Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 20 - TONY STARK


“Mainline quest release: Get to know Tony Stark and get Iron Man’s sincere friendship. Quest completion: 0/100. Quest Reward depends on the completion time. To be a Superhero, it’s impossible to fight alone. You need strong companions and teammates. Getting Iron Man’s friendship will be a key step on your way to becoming a Superhero.

Lin Rui: “…”

Since the system suddenly issued such a quest, then the one that had just passed by should be Tony and only he would dare to drive like that in the bustling streets of Manhattan.

“System, are you sure this is not your own quest?” Although the voice of the main quest was very empty, Lin Rui still couldn’t help but ask.

“Although it is very similar to my style, this is really the mainline quest.” This time, the system’s lazy voice came out again, obviously not the same as the sound of the mainline quest just released.

“Are you sure? Getting Iron Man’s sincere friendship, this quest looks like you’ve posted it.” Lin Rui said unwillingly.

“But it’s not true. I can’t move my hands and feet metaphorically on the mainline quest. You should also find the two main quests you completed before, so this is a mainline quest.” The system responded faintly.

“Well, I accept that this is the mainline quest. But how can I get Tony’s friendship? In particular, I know that he is now a full-fledged playboy, not only conceited but also romantic. Although he is really talented but such a person is the most difficult to handle out of all of them, how can I get his friendship, I am an ordinary high school student. Since it was determined that it was the mainline quest, Lin Rui had to find a way to complete it.

“Since you know what kind of person Tony is, give him what he likes. You’re a smart man and I think you should know what to do. Also, I need to remind you that Tony is a good food eater.” To Lin Rui’s question, the system simply prompted him a few words.

“What does he like? Food? Do I really have to learn how to cook? It’s too late now, I have no interest in it!” Hearing the system, Lin Rui thought about his options.

“Think for yourself, that’s all I can say. I hope you can finish this mainline quest as soon as possible.” After the last sentence, the voice of the system slowly disappeared.

“Jackson! Jackson! Isn’t that frightening?

“Maybe it’s because that sports car was going so fast.

Although Lin Rui was lost in his thoughts for a while, his silence was discovered by Tom, who thought he was frightened by the sports car that had just rushed past.


“Oh? I’m all right!” By the time Tom’s hand touched his shoulder, Lin Rui’s consciousness had returned to reality from his mind. Seeing the worried faces of his friends around him, he said quickly.

“That’s good. Just now, you’ve been looking at the direction in which the car left and I thought that something was wrong.” Tom said with some concern.

“Well, I am alright. But do you know who was in that car just now? Without much confusion about himself, Lin Rui quickly turned his attention to the luxury sports car that had caught the eye of many people in the street.

“That should be Tony Stark.” After Lin Rui asked, Harry on the side answered the question.

“Eh? The genius of Stark Industries and the most famous Playboy of New York, That Tony Stark?”When he heard Harry’s words, Tom exclaimed, apparently familiar with the name.

“If my hunch is correct then it should be him. There’s an award ceremony at the Manhattan Museum of Science and Technology today and the main guest was Tony Stark. I think he just won the prize and left. It’s really his style.” Seeing Peter and Tom looking at himself, Harry explained a little.

“I knew we should have gone there, maybe we could have seen some celebrity at close range!” Tom said with some regret. If Captain Americas is his fantasy hero then Tony is the one he wants to be in reality.

“Harry, are you familiar with Tony Stark?” Lin Rui suddenly asked Harry just as Tom and Peter were shocked by the identity of the person in the sports car. He couldn’t relate to Tony himself for the time being, but Harry must know him. After all, Oscorp was no worse than Stark Industries.

“Me? I’ve only seen him a few times and in those times I have never spoken to him. We at Oscorp and the Stark Industries are actually competing on some projects. Tony’s relationship with our family is not so good due to his character.” Harry shook his head when he heard Lin Rui’s words.

“Oh, yeah?” With a little regret, Lin Rui knows that this kind of thing is not necessarily reliable.

“Why? You’re Tony’s fans too?” Harry asked curiously when he saw the fleeting disappointment in Lin Rui’s eyes. With his knowledge of Lin Rui, he shouldn’t envy people like Tony.

“Me? Tony’s fans? Of course not! I am just asking out of curiosity.” Lin Rui quickly waved his hand and denied Harry’s guess. How could Lin Rui possibly set an example for himself in Tony’s image as a playboy?

Peter and Tom feel quite normal about Lin Rui’s explanation. Harry, though somewhat doubtful, eventually chose to trust his friends.

“Well, where are we going now?” The episode passed quickly, Lin Rui asked, glancing at recovered quiet avenue in front of him.

“Over there!”

“This way!”

“That’s the way!”

By the time Lin Rui and Tom got home in the afternoon, it was almost five o’clock. Four boys had spent most of the time in the street shopping something or just taking in the sights.


“Ah! So tired! It seems that shopping is always an exhausting activity no matter how good you are physically.” Throwing himself into the bed, Lin Rui muttered with deep understanding. Today, only a few guys wandered around. If there were girls, Lin Rui doesn’t know whether he would come back alive or not.

“Well, I finally finished my last quest, thinking that I would be able to relax this weekend and suddenly the system gave me a new mainline quest!” Lin Rui, who wanted to relax, suddenly remembered the mainline quest about Iron Man released by the system today and he instantly had a big headache.

“Systems, you’re really going to get me in trouble at this rate!” Lin Rui whined as he pondered how to approach Tony Stark. Although he knew complaining was useless, it was his way to vent his frustration.

“Playboy? I am not a beautiful woman! Foodie? I can’t drag him to my restaurant for a meal. He wouldn’t necessarily like Chinese food. Genius and conceit, too much money to spend, I really have no way to find common ground with him ah! How can I get close to him?” For a moment, Lin Rui turned on the TV without thinking of any plan. First, he turned his attention to it. Maybe he could think of some way later.

“Tony Stark, as the biggest winner of the awards ceremony, won the highest award for scientific and technological contribution in the city’s Manhattan Science and Technology Museum this morning. However, to Lin Rui’s surprise, the news about Tony is also on TV. It won’t let him relax for a single moment.

“This is really!…”

“Eh? Maybe I can do that?…” Originally, Lin Rui was going to complain about Tony being everywhere, but he suddenly remembered something about the love and hatred between ordinary journalists and Tony.

“New York’s most famous playboy and the most prestigious genius and Stark Industries’ biggest shareholder, Tony Stark is even more popular than some Hollywood stars. Such a person should be chased by reporters every day. If I pretend to be an intern reporter who interviewed Tony… it should be easier to get close to Tony. And the reporter or the paparazzi is the fastest intelligence industry in the world, maybe it can help me.” When he saw the news about Tony Stark, Lin Rui’s eyes gradually lit up and an idea slowly matured in his mind.

“Ha! It’s decided! I will pretend to be an internship reporter and then create a chance to meet with Tony, then slowly deepen the contact.” Lin Rui, who has a plan in mind is excited, this is the best way he could think of to approach Tony Stark.

In fact, this method of Lin Rui is also useful for Tony, because although Tony is a celebrity and a playboy, he is not worried about his face being reported on the news. It seems that the more attention people pay to him, the more normal he feels. If it was some other stars then it would not have been easy for Lin Rui to get close to them.

“But even though it’s pretentious, it’s also better to do something like this. I should find a part-time job in a newspaper.” Now that the plan has been worked out, Lin Rui has to figure out how to make his identity more credible.

“Maybe that newspaper is a good choice!” Some memories of Spiderman flashed through his mind. Lin Rui quickly got out of bed and sat down in a chair.

Da da!


He quickly opened the computer and enter a few keywords and then click on the search option. Soon, the full-screen information about The Daily Bugle is displayed in front of Lin Rui. Yes, it’s The Daily Bugle, the small newspaper agency that Spiderman took a part-time job in by taking photos of himself.

“Haha! It’s up to you!”The Daily Bugle!”Lin Rui shouted excitedly after glancing at the online introduction of The Daily Bugle.

Lin Rui, who has already found his goal, can finally take a break. Now he just needs to convince his parents to let him go out to work part-time in his spare time. He thinks this should not be a problem. He has gone out to do some community work from childhood to adulthood because of the system.

“This time the target is: Tony Stark!”