Godly Student

Chapter 11: Saving the School Beauty

In the classroom, Qian Jinbao had a smile plastered all over his face as he came up to greet him, “Yu brother, did you eat some pill? You became so strong, so enviable.”

“Haha, fatty has something to ask? I just arrived and you’re already flattering me, makes me feel uneasy.”

“Hehe, Brother Yu, according to what you said, we are people who bootlick. Even if we keep talking, you’re not a horse. This fatty does not have any other qualities, except for being very sincere. If anyone says that your body has not become stronger, then I will have a bout with him.” Fatty patted his saggy chest and said.

“Haha. Tell me, what should Older Brother help you with!”

“Yu brother, Yu brother. I don’t need you help with anything, I just wish to be your younger brother.”

“Little brother? I don’t want to receive a little brother.” Cheng Yu was puzzled.

“Yu brother, you are so handsome. You have such a powerful and domineering temper. So, without even a little brother, you would lose much face. Though I am not capable, I can nevertheless help you in some ways, isn’t that very good?” Qian Jinbao said as he put on a decent face.

“Tsk, well, you are aware that we are not on intimate terms, right? Since you have so much sincerity, I’ll accept you, we’ll have a meal at lunch.”

“Hmph.” The second Cheng Yu sat down, Lin Yuhan casted him aside.

“Why Han Han? Do you see my majestic body as something annoying?” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

“Your majestic annoying body I didn’t see, but your pimp annoying one, I do see very clearly.”

“Haha, Han Han, are you like this because I didn’t stay at school for too long? You’re thinking I’m giving you the cold shoulder?”


“Han Han, you don’t need to worry. Although I’ll leave school, my heart is always with you. If you feel wronged, then I will accompany you everyday until you feel happy.”

Lin Yuhan was too lazy to reply to this hoodlum, so she just lowered her head and read her book.

“Han Han, I haven’t read today, and you don’t like my body. So, I can only do it this way.”


Cheng Yu didn’t have any other way, as he just took Lin Yuhan’s book. Upon seeing the book in his hands, she immediately hit his head with the book and angrily said, “Why did you…”

“Borrowing books, did you not promise?”

“When did I promise you?”

“I asked to borrow books and you didn’t say anything, so…”

……There’s really are such shameless person?

“I quietly denied.”

Cheng Yu put the book in his hands down and looked at her, “Han Han, this is not a good school girl attitude. You should be more generous so that I will like you more.”

“Who wants you to like me.”

“What you think is that when you study, I should just sleep on the side, right? If I remember correctly, Han Han, you are on the Student Studying Committe, right? If you do this, how could you live up to your principles, you would be letting everyone down. How would you answer to the teacher? Because of your actions, our country will lose another young talent. How will you take responsibility?” Cheng Yu used his hands to cover his chest as he grievingly said.

Lin Yuhan’s complexion turned blue as she began to shiver.

Lin Yuhan looked at her breathe as her complexion turned from blue to white. As she began to form cold sweat and pant heavily, she slipped to the ground.

Cheng Yu immediately lifted her up and used his spirit sense to see what was wrong. He soon found that there was an issue with her respiratory tract. Quickly, he sent some spirit qi into her respiratory tract so that she could breathe again. Seeing that she could breathe normally again, she felt a warmth from Cheng Yu’s hand that went from her throat to her chest. She was able to breathe again.

“How long have you had this illness?” Cheng Yu used his sleeve to wipe her sweat as he asked.

Seeing him wipe her sweat, she began to blush as she turned her head away and looked down, not speaking a word. Her mother also had asthma, as it was a hereditary illness. They couldn’t play like other children. With just a bit of excitement, their illness would have an outbreak. With her mother, he didn’t know how much pressure she was dealing with. Not only did this mother-daughter pair had to think about buying medicine, but also about sending her child to school. Thinking of this, her eyes turned red.

“Why are you crying? I know I shouldn’t make you angry. From now on, I won’t make you angry anymore.” Seeing her moist eyes, he thought that he had gone too far earlier. He made her extremely angry.

Then, he took out a vial of pills and extracted a single brown pill. “Take this.”

Lin Yuhan looked at the fragrant pill in his hands and asked, “What’s this?”

“This will help treat your illness, but this will only ease it, that’s all. Though it cannot permanently cure your illness, you will be able to be like normal people after you eat it. You can jump, cry, smile, and even get angry without being worried.”

“Can this really cure my illness?”

“Just now, did you not feel it? Those doctors, they might harm you, but I won’t. I can’t bear it.”

“In that case, I’ll really eat it.” She hesitated before she finally ate it, as a warm and comfortable feeling filled her body.

“Can you give me another one?” She embarrassingly said.

“Another? This medicine won’t give any more effect with more.” Cheng Yu was puzzled.

“It’s for my mom, she also had asthma!” Lin Yuhan whispered.

“Ah, that’s why you have such an illness at such a young age. Okay, when school’s out, I’ll help you, this cannot be carried by the body.” Cheng Yu clearly stated.

“Thank you! Am I really okay now?” Lin Yuhan was really grateful. Although she didn’t know if it would work or not, she still was extremely grateful.

“Of course, would I want to see you angry again? Or fall ill?” Cheng Yu said with a smile.

Lin Yuhan didn’t smile but just blankly looked at Cheng Yu.

“Han Han, if only you had been so gentle and soft before… Now, you look so adorable.”

“Where did that medicine come from, it ought to be expensive. When I’m well-off in the future, I’ll pay you back.”

“Look, I just called you cute, now you ask if I want money?”

“I know that you don’t lack money, but such a miraculous medicine is probably very expensive.”

“This is something I refined myself, so it’s very cheap. If you really want to thank me, then smile more in the future. I like to see your smile.”

Hearing this, Lin Yuhan blushed in embarrassment and lowered her head.

Cheng Yu looked at her and felt very happy inside. After this incident, this girl is going to blush and get shyer more often. This truly is fun.

“Han Han, can I borrow books to read now?” Cheng Yu asked.

This time, Lin Yuhan still didn’t reply.

“This time you agree.” Cheng Yu said as he took the book, she didn’t object.

The morning passed in silence, as he then followed Lin Yuhan to the dining hall.

“Why are you following me?” Lin Yuhan blushed.

“Didn’t I promise to be with you the whole day? I always keep my promises.”

She didn’t respond as she increased her pace to get to the dining hall. At this time, fatty came up to Cheng Yu and said, “Boss, you really are hard to catch up to. The prettiest girl in school has already fallen into you hands, truly a model to learn from.”

“Haha, be at ease. Follow your boss, and I’ll find you a beautiful girl.” Cheng Yu heroically said.

The two men entered the dining hall. Cheng Yu looked around the hall and was surprised to see that she was sitting across from a man and was constantly giggling, as he kept talking to her. Fatty left to get some food.

Walking up to the man, he heard him say, “Yuhan, I bought us tickets to the opening night of Jia Bao Yu and Pan Jin Lian’s romance movie. After school, the two of us can go watch, okay?”

“Jiang Ming, I told you to either call me Lin Yuhan or student Lin.” Lin Yuhan impatiently said.

Hearing this, Cheng Yu was very pleased, as he grinned and said, “Han Han, how can you eat with a dog? How would you have the appetite to eat?”

“What did you say? Who are you to call her Han Han?” Jiang Ming angrily cried.

“Hmm? Dogs shouldn’t speak. Do you have a problem?”

“Cheng Yu, don’t think because you are the nephew of the mayor that I’m scared of you. Do you think you beating Xu Dongyuan is great?” Jiang Ming fiercely said.

“Han Han, why are you eating only radish and Chinese cabbage, where’s the meat?” Cheng Yu ignored Jiang Ming as he looked at Lin Yuhan’s food and frowned.

“That’s not important, it’s important to eat properly.” Lin Yuhan faintly said.

Seeing fatty come with two plates of food, he took away her food and put some money in fatty’s hand. He gave her a plate, saying, “Eat this.”

“No.” Lin Yuhan looked at the plate of fish and meat as she frowned and said.

“If you don’t eat it, I will not give you medicine.” Cheng Yu threatened.

“You…” Lin Yuhan angrily looked at Cheng Yu.。

“I already made clear if you don’t eat.” Cheng Yu indifferently said.

Seeing Lin Yuhan listen to Cheng Yu and obediently eating, Jiang Ming’s anger soared. She was just like a cat. Lin Yuhan, in front of Cheng Yu, was like an adorable obdient baby. His uncle, aunt, and family can endure, but he cannot.

“Cheng Yu, you cannot threaten Yuhan. Yuhan, if he is threatening you, tell me, I’ll send him to prison to repent.” Jiang Ming loudly said. Of course, everyone then began to pay attention to them.

What kind of situation is this? The two silk pants have started fighting over the flower of the school? I don’t know what drama this is, but it must be very brilliant seeing Jiang Ming’s furious look with the intention to break out into a big fight! Looks like the school forum is going to have another stickied post. <>. En, this headline is very attention-grabbing.

But the situation was a bit embarrassing, why? Because Cheng Yu and Lin Yuhan didn’t care for him, and Qian Fatty was occupied with eating his huge pork shoulder.

Jiang Ming’s original angry face turned ashen, as he tightly clenched his fists, “You wait, I’ll let you know the consequences of offending me!” Jiang Ming ruthlessly said as he angrily left.