Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 24

Chapter 24- Flower Appreciation Festival (2)
Ye Zhen looked through the carriage curtain to see the scenery outside. She basked in nostalgia as she thought of the place they arrived at, for she had grown up here and was familiar with Kyoto’s every nook and cranny.

But now, she looks at it with a stranger’s eyes and even detachment.

When Ye Zhen was about to pull down the curtain, the carriage suddenly halted, and yet despite this abrupt motion, she still noticed that a hill in the distance seemed a little strange.

She frowned as she looked at it.

“Does not that mountain called the “dead mountain” look terrible? In fact, the Ye family has been recently buried there, hundreds of people from their clan rests there, executed in their own home I heard!” The Second Miss Lu explained after seeing Ye Zhen staring at the hill.

Ye Zhen’s face faltered as she grabbed the curtain and tightened her grip on it. She struggled to find her voice, before speaking, “The Ye Family… are they all dead?”

“Who knows,” answered the second miss. “Only the eldest brother knows of it. We only heard a little about their deaths.”

“The Ye Family deserves to die for all the evils they have done.” Fourth miss said with a snort, “Who would really sympathize with them even if they are all dead?” she added.

“What kind of things did the Ye family do to make you feel that so many of them deserved to die? I don’t think you’ll be so kind and noble in the future with a heart like that.” Ye Zhen told her, while keeping her voice from sounding strained.

Fourth Miss Lu was ready to pounce on Ye Zhen at any moment when she heard this. With gritting teeth she said, “What do you mean by that?”

“You heard exactly what it means,” said Ye Zhen said coldly. It’s the first time she had shown her true emotion since she was reborn.

“You…” Fourth Miss Lu was about to charge at Ye Zhen, but she was held back by her sister.

“We have arrived in the Baihua Gardens!” Second Miss Lu said hurriedly and urged the Fourth miss to calm down.

“Third sister here doesn’t know of what the Ye family has done to our family.”

Ye Zhen didn’t see the point in further arguing. Moreover, she was afraid that she would do something that she would later regret.

She was not hot-tempered, for as a Wang Fei, she was taught to be reserved and demure. But hearing someone say such awful things about her deceased family, she felt like she could easily lose control of her emotions.

At the moment the carriage stopped, she immediately lifted the curtains and hurriedly dismounted from the ride.

Old Madam Lu and Mister Shan also got off their carriage. Ye Zhen walked over to them, pressing her palms against her heart earnestly and willing herself to appear calm, and hide her true emotions, as she did this, she greeted the two with a smile.

In autumn, the blue sky is clear, glittering and vivid. When one walks into the Baihua Garden, one can see the white clouds reflected in the middle of the artificial lake which flows from a lake not far from it.

The water lake had fishes swimming in it too, to and fro, adding to the color of the clouds reflected on it, making it look like a painted canvas.

After passing the artificial lake, Ye Zhen saw a well-dressed woman coming towards them.

“I offer you my humble greetings, Old Madam Lu! Everyone has been waiting for your arrival.” The woman greeted Old Madam Lu affectionately.

Ye Zhen glanced at the woman and gave her a faint smile. The woman’s surname was Chen, she was the former assistant minister’s wife who used to be a friend of the Ye family. She once despised the Lu family but today, she was fawning over Old Madam Lu.

“And this is … Mister Shan?” Madam Chen at first, had mistaken Mister Shan, who was standing beside Old Madam Lu, as one of her grandsons! But upon closer inspection, she realized that the man turned out to be the famous teacher in the country.

Mister Shan nodded lightly at the recognition, “Madam Chen.” he had greeted in reply.

Madam Chen was befuddled by his presence, and Madam Lu laughed lightly before stating, “Mister Shan here is the teacher of our dear Lu Yaoyao. Im sure you haven’t met each other before.”

Ye Zhen shyly smiled and gave Madam Chen a deep bow, “Greetings Madam Chen.”

Fourth and Second Miss Lu were standing behind Ye Zhen and looked at her with envy in their eyes.

For today it was obvious that Old Madam Lu is going to let everyone know who Ye Zhen which would make her seem like the most important character among them three!

But why? Why was such a wild girl given such importance by the Old Madam? Is it because she is Mister Shan’s student? This, they wondered.

Mrs. Chen had only seen the late Wang Fei who had not left the cabinet before, and had only a slight impression of her. So when she saw Lu Yaoyao, she only felt familiarity with her but was not reminded of Ye Zhen at all.

“All the Lu girls are really beautiful. How lucky you are, Old Madam Lu.”