Heavenly Divine Doctor: Abandoned Concubine

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – I am The Best (1)
Expressing his refusal to send his third sister to the Women’s college, Lu Lingzhi thought he saw a murderous look and resentment on the girl before him.

But when he looked carefully, he only saw a face of innocence, which was clearly disappointed and hurt.

Was it just an illusion? Or was it only a trick of the light? Sighing to himself, he thought that because he has killed too much recently, he’s been perceiving things falsely, like some form of self-mockery.

“Yao Yao, you didn’t do anything wrong! I just don’t see the point of this. Even if you don’t go to college, I can just ask your husband to teach you at home. You are the third miss of Lu, any man would be a fool if he’ll refuse to wed you! As your eldest brother, I know what is good for you.”

Lu Lingzhi softened his voice. he had just gone to his grandma and was informed that his third sister was going to the Women’s College.

He wouldn’t have stopped her from going to college if it wasn’t for the fact that she look like Ye Zhen too much.

Ye Zhen sneered in her heart, but still played coy and pouted her lips. “Second and fourth sister went to college too. Grandma said that it would be good for me if I go to college as well. Don’t lie to me.”

Don’t you lie to me!

Lu Lingzhi’s expression was vague as he thought he saw the beautiful girl he knew with the delighted and expectant voice in her. She told him not to lie to her. He lied to Ye Zhen for two years and now he was doing the same thing to Lu Yaoyao.

“Do you really want to go to college so much?” Lu Lingzhi asked Ye Zhen in a low voice

“Yes, I want to go.” Ye Zhen nodded and looked at his warm eyes firmly.

If she wouldn’t, how would she become a female medical doctor? How would she get herself in the imperial palace? How would she avenge herself?

Lu Lingzhi sighed, exhaustion evident on his face. He didn’t wish to wound her heart but he couldn’t let this subject go. He didn’t want her to go to the women’s college. He didn’t want people to see her.

Her appearance would remind people of Ye Zhen. This, he was afraid of.

Although he did not know how many people still remembered what she looked like, given that Ye Zhen almost lived the life of seclusion inside her palace, she had a reputation and beauty that was hard to forget.

Even though she is dead now, her remains turned to ashes by the fire that engulfed her home, many people secretly sympathize with her and miss her.

With this, he couldn’t imagine what kind of influence Yao Yao would bring to the college.

“If third sister can get into the exam according to her own ability, go ahead. Eldest brother will not be behind her back. ” Lu Ling said flatly that he hoped the girl would withdraw from the exam without his support and blessings.

Ye Zhen’s eyes looked slightly red out of frustration at Lu Lingzhi’s statement. She wanted to know his reasons, of his insistence to stop her from admitting herself to the college.

“If I passed the entrance examination according to my ability, will my eldest brother stop me?”

“Of course not. Eldest brother is not that heartless.”

As he uttered those words, Ye Zhen suddenly had the urge to puke, disgusted deep in her gut that a vile of a man deems himself as not heartless.

“Moreover, the entrance examination is not easy, Yao Yao.”

Aside from her frightening resemblance to Ye Zhen, Lu Lingzhi didn’t want her to be hurt in the future and feel even more inferior as he was certain that she will fail the exam.

He heard that she was from the border town, where people lived a much simpler life. No hassle and fuss, just bunch of ships and boats coming by everyday and folk who works just enough to fill their family’s bellies. She could literally do anything without people condemning her for her flaws.

But in the capital, her mistakes would not go unnoticed.