Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 16: Nude Streaking Is the Trend in the Imperial City This Year

Chapter 16: Nude Streaking Is the Trend in the Imperial City This Year
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Zhao Ruge was actually a low-key person. He never showed off the fact that he was the son of the Minister of the Left because he did not want to grow up under his father's shadow.
Strictly speaking, Zhao Ruge was not a playboy like Sun Qixiang because he was an idealist. He hoped that one day when people mentioned Zhao Ruge, they would first think of him instead of his identity as the son of the Minister of the Left.
That was why Zhao Ruge learned martial arts when he was five years old, studied poetry and literature when he was nine and was familiar with the Hundred Schools of Thought by the time he was fifteen. He wanted to become a master of stratagems, so he needed the necessary knowledge and experience.
Even though he did not achieve any stunning achievements in recent years, his efforts were not in vain. At the very least, his name was feared by many people within the imperial city.
Fatty Jin was one of them. As the affluent owner of a crystal mine, he had no choice but to deal with court officials. That was why he knew much more than others, like the fact that Zhao Ruge devised a strategy to kill a fifth grade Battle-King from a Sect.
He knew that Zhao Ruge was a ruthless, meticulous, tenacious and ambitious person.
"Since young master Zhao wishes to order first, then let him go first," Fatty Jin said while lifting up his head and continuing to eat his food. He did not wish to see his buddies clash with that insidious Zhao Ruge, otherwise they might die one day without even knowing why.
The other obese men could only bitterly step back.
Zhao Ruge was very pleased with their reactions. He disdainfully glanced at them and arrogantly sneered.
Bu Fang had been indifferently looking on since the beginning. He did not say anything and could not be bothered to do so.
At last, Zhao Ruge looked at Bu Fang once more and demandingly said, "Why haven't you gone in to cook my food? What are you waiting for?"
Bu Fang was expressionless as he indifferently replied, "Our store's rules are: takeout is forbidden; each customer can order each dish only once per day; creating a disturbance is forbidden; queue jumping is forbidden; and the opening hours lasts three hours."
"Are you emphasizing that queue jumping is forbidden?" Zhao Ruge chuckled, he did not think much of it. It was only the rules of a little store in a remote alleyway. Rules were made by men and were meant to be broken.
Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows and solemnly said, "No, I am emphasizing that creating a disturbance and queue jumping is forbidden. Also... the opening hours lasts three hours and there is only half an hour left."
"If I am telling you to cook my food, then you should go and cook them! You're just a mere cook, what's with all this nonsense! The fact that I am eating here is a great honor for you. Don't push your luck," Zhao Ruge was getting tired of speaking with Bu Fang and his expression turned cold as he angrily shouted. Then he kicked an obese man sitting nearby to make him give up his seat.
Here was another idiot who offended the future God of Cooking.
Bu Fang was still expressionless. "Rulebreakers will be blacklisted and the store will no longer provide any services to them, so please queue up accordingly."
After Bu Fang finished what he wanted to say, he entered the kitchen and completely ignored the enraged Zhao Ruge who was banging the table.
After a while, a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice was ready. Bu Fang carried it out and placed it in front of one of the obese man, ignoring the outraged Zhao Ruge.
Another Egg-Fried Rice was completed, but Zhao Ruge was still not being served.
After Bu Fang continuously cooked seven servings of Egg-Fried Rice, a rich fragrance had completely enveloped the store, it was as if the store had transformed into a sea of fragrance. Zhao Ruge, who was immersed within it, felt as if time seemed to stretched on forever. His stomach was continuously rumbling.
"What are you doing! Why is my Egg-Fried Rice still not done yet?!" Zhao Ruge, who had been waiting for quite some time, could not endure it any more.
Bu Fang simply glanced at him and said, "There are still three servings of Dry-Mixed Noodles and three servings of Stir-Fried Vegetables before your Egg-Fried Rice."
Zhao Ruge took in a deep breath. As the raging anger within his chest started to sprout, his hair fluttered around in the air and bright lights circulated on his skin.
"I really don't understand, what exactly gave a cook like you the courage to challenge me?" Zhao Ruge's pupils seemed to be twinkling as a terrifying aura emanated from his body.
Zhao Ruge's cultivation level was at third grade Battle-Maniac and was in the upper tier even within the younger generation in the imperial city. Although he was nothing compared to monsters like Xiao Yanyu from Xiao manor and the son of the ‘Marquis that Protects the Country’ Yang Chen, he was far superior to playboys like Sun Qixiang.
"Are you trying to start a fight in the store?"
Bu Fang was not frightened at all. Even though the aura coming from Zhao Ruge was very powerful, he was not affected at all.
"So what if I am?" Zhao Ruge sneered as he held out his palm and a stream of true energy gathered in his palm.
"Before you came, over a hundred men came to smash the store and ended up running home naked. Do you want to nude streak as well?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.
Zhao Ruge slightly hesitated, then disdainfully smiled and said, "Don't compare me with those trash. If you beg for mercy right now and immediately cook my Egg-Fried Rice, I will forgive you. Otherwise... you can forget about continuing this business."
"There are still three servings of Dry-Mixed Noodles and three servings of Stir-Fried Vegetables."
"You're asking for it!"
Zhao Ruge was truly angry. He took a step forward and true energy gushed out from his hand as he reached toward Bu Fang. He was confident that an ordinary person would not be able to dodge his attack.
Bu Fang calmly stood still as he watched the approaching Zhao Ruge. Before Zhao Ruge even reached him, a whistling wind coming from his palm made Bu Fang's long hair flap in the wind.
Fatty Jin narrowed his eyes and his aura suddenly changed. The tip of his toes pushed against the ground and his body actually floated into the air. He wanted to stop Zhao Ruge.
"Whitey," Bu Fang softly called.
Fatty Jin's eyes suddenly widened as a white and metallic puppet appeared in front of Bu Fang.
Zhao Ruge's palm mercilessly slapped onto the metallic puppet's body but nothing happened.
Zhao Ruge was stunned and Fatty Jin was bewildered as well.
"Troublemakers, you will be stripped as an example to others!"
Whitey's metallic pupils blinked for a while, then the visions of both Zhao Ruge and Fatty Jin blurred and they felt as if they were flying in the air.
Zhao Ruge was the first one to be thrown out of the store and fell face first into the mud. He felt a chilly feeling all over his body and discovered all if his clothes were missing, leaving only a loincloth to cover his crotch.
He angrily lifted up his head and looked toward the store. However, the expression on his face quickly turned into horror, because he saw a pile of... white flesh flying out from the store and was wriggling in the air as it headed toward him.
"Boom!" The entire ground slightly shook.
Fatty Jin felt wronged. He was not trying to cause trouble and only wanted to help.
After heavily landing on the ground, Fatty Jin nudged his body as he felt as if there was something underneath him. Immediately, a burst of deranged voice came from below, causing him to quickly get up.
Zhao Ruge was having a nosebleed and his delicate and handsome face had become somewhat distorted.
Bu Fang walked toward the entrance of the store with his arms folded across his chest as Whitey stood behind him with a metallic sheen.
"Today's opening hours has ended, please come back tomorrow. Please pay your bill, the total amount is thirty-four crystals and eight-hundred gold coins."
Bu Fang indifferently said as he glanced at one of the obese men.
That man shuddered and quickly paid the bill, then the entire group got out of the store.
Zhao Ruge quickly left after making a threat with a furious look on his face. However, after looking at his white and naked behind, the believability of his threat was basically zero.
"Haha! Your store is interesting, we'll come back tomorrow!" As Fatty Jin recalled that savory taste of the Egg-Fried Rice, he laughed out loud. Then he swaggered away with his group of buddies as the fat on their bodies jiggled with every step.
The big black dog lying at the entrance snorted, rolled it eyes and went back to sleep. Bu Fang glanced at the back of the group of obese men, then expressionlessly closed up the restaurant for the day.
When Bu Fang got back to his room, he estimated his progression on the mission. Within seven days, he had to make a profit of a hundred crystals and a thousand gold coins. The gold currency part of the mission was fulfilled, so he only needed to get around fifty crystals, which represented five servings of improved Egg-Fried Rice.
"There shouldn't be any problems, if that group of obese men comes tomorrow," Bu Fang muttered.
"Eh? Isn't that the son of the Minister of the Left, young master Zhao Ruge? Is he taking up nude streaking as well? His buttocks sure is white!" the vegetable seller muttered.
"He's truly the son of the Minister of the Left. That white butt of his is even prettier than a woman's butt!" the shaobing seller muttered.
"Is nude streaking the latest trend in the imperial city? Why don't we do it some other day as well?" the blacksmith said in a loud voice.
"Bu Fang! If I don't destroy you and your little store, my name isn't Zhao Ruge!" Zhao Ruge, who was covering his body with a basket, angrily roared with tears in his eyes.