Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 25 - Mutants

Chapter 25 Mutants

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!

A dense metal clash was heard on Lin Rui’s long blade. Then he was pushed back several steps by a strong push from the blade.


In retreat, Lin Rui’s eyes stared slightly, his hands grasped the blade and quickly dismantled the force, then he stopped on the ground again. Then, with the fading smoke, he looked in the direction from which he was attacked. At this time, he has not had his initial relaxation, from the attack just now, he guessed that maybe it was as difficult as the system said.


The smoke that had shrouded the entire factory building had finally dissipated. For the first time, Lin Rui showed up in front of everyone in Jeston Gang, wearing a mask, of course. At this time, more than a dozen Jeston Gang members fell to the ground in the huge factory building. The blood almost covered the ground, so Lin Rui was the real killer this time.

“Over there!”

As soon as Lin Rui appeared in front of everyone, he was surrounded the next moment. However, Jeston Gang members did not shoot this time. Everyone around Lin Rui was at least three meters away and the guns in their hands were shaking unconsciously. The dozen or so companions lying on the ground fully showed how powerful the man was in front of them and they heard that bullets were ineffective against him. Jeston Gang’s members are just supporting actors today. They don’t want to taste the power of the long blade in Lin Rui’s hands.

At the same time, he did not put a dozen people around himself in his eyes. Lin Rui repositioned his blade and stood in one direction. In that direction, two guys, one tall and one short, who are obviously different from Jeston Gang, look at Lin Rui expressionlessly.

“Is he a ninja? Was it The Hand or some other organization that hired him?” When Lin Rui was surrounded, Stane, who was hiding behind the Jeston Gang members, looked at Lin Rui’s dress and muttered to himself.

No wonder he regards Lin Rui as a ninja, covered in black clothes (because dark gray looks almost black in the light), plus the mask that blocks most of his face. The main thing is the long blade in Lin Rui’s hand. It’s true that the blade used by Ninja is somewhat similar. Moreover, he attacked in smoke and he goes around in the shadows with great speed, which is just some of the characteristics of a Ninja.

“But why did he came to them for trouble?! Not to mention he is a Vigilante!” Stane shook his head again, feeling that his guess was somewhat unreliable. Next, he was not bothered and focused on the development of the situation in the arena. There, Lin Rui seems to have been confronted by the two ruthless people their boss invited.

Da Da ~

Da Da ~

On the court, the two expressionless guys who had stood outside the encirclement circle had crossed the crowd to Lin Rui and finally stopped two meters before him. And as they approached, Lin Rui kept staring at them, because he felt a greater threat from them then a dozen powerful guns pointed at him.

“What’s the origin of these two guys?! What was it that attacked me just now? Was it a hidden weapon?” Hidden under the mask, Lin Rui was already guessing the origin of the two people opposite to him. He was also curious about the weapons that had just attacked him. They were obviously weapons like darts, but Lin Rui couldn’t be distracted to look for them now.

“You are the target we came over for this time?” When Lin Rui looked at the two men in front of him, the strong bear like guy in front of him asked in a muffled voice.

“Target? Are you really targeting me? Although the bear man just said such a simple sentence, Lin Rui has roughly guessed what it is.

Lin Rui himself had been on a collision course with Jeston Gang. It was normal for them to find someone to deal with him, but Matt just happened to run into them first. But it’s also for his own reasons that Matt was captured, or Matt wouldn’t provoke the Jeston Gang.

“Did you catch my friend?” Lin Rui, who had probably figured out what it was, looked coldly and asked the two people in front of him.

“You mean the blind man? His strength is really good, but that’s it. Now he lies half dead in that container. If you have the ability, you can rescue him. Hearing Lin Rui’s cold words, the short man showed a sickening smile and pointed to the container behind him.

“If that’s what you want!”


No more nonsense. He had to make sure that Matt was alright. They have also seen Matt’s true face so he needs to kill them all to protect him, He will kill them both no matter what their origin is.

As soon as Lin Rui’s voice fell, his figure turned into a blurred shadow as he rushed towards the two men in front of him. His blade glowed from his internal powers as he used it.

“Roar!!” Although Lin Rui’s speed is very fast, the two men in front of him are obviously not ordinary people. The strong bear like man just roared and rushed towards Lin Rui to attack him ignoring his blade!

“Snort! Since you are looking for death, then you are quite welcome here!” Lin Rui, who was rushing forward, did not expect that the other party would rush towards him, He swung his blade at the waist of the strong man. (By contrast with Lin Rui’s height, he can only attack there.)


After practicing Soaring Dragon Art for more than a month, the internal energy accumulated in the body has been fully mobilized. With Hundred Refined Divine Weapon, Flowing Flame Blade in hand, Lin Rui can easily cut a strong man in front of him into two parts with all his efforts.


In this way, Lin Rui’s blade has split on the robust man instantly and made an unavoidable positive impact. The Robust man’s clothes were instantly broken by the blade aura. After a muffled sound, the blade had cut through his skin and cut into his big body.

“Dead!” ~~ Ah ~!?’ Seeing that his opponent was directly hit by him without any evasion, Lin Rui thought he had killed at least one of them, but in the next moment, he found something wrong.

Squeak! Squeak

The sharp Flowing Flame Blade did cut into the robust man’s body, but it did not go any deeper than ten centimeters, which was not fatal to the robust man’s size. Lin Rui, who holds the handle of the knife, feels very real resistance. His knife did not cut the robust man’s body and it also stuck, Lin Rui felt that he had not cut a human body but the body of a thousand-year-old tree!

“What the hell!?” No blood was seen from the wound cut by Lin Rui, who couldn’t help but stare at it.

“Ah! Ah!!” The strong man who was stuck by Lin Rui weapon didn’t bleed, but he was obviously injured. He slammed his hands towards Lin Rui’s head. With his physique, if it connects, Lin Rui will have to use a protective symbol to keep himself alive.


At this critical moment, Lin Rui can no longer think about what’s going on. A surge of strength poured all over the stuck blade in front of him.

Buzz! ~

Instantly, the stuck Flowing Flame Blade emitted a faint fire-red light, which broke the hard muscles joined together by the hinges of the blade body. This time, the wound finally bled with the destructive power of the internal energy.

“Ohh!!” Unexpectedly, he was injured by the man in front of him. The robust man gave a cry of pain, but he did not slow down the movements on his hands.

But at the next moment, Lin Rui had quickly withdrawn his blade and avoided the attack of the robust man.

Rub! Rub! Rub!

Bang! Bang bang!

Lin Rui, who escaped the attack of the robust man, retreated to the empty space of the factory building and once again escaped the Jeston Gang crowd who fired their guns. Although they brought in strong foreign aid, it would be best if they could kill this fellow themselves.

However, Lin Rui obviously won’t give them another chance. In the process of rapid movement, Lin Rui has thrown a lot of smoke bombs around again. Anyway, they are not worth the money they cost anymore. They are not very good to block the enemy’s sight. But It’s better than those bullets hitting him and consuming protective symbols. After seeing the thickness of the strong man’s skin, Lin Rui also knows that it’s not going to work out tonight.


Puff puff!

“Retreat! Quickly Retreat!” Stane, who had been hiding behind, shouted nervously after seeing Lin Rui using his old skill. He didn’t want his men to suffer anymore. Let those two non-human beings deal with this guy.

Da Da! Da da da!

At the command, the fight-free Jeston Gang rushed off and quickly retreated to the edge of the factory building to avoid the smoke. Looking at them, they shouldn’t be doing any shooting later.

“Sure enough the smoke bombs were enough to frighten them! But how can I defeat these two strange people?! Several smoke bombs scared away the little soldier who wanted to fish in muddy water. Lin Rui’s headache now was the two weird guys standing opposite to him.

Outside the smoke, the wound between the waist and abdomen of the robust man was still bleeding, and Lin Rui’s internal energy transmitted by the blade was constantly causing damage to his wound.

“Ah ah!” ~ How dare you hurt me?’ Feeling that there was no improvement in his waist wound, the robust man stared at the smoke ahead and roared.

However, because of the smoke, he could not see the location of Lin Rui. And now he won’t rush towards Lin Rui recklessly. His proud defense has been broken, which means that he is no longer invincible.

“Worm! Push him out!”

“I Know!” With a faint voice, the short man who had been standing behind the strong man finally came out.

He twisted his neck and looked straight into the smoke. The next moment, his eyes had a strange change, his entire eye quickly covered with a dark green color and his pupil is instantly reduced to a small point size.

“Heh heh! Found him!” Two seconds later, the short man’s rapidly rotating eyes stopped and then he raised his hands.

Ka Ka~

The sound of a bone piercing the skin came out in this space and it sounded extraordinarily creepy. The little man had a sharp bone spur coming out of his hands ten fingers. It looked frightening.

“This is!?…” Of course, Lin Rui, hiding in the smoke, saw the change in the little man’s hands. His expression was frightened again, but it seemed that he remembered something.

Before Lin Rui could figure it out, the ten bone spurs on the little man’s hand had burst out of his hand, pointing directly at where he was hiding as if the little man could see him in the smoke!

Puff puff!

Ding Ding! ~

Some of them were avoided and the rest were blocked with his blade, but Lin Rui’s face was even more ugly.