Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1830 - The Soul Demon Universe Transformation Project

Chapter 1830: The Soul Demon Universe Transformation Project

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Wushuang had a great time eating, his lips glistening with grease. He never thought that Soul Demon meat could be so delicious. Didn’t that mean this universe was filled with walking ingredients?

“The meat of the average Soul Demon can’t be used. Unless they have reached the Soul Overlord level, the texture of their meat is really bad,” Bu Fang explained.

Wushuang was surprised. It was the first time he heard this. Based on that, Whitey had destroyed many delicious ingredients just now with its energy beams. He felt his heart ache a little as he looked at the metal puppet, who was happily eating the meat. ‘Perhaps this big fellow hasn’t realized how many delicacies it has missed…’

Now that the Soul Overlords and the Great Soul Overlord were gone, Wushuang was invincible. He just needed one sword strike to get rid of all the countless Soul Demons. His sword technique also became more and more mature in such battles.

The trio slowly walked toward the distant starry sky. The huge planet looked hideous and horrible. It was the base of a Great Soul Overlord; every Great Soul Overlord had occupied a planet. The one who had flown away just now had given away this planet and fled to the other.

Bu Fang, Wushuang, and Whitey descended on the planet. The ground was blanketed with piles of black human bones, and some were as tall as hills.

“These damn Soul Demons!”

At the sight of this, Wushuang’s pupils narrowed, and his breathing became labored. He could not imagine how many humans the Soul Demons had killed to cover an entire planet with bones.

There were black balls of flesh attached to the bones, breathing and flashing. Wushuang’s eyes turned cold. He slashed out his sword, which turned into thousands of light streams, shot across the void, and cut the countless black balls into pieces.

As he glanced around the planet, Bu Fang seemed to be able to sense the resentment and grief lingering between heaven and earth. He sighed and began to walk on the land.

Apparently, the whole planet was corrupted by the Soul Demons. In the past, it should be packed with cultivators like the planets in the Primitive Universe. Unfortunately, the cultivators had failed in the struggle with the Soul Demons and ended up like this.

“Your Excellency… What can we do for them?” Wushuang felt bad. As a Sword Immortal, he had a straightforward personality, and he could not stay silent and do nothing after witnessing this.

“There’s not much we can do… If anything, we can leave some hope for this planet,” Bu Fang said lightly. After saying that, he took out many ingredients.

Wushuang paused for a moment, then his expression grew respectful. He took a step back and watched from a distance.

Bu Fang built a fire. As the flames danced and crackled, he began to process the ingredients in an orderly manner. He cooked in silence. Before long, the dish was ready, and a rich aroma slowly permeated the air of this planet.

Rumbling sounds could be heard as the mountains crumbled and the ground cracked, while the black buildings began to break and collapse. At the same time, countless bones melted and merged with the planet.

As soon as the dish was ready, the power of the sins brought here by the Soul Demons dispersed, replaced by its rich aroma and a high concentration of spiritual energy.

Bu Fang placed the simple dish on the ground, then took a step back. Whitey stood at his side, while Wushuang looked on with a respectful expression.

The dish fell on the planet’s surface like a seed, dispelling the darkness. Shafts of light thrust out of it and spread across the entire planet like spring water, washing away the sin that had plagued the planet.

Wushuang thought he was dreaming. He opened his mouth and felt gusts of wind come pouring into it. ‘Could this feeling be… the so-called hope?’

In his eyes, a show of lights and shadows emerged across the silent, ruined planet that was being washed by the dish. He seemed to see the peaceful era of the planet millions of years ago and the hardworking villagers in the primitive villages.

“This is… incredible!” Wushuang was horrified. Was this a recreating of what it was like on this planet millions of years ago? To him, this kind of means was simply a divine ability. Perhaps… this was the ability of a real Cooking God!

The lights and shadows played about for a long time before they finally disappeared. Then, the gloom on the planet vanished, while a seedling sprouted through the blackened earth with a strong will to live and hopes for the future. The aura of life had once again returned to this planet.

Bu Fang put his hands behind his back and watched with relief, while Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed as if it was sincerely happy. Wushuang’s eyes were wet. Being able to witness this made him want to throw his head back and roar.

“Maybe… It is not a bad thing to come to the Soul Demon Universe. We can transform it,” Bu Fang said.

Wushuang nodded. It was a merit to do such things!

With a thought in his mind, Bu Fang soared into the sky and waved his hand lightly. An array immediately enveloped the reborn planet, protecting it from the Soul Demons.

After that, they walked into the starry sky and headed toward the next planet.

The news that a chef was attacking the Soul Demon Universe and had occupied the planet of one of the Great Soul Overlords had shaken everyone. Because of this, the seven Great Soul Overlords gathered and assembled an army of countless Soul Demons. Their monstrous black smoke plunged the universe into darkness.

Ancient beasts, Numbered Soul Demons, Soul Overlords, and Great Soul Overlords swept across the starry sky. It had been tens of thousands of years since the Soul Demon Universe last witnessed the assembly of such a great army.

“The mighty Soul God is about to break the seal and return to us, and yet a chef dares to attack our universe now… We will not spare him! We will kill him!”

A Great Soul Overlord roared, and countless Soul Demons echoed. The next moment, they flew in Wushuang’s direction, ripping through the starry sky.

On a distant black planet, the dark clouds began to slowly disperse. The power of the sins melted like summer snow, and light began to return to the gloomy planet. A drizzling rain fell and was washing away the remaining sins, while green seedlings were sprouting.

“Another planet with lives has returned,” Bu Fang said lightly, looking at the simple dish he had placed on the ground. After that, he flew into the sky with Whitey and Wushuang.

As they walked in the starry sky, they saw the army of Soul Demons swarming toward them from a distance. Wushuang’s eyes burst into dazzling light.

“Your Excellency, the Soul Demons are here!”

He was not too surprised. When Bu Fang let that Great Soul Overlord flee, he knew that he intended to stir up something big. Therefore, he had been waiting for this moment. And now, they had finally shown up.

Among the army were dozens of Soul Overlords and the seven Great Soul Overlords. Bu Fang was surprised that the Soul Demons had recovered so well in just one thousand years. The seven Great Soul Overlords might be weaker than their predecessors, but one of them was the strongest Soul Overlord.

‘The reproduction rate of the Soul Demons is really fast. No wonder they can become a terrible disaster that sweeps across so many universes…’ Bu Fang thought to himself.


Wushuang charged out without hesitation. With Bu Fang around, he did not need to worry about running out of energy—he could kill as much as he liked. However, he was just a Saint of the Great Path, so he was quickly defeated by the dozens of Soul Overlords.

His face was unsightly when he returned. “It’s your turn, Lord Whitey. Kill them all!” he said. “Don’t forget to keep some meat for our next meal…”

Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed, then it soared into the sky and sped toward the army. A golden light exploded out of its body, bloomed, and then spread in numerous light beams, turning countless nearby Soul Demons into ashes.

At the sight of that, Wushuang sucked in a cold breath. How strong was Whitey now, he could not tell. But he reckoned that he would be instantly killed by the metal puppet if he were to fight it.

Though attacked by dozens of Soul Overlords at the same time, Whitey showed no fear at all. With every slap, it finished one of them, stripping their skins first before killing them. It did it as smoothly as when it stripped others of their clothes.

In the starry sky, one Soul Overlord after another was eliminated, while one piece of meat after another flew toward Wushuang, who quickly put them away.


Finally, the Great Soul Overlords made their moves. Six of them struck out at the same time, engaging Whitey in an intense fight and slowing down its aggressive momentum.

In the distance, the strongest Great Soul Overlord fixed his eyes at Bu Fang. When he saw Bu Fang, his pupils narrowed. “It’s this chef?!” He sucked in a cold breath.

Before he became the strongest Great Soul Overlord, he had witnessed that great battle from afar. On that fateful day, the invincible Soul God was suppressed by a chef, who looked identical to this chef!

“This chef… has returned?!”

The Great Soul Overlord shuddered all over. The next moment, he gave up fighting Whitey without hesitation and went straight toward Bu Fang. He wanted to kill this chef at all costs. Otherwise, Soul God might be suppressed again as soon as he returned to them!

In the distance, Whitey’s mechanical eyes flashed. A golden knife swept across the starry sky and cut the bodies of several Great Soul Overlords into pieces.

The strongest Great Soul Overlord sped across the void and approached Bu Fang. Suddenly, just as he was nearing his target, he could no longer move further. He was caught by a huge hand.

Whitey threw out a fist and punched the strongest Great Soul Overlord hard. The latter was struck dumb by the blow. Then, a fierce battle broke out. Whitey’s fighting prowess was indeed terrifying.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, ignored them. He descended on a planet with Wushuang, took out some ingredients, and cooked. After that, he placed the dish on the ground. The power of the sins dispersed like the tide. Everything seemed to have returned to peace, and lives were returning.

Meanwhile, a totally different scene was taking place in the starry sky. Whitey, alone, was fighting many Soul Overlords and Great Soul Overlords. It was a fierce battle.

Bu Fang continued to visit other planets, cooked some dishes, and washed away the sinful power that plagued them. He left a dish behind on every planet. It was as if he had planted a seed that would bring a great harvest in the near future.

Finally, dozens of planets had their sins washed away by Bu Fang. Their recovery would affect other smaller planets and cause their sins to be washed away as well.

Bu Fang raised his hand and pushed out a dish, which floated in the starry sky and bloomed with dazzling light like the sun. The darkness in the universe was dispelled.

He looked into the distance. There, a gigantic planet hovered quietly in the starry sky. The power of the sins on it was so thick that it tumbled like the water in a river. The planet was Soul God’s nest.

Bu Fang took Wushuang and stepped into it without looking back. Before long, the sins on the planet dispersed, and a drizzling rain began to fall. A dish was placed on the ground, bringing peace back to everything.

“Soul God might cry when he returns and finds that the whole universe is filled with delicious dishes,” Wushuang said as the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. He had learned from Bu Fang that Soul God hated gourmet food. What Bu Fang was doing now would surely give Soul God a big surprise.

The spiritual energy in the Soul Demon Universe was beginning to grow richer. Wushuang felt that he could absorb them now. So, he excitedly joined the battle in the starry sky.

Bu Fang put his hands behind his back and stood in the starry sky. Looking at the planets that were reborn, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. Then, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

At the snapping sound of the fingers, beautiful flowers quietly bloomed on these planets. The stronghold of the Soul Demons that represented sins was fully planted with flowers…