So now, rest.”

I can see light–

I’m going to die.


That was the last memory I had.

I open my eyes to ten years in the past.

I found myself in the body of the third prince Calian of the Kingdom of Kailis, the same one that destroyed my country of Secretia.


A weak prince, whose bloodline was the descendant of dragons.

He was a timid boy who had little influence and no ability to protect himself, and so he spent his life in hiding and was assassinated even before he was fifteen.

That was the future ahead of me.

“What are you going to do now?” the image of Calian in the mirror asks.

I answered.


I have to live.