Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – Steward Xiao Hei

Under the nourishment of the Pure-Yang Water, the broken bone of the dog’s back leg was slowly reconstructing back together! At this moment, the dog felt immeasurably refreshing and pleasurable, as it closed its eyes pleasingly.

However, if the dog wanted to upgrade its essence, it still needed to suffer a great amount of pain!


A light flickered in Zhang Han’s eyes.


A thundering sound rang out, and a green color lightning could be seen being shot out from within Thunder-Yang Tree.

This was the Thunder-Yang Tree’s strength of origin. Although there was only a trace, do not forget that Thunder-Yang Tree was a rank 5 spiritual treasure!

What was the concept of rank 5 spiritual treasure? Even a rank 1 spiritual treasure True-Yang Water was able to recover the dog’s broken leg, so what about a rank 5 spiritual treasure? It must be known that, every increasing rank of a spiritual treasure was not a matter of being 2x or 3x stronger than the previous rank that simple!

Just thinking about that alone, it could be seen just how scary rank 5 spiritual treasure was!

The green color lightning entered into the dog’s body in an instant!

Causing the dog to go ‘awoo’, then followed by the twitching of the dog’s body.

It was truly a moment heaven and the next moment hell.

“The transformation of essence is very difficult. I hope you will be able to persevere.”

Zhang Han lowered his head and looked at the Chinese rural dog. Zhang Han was also not sure if the dog would be able to persevere on.

If it was able to persevere on, it would be able to be reborn anew. But if it was not able to persevere on, then perhaps its life would come to an end!

The heavenly law was fair. If one wanted to be out of the ordinary, then they must endure pain that was out of the ordinary!

The number of cultivators that had a smooth and steady journey like Zhang Han was very little. Also, even when Zhang Han’s growth was relatively fast, in the end, didn’t he still attracted the Ninth Heaven God Thunder which was rarely seen even once in ten thousand years?

Back to the Chinese rural dog. After being struck by the green lightning, its entire body starting trembling, and even its eyes also rolled backward.

The dog’s tooth trembled unceasingly, letting out a bunch of crackling sounds.

After trembling for less than 5 seconds, all of its teeth started falling off, the somewhat filthy hair all started falling off strand after strand, in the end revealing out the dog’s delicate skin.

The dog’s bones could be heard crackling continuously, as if firecracker was being set off within the dog’s body.

The dog’s body which was the same size as a Samoyed dog was continuously growing bigger.

It seemed slow, but it was actually very fast. Only a minute had passed and the doggy’s body size had already become the size of a fully grown Tibetan Mastiff.

Speaking from direct observation, its height was 1meter+ tall. When it stood up, it could easily reach Zhang Han’s shoulder, and Zhang Han’s height was 1.8meter!

The dog’s four legs were very thick too. Its body seemed just like an enlarged version of how it was a few moments ago before it was struck by the green lightning. At the same time, the teeth in its mouth all started growing back out. It opened its mouth and started panting in pain. From the small cracks of its mouth, its sharp fangs could be seen!

Those teeth were most probably the kind of teeth that was able to chew through any food and even be hired for a toothpaste commercial.

Very quickly, the dog’s hair all started growing back out. The hair was the same color as of how it was before, but there was, however, a change in the essence already.

The black color hair on the dog’s body was just like ink, incomparably pitch-black. The length of the hair was also two times longer than it was before. The few gold color hair on the dog also became as resplendent as gold. Before, it was gold-white color, but right now it was pure gold color.

The hair in the inner side of its ears, in the inner corner of the brows above its eyes, the lower part of its face, chin, two small regions under its stomach, and the lower half of all of its legs were all gold color.

Its claws were still black in color. The intertwining of black and gold color gave the dog a kind of luxurious feeling!

After dog’s hair finished growing out, its transformation had also come to an end.

The dog lied on the ground and groaned two times, displaying out a look as if it was on the brink of death. But when it saw Zhang Han took a step forward and was about to leave, it immediately jumped up and started running and jumping around Zhang Han.

Looking at the dog’s vigorous look, where was it even the Chinese rural dog before that could be slaughtered by just any person? Right now, the dog looked just like a prince within the world of dogs.

“From now on, let’s call you Xiao Hei.” Zhang Han lightly smiled, as he stretched out his hand to stroke the dog’s head.

(小黑: Xiao Hei – literally means little black/small black.)

Knowing that it now had its own name, Xiao Hei’s tail started swaying back and forth, displaying out a very happy look.

“It should be the smartest dog in this world right now right?”

Zhang Han muttered to himself for a while, then pointed to the meat grass that was far away and said, “Go pick one over.”

Upon hearing that, with a swoosh sound, Xiao Hei’s body ran towards the meat grass. Its speed was very fast. After biting one meat grass, it started running back very quickly, then sat in front of Zhang Han, awaiting Zhang Han’s next order.

“You can eat it.” Zhang Han shook his head, and not caring if it could understand or not, he said, “From now onwards, you are the small housekeeper of this place. Looking after this place well and do not allow others to come up here.”

Zhang Han stretched out his hands and gestured a few times.

“Woof woof……” Xiao Hei barked at Zhang Han two times, expressing that it understood.

“Let’s see who can run faster!” Zhang Han slightly smiled.

The spiritual strength within Zhang Han’s body gathered within his legs. When the extremity of his foot touched the ground, his entire body shot out just like an arrow. If one was to look closely, they would discover that the extremity of Zhang Han’s foot did not touch the ground at all. Just after lightly tapping on the grass, Zhang Han body was already moving forward!

If a martial expert was here, he would definitely say out those three words with astonishment,

“Flying above grass!”

Upon seeing that, Xiao Hei followed after Zhang Han quickly. Every step it took, it was able to move forward 3meters. Following closely behind Zhang Han, it ran imposingly, just like a lion that was whistling forward.

After running all the way to the Jeep that was below the mountain, Zhang Han opened the car and took out a bottle of mineral water, then casually poured the water onto the roadside. After he finished pouring, Xiao Hei then finally ran up to here.

After running down a distance of a kilometer, Xiao Hei did not even gasp for a single breath at all. Its physical strength had become much stronger.

“Let’s run back. I will let you run ahead for 300meters first. Go.”

Zhang Han spoke, wanting to test if Xiao Hei understood him or not.

However, right after he finished speaking, Xiao He immediately turned around and ran. Xiao Hei reaction’s made Zhang Han slightly went into a daze.

“Seems like……the evolution of its brain was pretty good.”

Zhang Han felt somewhat unexpected.

There are different types of dogs and each of them has different intelligence too. Let’s say, for example, golden retriever which had an intelligence ranking of rank 4. The intelligence of a fully grown golden retriever was equivalent to a child in the age of 7-8.

A rural dog’s intelligence was not that strong, but with the help of a trace of origin of the Thunder-Yang Tree and Pure-Yang Water, Xiao Hei’s intelligence had most likely raised up quite a number of levels.

After running back to the Thunder-Yang Tree, Zhang Han first stroke Xiao Hei’s head, then pressed both of his hands onto Thunder-Yang Tree. The spiritual strength penetrated out of Zhang Han’s body, then directed Thunder-Yang Tree to absorb the Pure-Yang Water within the cave below it.

After the first transformation, the spiritual water in the ring-shaped cave became ample, and even the pond above and ponds for the poultry and pets were filled with spiritual water.

There was a lot of spiritual water, but there was very little Pure-Yang Water.

The amount of Pure-Yang Water that was available was only about 9 to 10liters. Just the amount of Pure-Yang Water that was given to Xiao Hei to use was already a liter.

Right now, there was probably still 9liters of Pure-Yang Water left. Zhang Han used the mineral water bottle to fill up 600ml of Pure-Yang Water. This was prepared for Meng Meng to drink.

Pure-Yang Water was able to improve a person’s physique. However, continuing drinking Pure-Yang Water after drinking until full was a waste. The amount of energy a person’s body was able to absorb was limited. A bottle of Pure-Yang Water was far too much for Meng Meng to drink alone, Zhang Han intended to let Zi Yan drink the rest of the Pure-Yang Water.

No matter what, Zi Yan had indeed gone through 10 months of pregnancy to give birth to Meng Meng after all.

After filling up the bottle with Pure-Yang Water, Zhang Han went down the mountain. From the edge of the forest, he waved towards Xiao Hei, instructing Xiao Hei to look after the domain, then drove the car and left.

Currently, the sky had gradually become dark. Zhang Han first drove to the restaurant.

Within the restaurant, renovation was still continuing on like wildfire. Within a day, half of the floor tiles on the first floor had already been spread, the wall bricks in the kitchen had also more or less been spread. On the second floor, the floor tiles had already all been spread and the workers were currently renovating on the walls and other objects and decorations.

Returning back to the first floor, Zhang Han revolved his spiritual strength towards his nose and used his Treasure Smelling Nose.

From the floor tiles, wall bricks, up to the jadeite television wall, he sensed that all of the objects were real, and thus Zhang Han was also reassured.

Seems like this Zhao Kai was an honest merchant.

After speaking a few sentences, Zhang Han left the restaurant and found a nearby hotel to stay at. On that night, he received a call from Zi Yan. The words were simple, simply telling Zhang Han to meet at the entrance of Ocean Park during tomorrow morning 10am.

A night without words.

Next morning, 9am.

“Fei Fei, is this look of mine really okay? What if someone recognized me?” Zi Yan looked at the mirror and said in a somewhat nervous tone.

As a celebrity, one cannot go out that casually. Zi Yan still remembered back when she was super popular, there was a time when she was recognized at a shopping mall and was stuck there for more than an hour.

Although today was not the same as the past, Zi Yan still subconsciously felt worried.

“Please, my big sister Yan, don’t you believe my makeup skill?” Zhou Fei said helplessly, “I guarantee no one will be able to recognize the current you. If we met on the street and you looked like this, even I would not be able to recognize you, let alone others.”

“Really?” Zi Yan looked at herself through the mirror.

Gold color short hair, with a bob hair hairstyle. This was the wig that she wore. Her bright jet-black long hair was plated above. If one do not look closely, they would not be able to discover that.

On the upper body, she wore an ordinary white short-sleeved shirt, and on the lower body, she wore cowboy shorts, revealing out her white and slender long legs. On her legs, she wore a pair of sneakers, revealing out a trace of pink color socks near her ankle.

This style of dressing was poles apart from that kind of in sight but unattainable feeling when she was on stage. This style of dressing had a trace of unruliness and cheerfulness.

Looking at her face, on her white cheeks, there were two moles that Zhou Fei had drawn. The two moles were each on the middle of both of the cheeks. Her eyelashes were very long. On both the outer corner of her eyes, a line that was slightly raising upwards was drawn.

The blue color contact lens was worn on her eyes, and her willow brows were also drawn comparably coarse, each forming into a single line brow.

“Fei Fei, those two moles are too ugly already. How about we remove the moles?” Zi Yan said extremely awkwardly.

Zhou Fei rolled her eyes petulantly and said, “If you don’t want anyone to recognize you, remaining like this is the best.”

“But, but……” Zi Yan hesitated. Although this makeup gave her another kind of flavor, but it also made her a bit uglier!

Women who love to look pretty naturally like to dress up themselves prettily.

“No buts! This will do. Let’s quickly set off.” Zhou Fei pouted her mouth as her gaze looked towards the bedroom and shouted, “Meng Meng, quickly come, we are setting off now!”

“Coming! Coming!” Meng Meng ran out with a happy look on her face.

She was drinking milk in the bedroom just now. Currently, there was still a drip of milk in the corner of her mouth.

Little princess’s attire was also very fashionable. A white color fashionable capri pants, light blue short-sleeved shirt and small sneakers. Running over, she hugged Zi Yan’s long legs and called out, “Mommy, hug hug.”

Zi Yan bent down and carried Meng Meng. The little princess was currently 15kg. With Zi Yan’s weak physique, carrying Meng Meng for a while was still fine. But if she carried Meng Meng for too long, she would become tired.

After coming downstairs, Zhou Fei drove the car towards Ocean Park. After sending off the mother and daughter, she was intending on going to the company to work.

“Where is daddy?”

People come and go at the entrance of Ocean Park. Meng Meng’s gaze was looking around, wanting to find her daddy within the crowd.